Friday, April 6, 2007

Friday Happenings

Do any of you save boxes? I must have a thing about boxes as I have been cleaning my sewing room and I have all these boxes of different sizes and shapes that I have saved. And for what? Are those powder blue Tiffany boxes going to magically produce some new luscious bauble for me?? I don't think so. But I hate to throw them out.

I am participating in the 30 Day Organizing Challenge as you know so I have been weeding out the sewing room. The first thing on the agenda was to take out anything that did not pertain to sewing. Why would I have a movie projector in my sewing room? Why would I have liquid plant food in my sewing room? No wonder it is a mess!

Next was to take out old stuff that I will never use and either give it away or throw it away. Two trash bags later I am seeing some empty shelf space. Yippee! Now I can fill it with something else! Hopefully something that pertains to sewing.

Thirdly I am in the process of sorting and refolding all of my fabric. My DIL came over last night and we worked on that for a couple of hours and it's amazing how much better it looks and I will actually be able to find the color that I need.

Now, I'm supposed to post the Before pictures and I have been hesitant to do that because you all will think I'm a slob but today is the day and I am going to bite the bullet and disgrace myself and put some of them in. They call this a good motivator. I don't know what I call it but here goes:

You'll have to wait to see the NEW LOOK but it will be worth it!


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! you need to put this into a tackle it!

dcrmom said...

Good lord! At least you already have shelving. Now all you have to do is sort through all that crap. Er, uh, I mean, STUFF. ;-)

Hold Your Horses said...

Well I guess I now know who I get my box hoarding habit from. The girls at the office always give me dibs on the boxes that come in before throwing them away!

Suzy said...

I've had a few sewing/craft rooms that looked like that!
You're making great progress...and I think that "a sewing room that stays neat is one that's NEVER used" !!

org junkie said...

Hello, how awesome for you to have a whole room dedicated to your sewing. I love love the great shelves you have and I just went and took a peek at your after and holy smokes you have been busy! The wicker baskets are lovely and how nice of DIL to help you out, very sweet.

Can't wait to see the whole thing!