Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coach Bag Contest!

Here's your chance to win a Coach bag with matching sunglasses holder! Click here for all the details! All you have to do is sign up and then put the contest on your own site, super easy! of course I plan to win so you really don't even need to try but go ahead anyway!lol!
Went over to our son and daughter in laws house after church tonight for Pat's Pizza. It is the best pizza around and of course my nephew owns it so that makes it that much better. It has already started to rain and sleet so we will get more over night, I will be anxious to see how much snow we get this time. They are saying it could be anywhere from 2 to 18 inches of snow so that's quite a span! We'll keep our fingers crossed for the two inches and not the 18! Glad I don't have any appointments tomorrow that I have to get out to go to.
I do need to go get my sewing machine cleaned. It went on the blink last night as I was in the middle of making an adorable tote (if I do say so myself heehee!). I had already made a couple of mistakes and had to take it apart and with the stitching all globbed up I ended up throwing it in the trash! That was money down the drain as the fabric was $8.60 a yard! GRRRRRRRR I have another machine that I can get out until this one is back from the shop but I was so disgusted with myself I wasn't in any mood to start again with another machine.
Guess I will go to bed and watch the snow coming down out my sliding glass doors. It is just so quiet and peaceful to watch, puts me right to sleep.
Glad I got my 100 Things About Me done. Now I want to read yours, you all probably did it months and months ago so I will have to go back in all your archives and hunt for it. Hope I didn't sound like too much of a geek!


Joan said...

Although I don't own a sewing machine, I heard on the TV that they are making a serious comeback. After reading your posts and seeing your marvelous handiwork, I'm thinking maybe I need to get myself one and learn how to use it. Stay warm.

Quietromance said...

I'm glad you entered the contest! Good luck!


dcrmom said...

No offense, but that is one ugly bag. LOL. You can put your 100 things in your sidebar. That's where you will find most people's.

BarnGoddess said...

coach is my absolutely FAVORITE bag to carry. wayyy better than D&B

I need another one.

Hmm Id better check into this contest more

PEA said...

Heyyyy whaddya mean YOU are going to win this purse??? I'M going to win it!!! hehe Glad you entered it too, good luck to you:-) My sewing machine hasn't seen the light in about 5 years...that's how much I enjoy sewing! lol Much to my mom's disgust because she was always a great seamstress!! Hope you didn't get all that snow....very windy here today and raining. xox