Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday's Horse Stuff

Today being Saturday my niece, FunSize, and I always go to the stable to do stuff with the horses. They are still at the stable until we get back from our trip in May. I am so anxious to get them home even though they are only 5 minutes away. When they are here I find myself wandering out to the barn many times during the day and evening with treats and spending time with them. They are like puppy dogs, they will follow us around if we are working out around the barn or pasture.
This summer FunSize is going to be my Barn Manager which will be a huge help for me. Now this isn't as prestigious as it sounds as it will include a lot of stall mucking and barn cleaning. When you love horses as much as she does it's worth it to do this to be around them and all aspects of their care. She has had Lil' Bud (pictured above) for many years and he goes the best for her then anyone else that has ever ridden him. There certainly is a bond there that has developed over the years.

Anywho, we did our grooming this morning and got tons more hair out of them especially Big Bud the old Appy that hairs out like a mammoth in the winter. FunSize did some riding, I could hear her on Lil' Bud, her Morgan, in the inside arena cantering around. Bareback. No helmet. If I tried to canter bareback I would most likely land in a heap! I had my day though, used to jump bareback and think nothing of it. We didn't wear helmets back then either. Now you practically have to wear one to push a grocery cart! Not that I am against them, they have saved many people from serious injury to be sure. Normally FunSize wears hers but seeings as I usually don't go faster then a trot I don't wear one very often. (no excuse)

Came home and did some sewing. It's amazing working in my sewing room now. I can actually find things without hunting for 20 minutes! This Organization Contest that Laura the Organizing Junkie is having has been a great motivator for me. Well, that and showing the world what my sewing room looked like before and embarrassing myself. Need to finish up the order of bags for the seafood place as she wants them on Monday. I need to get two more done so I will be busy tonight. I have them all cut out and ready to roll so hopefully they will go together well and no mistakes to have to take out and redo.

Husband just took me out for an early dinner. We were all in the mood for a good lobster roll so went to one of our favorite restaurants that has exceptionally good ones. Usually. Not tonight. They are not serving lobster right now as it has gone up to $14.00 a pound and they refuse to pay that. Oh well, guess it was to be scallops and they were excellent.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


palmtreefanatic said...

Beautiful pictures!
Don't be embarrased about what your sewing room looked like! Who cares! The acomplishment should speak for itself! You did great and that is all that matters!
Happy Easter

Donna said...

I feel a bit sorry for my two horses; I had combed and combed until most of their winter coats are gone. Now it's getting down in the mid-teens at night!

PEA said...

Just a quick visit to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter:-) I have my boys and Wendy here this weekend so it's been busy! xoxo

Susie said...

Stopping by quickly to wish you a Happy Easter!
Your fresh scallops sound delish and I love your newly org. sewing rm.!!

Linda A said...

Hello again,
Beautiful horse. We lived in New Gloucester, Maine - I adored every single day...Especially loved the early early spring --
Small world - we lived in Zephyrhills when we first came to Florida over 25 years ago. I'm sure you are sick of snow, but its like manna from Heaven - and another coincidence - HE is first in our lives - and all our days are ordered by Him.. May He continue to bless your days and delight your heart.

BarnGoddess said...

Happy Easter!

you KNOW I loved the horse pictures. Your niece's Morgan is a beauty.

The snow! I hope Spring comes in a hurry for y'all way up there.

I constantly am walking out to the barn or pasture just to 'be' with my horse. My husband doesnt understand how much pleasure I get from just hanging out with my horse but he knows better than to nag about it.

If it came down to choosing he or Scooter.....Scooter has been with me about 4 years longer!