Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Going To Start Building An Ark!

The ole' nor'easter is still raging on. The wind and rain are just wild and there have been reported power outages. Thankfully we haven't lost our power at all. The surf on the coast is way up and there is a lot of flooding going on. Again we have been spared that for which I am very grateful.

I had to go out today for several appointments and the driving was a bit sketchy with all the pot holes filled with water and the wind blowing so hard so I was glad when I got back home in one piece. Husband is on his way home from New Hampshire so I have been calling him to check on the driving there and so far it's not too bad. I hate it when he is on the road in bad weather some things I never seem to get used to. Cell phones are great though, I can check up on him no matter where he is. Back in the young newly married days we didn't have cell phones and I used to 'fret' a lot when he was out at night on the road in bad weather and was always so glad to see his headlights coming in the driveway.

The gas company men just arrived to install the gas line to my new stove out in the sunroom. It is very cold out there today, the cats have left their bird watching posts and are in here where it's warm curled up in a chair. Lots of birds have blown in and are eating at the feeder. The seeds keep getting wet so I have to go out and dump it out and put in fresh for them. The horses have been in for two days due to the weather so I'm sure they are complaining by kicking their stall doors and being grumpy. They don't like to be inside if at all possible but this is just too cold, wet and bitter wind for them to be out. The weekend is sounding a bit better so that's something to look forward to.

I need to go out now and go pick up my sewing machine. It wouldn't work right for me last night so I took it to the repair shop today and he called and said it is working fine for him........I told him he must be the sewing machine whisperer!


Donna said...

I wish I could pass our nice weather on to you!

BarnGoddess said...

stay warm and dry up there!

cell phones are great arent they?

I hope your weather warms and dries up soon. Your horses will be so happy when they are able to get turned out.

Scooter loves his stall at night or if its cold/wet otherwise, when the sun rises and no one has let him out yet, hes throwing a fit.

When it warms up, I rarely puthis fussy but in the stall.

palmtreefanatic said...

still raining?
wow! we finally had a warmer sunny days felt like almost 50!

Joan said...

I've been watching the weather on the news and it looks pretty scary. Hopefully the Nor'easter will pass soon and spring will finally arrive for you.