Sunday, April 15, 2007

100 things About Me

1. I am a wife, mother and grandmother.

2.I am a middle child.

3.I am married to a middle child.

4.I have two grandchildren and boy and a girl.

5.I have been married for 36 years.

7.I have one child who is now 31 years old.

8.I have a super daughter in law.

9.I love horses.

10.I have five.

11.I love cats.

12.I have three.

13.I love to read.

14.When I was 11 yrs. old I won a reading contest at our local library.

15.I went to a christian high school boarding school.

16.I didn't like being away from home.

17.I love to shop when I want to not when I need to.

18.I love the outdoors.

19.I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

20.I played sports in high school but not particularly well.

21.I love to sew.

22.I fell in a deep sink hole with my horse once and lived to tell about it.

23.I love a good sense of humor in people.

24.I have a good sense of humor.

25.I struggle with my weight.

26.I love sweets-refer back to #25.

27.I love Dairy Queen, again refer back to #25.

28.I used to be pencil thin.

29.I'm not any more, again refer back to #25.

30.My son weighed 10 1/2 lbs. at birth.

31.I wanted more children but it didn't happen.

32.I adore my grandchildren.

33.I don't dance but wish I knew how.

34.I work out three times a week.

35.I like to garden and have pretty gardens in the summer.

36.I have a small veg garden.

37.My parents are both living.

38.They live with me part of the year when they aren't in Florida.

39.I have three sisters and one brother.

40.I gave my heart to Christ when I was 8 years old.

41.I like to do scrap booking.

42.I take lots of pictures mostly of my grand kids and horses.

43.I met my husband in October and we were engaged in January.

44.We were engaged for two years.

45.Our whole wedding cost about $500.00.

46.I was a hairdresser for 22 years.

47.I loved it for 20 years.....

48.My salon was in my home.

49.I love the ocean.

50.I don't drink alcohol,coffee or tea.

51.I like to cook especially sweets.

52.I drink lots of Diet Coke Caffeine Free.

53.I hate humidity.

54.I hate hot flashes.

55.I have been to Disney World over 40 times.

56.I like Disney World.

57.I didn't like Disney Land as well.

58.I have never had a traffic ticket.

59.I have never broken a bone.

60.I learned how to play tennis at age 50.

61.I had to give it up at age 51 due to terrible tennis elbow.

62.I love the smell of sheets that have dried on the clothes line.

63.I love to multi task.

64.I've never smoked.

65.I hate rap music.

66.I worked in our church youth program for 20 years and loved it.

67.I hate any music that is nasty or crude.

68.I like almost everyone I meet.

69.I don't like snobby people, note 'almost' in #68.

70.I like to travel.

71.I don't like airports.

72.I am an usher in our church.

73.I am on the decorating committee at our church.

74.I am on our Deeds of Mercy group at our church.

75.I work on our Wed. night suppers at our church.

76.I love the neighborhood children that eat there as they don't get much at home.

77.I don't like dogs that bark a lot.

78.I love anything to do with my horses.

79.I love feeding the birds.

80.I love feeding the squirrels.

81.My favorite verses in the Bible are Isaiah 53:6 and John 3:16.

82.I yearn to be the person that God wants me to be.

83.I fail miserably at times.

84.I love the changing seasons in Maine.

85.Fall is my favorite.

86.Trail riding is the most relaxing thing that I do.

87.Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

88.I have lots to be thankful for.

89.I've worn glasses since I was 12.

90.I hate wearing glasses.

91.I once fed a marble to my grandfather's pig.

92.I was relieved that he survived.

93.I have never told anyone this pig story before.

94.I come from a very close knit family.

95.I hate Dollar Stores.

96.I hate it when people leave their Christmas wreaths up until June.

97.I love diamonds.

98.I hate wearing a bathing suit.

99.I love good chocolate.

100.Did I mention that I struggle with my weight?


Donna said...

Very good, and now I know you better!

PEA said...

Congratulations on your 100th posts:-) See how easy it is to do when you're having fun? hehe I so enjoyed reading 100 things about've been to Disney World over 40 times??? Some of us have never gone ya know! Hmmppfff! lol xoxo

dcrmom said...

Wow!!! Very good. I'm impressed. And congratulations on 100 posts. :-)

Suzy said...

You are quite an interesting gal!!!!....but I do have to say we have some things in common, that's because were both middle children!!!

Joan said...

I find memes so interesting...they help me learn a little something extra about a person...more than 40 visits to Disney World? I'm impressed! I would love to do this meme but I'm not sure there are 100 things about me to list. :~D

Susie said...

Great list of 100 things. We've been to Disneyland at least 40 times, in fact we honeymooned there!
(never Disneyworld though)