Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Snow Birds Are Coming North

I have to leave in a few minutes to go to the airport which is about 15 minutes away to pick up my parents who are flying in today. I think they are going to be for some culture shock when they step off the plane and see all of the snow we still have. I hope they wore their long johns! Even their cat notices the cold and doesn't want to go out side until the temps warm up. I'll have to make her a little pair of long johns.

I finally got back the pictures of the Talent Show that we had a couple weeks ago at church. I'll put in just a couple of my favorites. One funny thing that I forgot to tell about it was about my granddaughter. She was sitting in the front section so was pretty close to the action. One of the older ladies sang a song about aging and it was a hoot but the lady has a rather loud operatic type voice and when I looked at my granddaughter she had pulled her jacket up over her head so that she couldn't hear the lady sing so loud!!! Disgraced again, the story of my life!lol! I don't think the lady even noticed thankfully, as I wouldn't want anything to hurt her feelings for the world as she is a dear lady.

Well for some reason blogger won't let me upload the pictures so I will post this and try again later.

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PEA said...

I think your parents are going to want to just get back on the plane and go back where it's nice and warm! lol Our snow has finally melted again but the temps sure aren't going up very fast!

I could just picture your little grandaughter pulling her coat up to her ears so she couldn't hear that lady sing! hehe Hopefully you can upload your photos soon...a lot of people seem to be having problems with that today! xox