Saturday, April 14, 2007

100 Posts

I can't believe this is my 101 post! When I started blogging a few months ago I wasn't sure I could come up with enough to fill 10 posts let alone 100. I didn't think there was enough news worthy stuff going on around here to write about and I was probably right it isn't particularly news 'worthy' but like my intro says 'it's my life and I love it!' Contentment is a huge thing in my estimation. When you like where you are in your life, not just where you live, I mean the way you live and who you live it with it's a big thing. I call my home looneyville as it does tend to be busy, crazy, rambunctious with cats and grandchildren running wild a lot of the time, horse escapades, snowbirds landing, laughter filled, exciting with all the projects going on, I mean look how excited I have been over that wooden 45 year old cupboard that my friend gave me? Some would say it doesn't take much.........anyway you get my drift, I like my life and am so blessed.

I guess I am supposed to do the 100 Things About Me to celebrate my 100th post now but I think I will do that another day. You can't have too much excitement in one day and I have had a lot today with filling my new cupboard and all.

Did you notice Munchkin on the second from the top shelf? She was helping me........ Also did you notice how ORGANIZED everything is? Check back with me in a month and we will see if it stays that way. I still have room to spare and don't have anything in the bottom drawer yet but you can bet it will be full before all is said and done. I like how it matches the white wicker furniture that I have on the sun porch.

Funsize and I went to the barn this morning to do our Saturday horse stuff. It was fairly warm even though it had snowed in the night so we didn't freeze. She rode in the indoor arena while I groomed the other four and then we went for a short trail ride down to the river. It was crisp with the wind blowing in our faces and just felt sooooooooo good to be outside riding. I had taken my camera as I love how Donna takes pictures on her trail rides and lots of times you can see her horse Blue's ears in the frame. Of course when I got ready to take one my batteries were dead, grrrrrrrrrrrr. I need to duct tape batteries to my back the way my camera goes through them.

Got home and after showering off layers of shedding horse hair Husband and I decided to take a ride to Ellsworth as I wanted to check out a quilt shop there and stop at Marden's which is one of those places that buy out over stock items, fire sales and places that go out of business. We call it Mar-deen's with a French accent to make us feel better about going in there, heehee! They get some really high quality fabric in and if you know your brands and what you're looking for you can get some really good buys. I found about 7 different fabrics that I liked and they were the same thing that you would get in a good quilt shop only they were about 50% less. Nothing like a successful shopping trip, I was exhausted from the exhilaration so snoozed all the way home.

We're supposed to get a Nor'easter tomorrow into Monday, we're hoping it tracks out to sea like it does sometimes. You all will get tired of me posting snow pictures although it gives the cats and my grandchildren a rest from the camera!

Keep praying for Heather! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

woooot! congrats on your 100 post. Amazing how fast that number creeps up, no?

horse time........nothin' better. I spent my horse time cleaning stalls this afternoon----not my most favorite thing to do but it beats housework.

palmtreefanatic said...

ooooh aaaah
I like the cat in there...hehehe hope you took him out before closing the door:)
Yeah I will be waiting to hear your 100 things about you! my doesnt 100 posts just fly by? i am getting near 200....
have a great weekend!

Susie said...

You've done 100 posts in a pretty short time!! Congratulations
Love your white cabinets, and obviously Munchkin does too. I posted a pic of Vincent today too :)
(He'd come back there to play, but he doesn't "do" snow)

Joan said...

Congratulations on your 100th post...that's quite a feat! And I still love your cupboard...even though you've now filled it so I guess it won't be mine. Rats!

I'll be thinking about you this weekend as the Nor-easter heads your way. Stay safe and warm!

Tonya said...

I love the posts with the snow - no worries here!

Love the cupboard too....I am still so excited and proud over an $89 double bookshelf from the thrift store that I refinished and painted. It stands proudly in my LR and everyone loves it...hee hee, then I tell them the story because I am so proud!!!

Our horse show got rained out this weekend :-(

Suzy said...

Congrats on your 100 post!!!
So glad I found your blog...I read it every day....keep livin' and lovin' life !!!