Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Happenings

It's Friday again already, where does the time go? I've done 35 minutes of laps at the pool this morning, a half hour with my trainer at the gym and walking at the mall although it wasn't 'power walking' it was 'looking around for some summer clothes for my trip walking'. Not quite the same especially when you stop every few steps to look at something that catches your eye. Picked up a few things so hopefully they will fit as we leave a week from today for Florida.

Had a message to call my doctor when I got home and I knew it was about my blood work that I had done yesterday. Yikes! I hated to return that call. Really hated to return that call. But I did and was pleasantly surprised to hear that my cholesterol is 180! YIPPEE! That's the best it's been in a long, long time. My other numbers were good too so pass the ice cream please..... No not really, I am trying to be good.

Going to the stable tomorrow for some more trail riding. Hopefully I won't get bombed by some over protective Mother Hen Hawk again! Guess we will stay away from that trail.

Guess I'd better go down and do some sewing as we have signed up to do a craft show in the fall. Someone asked me awhile back what I did for crafts in my NEWLY ORGANIZED SEWING ROOM and I neglected to answer the question. I do mostly quilts, totes, wall hangings, bridle bags, and fleece pj's for my grandkids. Have done different crafts over the years but this is what I seem to be staying with for the moment. Got on a kick of doing those tied fleece throws for awhile and they are soft and cuddly for the kids and adults when you're watching tv or reading. Have made Christmas ornaments in the past and wreaths but I can only use so many of those so haven't done any for awhile.

With that said I guess I will head down to my NEWLY ORGANIZED SEWING ROOM and get at it.

Have a good weekend everyone!!


palmtreefanatic said...

have agood weekend too, wow! You had a busy day! good work out too! I went shopping today too didnt find much but was fun none the less by myself! even went out to lunch which I dont like to do by myself but since its an hour away who cares! I had a monte cristo, if you never had it is fattening and delicious! Well congrats to the cholesterol, that sandwich would have sent you off the charts!
Well enjoy the rest of the day and weekend ahead!

Susie said...

You've been busy again! Are you bring home more Maine Coon kitties from FL? j/k

PEA said...

Sounds like you've been one busy gal lately and it's no wonder the days are flying by for you! Great news that your blood work results were so good...goes to show that your excercise routine is really helping:-) Continue the great work! xox

Joan said...

It sounds like your exercise regimen is really doing its job. I'd be so happy to have a cholesterol level of 180.

Enjoy you weekend and happy sewing.

BarnGoddess said...

great news about your blood work!!!

it is so hard trying to eat right.....especially when all the foods that taste so delicious are so packed full of bad stuff.

Have a great time riding, I am headed out myself in a few minutes.

Enjoy the weekend!

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for keeping up with Kev's and my story. Yes, it has been a trying few years, with many ups and lots of downs. But God is faithful. I am anxious to get to the good stuff!!

Brenda is Rocking Chairs and Rainbows. She's on my sidebar, if you want to read her. She works here in Athens at the university where my brother-in-law teaches. So it was fun to be in the same town and we got together yesterday.

My SIL has been instrumental in getting Lew Sterrett down here for the week-end. He trains horses while you watch and has a spiritual application as he does it. Amazing. Ever hear of him? He has a camp and ministry in Pennsylvania. Fascinating and amazing.

Talk to you late! We head to the airpot in about 2 hours.