Saturday, January 27, 2007

Horses Vol. 2

Kipper, our bay Welsh pony came to us a few months later. We were continuing our search for a grandchild appropriate pony and found him through friend that deals with Welsh ponies. She hooked us up with a stable in Massschusetts that only deals with kid friendly Welsh ponies. We contacted them and they had a pony that a little girl had outgrown and needed a larger one to compete with. THIS was the cute little fuzzy pony that we had envisioned and he has a show record that is excellent. We brought him home and he immediately won everyone over with his cute ways and gentle disposition. He has a bit of a weight problem (so he fits in well here) so we have to monitor how many extra treats the grand kids give him and not let him steal grain from Skipper. He loves the kids and will stand for ages letting my granddaughter comb his mane, putting ribbons and bows in and brushing him. He has spunk and is just an all around wonderful pony.

Then there was Nick (Mysterious Ways) a 6 year old Thouroughbred/Welsh cross. We really weren't looking for another horse or pony. Four was a nice round number but these things have a way of happening that just can't be expained some times. Nick is a show pony from Maryland. His rider also sadly outgrew him so he had to be put up for sale so that she could buy another more well suited pony. A business associate told his owners about us and that it would be a wonderful home so they contacted us and soon he was to head for Maine.

Now, let me tell you.....this pony came from one of those snooty show barns. Nick said "I'm going where???????? to Maine, to hicksville??????" I think he envisioned himself pulling a plow in a cornfield or something of that nature. Anyway, he came home with us and has certainly been a super addition to our family. No more horseshows in 90* heat just lazing around the barn with the ceiling fans on to keep cool and chilling with the boys. Hicksville isn't so bad afterall. He is bigger then our other ponies, he is one inch from being horse size so he will be just right for the grandkids to graduate to when they outgrow the other boys. He is a sweetheart and loves everybody. The first night he was here he was a bit homesick and was whinnying so about 11 o'clock my husband got up and went out to the barn and was gone for about a half hour. When he came back I asked what was wrong and he said that Nick just needed a hug and had put his head on my husbands shoulder and stayed there for the longest time. After that he was fine for the rest of the night and has been every since.

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Janey Loree said...

This cements my thankfulness that there are people like you and your husband to take care of these guys!!! How precious!!!!!!