Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I love hobbies. One of them being scrapbooking. When I get into something I really get into it and have to have every gadget, sticker, paper, ruler, scissors etc that goes along with said hobby. I started it a few years back and couldn't get enough of it and redid all of my albums that were the old magnetic type and updated all of the others. I spent hours doing elaborate pages, spending a whole evening on one page with tons of detail. Well....then I got into quilting. Now I had to have every gadget, ruler, pins, cutters, mats and fabric that there was and guess what happened to my scrapbooking???? I left it for another hobby. Anyway after three years of photos piling up in my desk I have decided to get them all put in albums. Now they won't be the elaborate pages that I used to do but they will be in a book and might even have a sticker or two on each page. I have orgainized all of the photos and have filled one book completely and have started on the second album. It takes me a while because I get nostalgic over every photo and think about what a wonderful time we were having when the shot was taken. There are lots of pictures taken at Disney World. That is our favorite 'kid type' place to vacation. We've been there many many times but always find something new to see or do and the grandkids are just in awe of everything there so it's fun to see it all through their eyes.

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