Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainy Day Monday

The nor'easter hit with a vengeance but not in the way we expected. It has been a total rain event, no snow at all. Last night when I went to bed we were expecting anywhere between 2 to 18 inches of snow so it was quite a surprise to wake up to all this rain. It's been very windy as well, my front storm door blew open and it tore the screws right out of the door frame and broke the wood. I called my trusty carpenter and he is going to come by tomorrow to see what needs to be ordered to fix it. At least the door itself didn't break. This weather is supposed to continue for a few more days so we are going to be well soaked by the end of the week. The sun will be a much welcomed sight when it finally does appear.

I don't mind a rainy day as long as we have our power. My sister who lives on the coast lost her power so that makes for a long day. Hopefully they will get it restored soon. I spent a lot of time working on my computer trying to get my 100 Things on my sidebar to no avail but will get at it again when I get my courage up. I don't know about you but I get spam that is rather distasteful to say the least. Why they think I need certain men's products I will never know but they send me the ads anyway. I also have been inundated with mortgage ads and gambling ads neither of which I am interested in so I decided to try to block out certain words that I found in the ads. It worked beautifully EXCEPT when Funsize tried to e-mail me about some finance questions and it kicked back her e-mail. I was on the computer at the time so I saw it get flagged and that it was from her so I called her and we figured out what had happened so I unlocked the word finance so we'll see how many spams I will have tomorrow.

At the same time I was e-mailing back and forth with one of my other nieces, dcrmom, way down in Pennsylvania. I love how this form of communication has kept me closer in touch with family members that live far away from me. dcrmom has been my biggest help from the beginning of my blogging career and walked me through many a blog question.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the Virginia College staff and students tonight. What an absolutely dreadful, horrible thing to happen on that campus. One wonders what would possess a person to go on a killing rampage like that and we will probably never know. Words can not adequately express the sorrow I feel for these families whose lives have been changed forever.


palmtreefanatic said...

my prayers are with them too!

It has been terribly windy here today also!

I think you do amazing on your blog! I know who to ask now when I have a question:)thanks!!

KC said...

dcrmom was the one who got me started blogging also, isn't she great :)
Oh my goodness that shooting was awful.. my prayers are with them also.

Has it stopped raining yet? Rain is better then snow in April I guess. We left on vacation on good friday and it was snowing here when we left, we came back this past saturday night and it was snowing.. It a nice sunny 50 degrees out there and no snow in sight.

While we were traveling home on Saturday afternoon I thought of you. We were driving though Lexington KY and seeing all those big horse farms. My mind was thinking how you once posted you would like to be there and I said out loud "oh man I should have took a picture" My poor DH had no idea what I was talking about LOL.. So I explained it too him and he was offered to get off the next exit and turn around to let me take some photos for you, but Little Man was sleeping and he isn't the best travler so it is nice when he is out and I wanted to get alot of our drive out of the way while he was sleeping so I told him to keep going.. BUT next time I'll have him stop. :)