Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have been standing in one place for about two hours working on my memory books. I'm still working on the Disney World pictures but only have a few more to go. I think we have been to Disney at least 40 times since 1977. My son has grown right up there and could find his way around blindfolded if need be. He was awfully anxious to take his two kids there the first time knowing that he has such wonderful memories of the many trips there. They used to send us there on conventions so we would have a whole week of just exploring everything while husband was in meetings. They haven't done that for many years, now they send us out west to Arizona, Colorado or California. I guess they don't think Florida is exciting enough for those of us on the east coast. Anyway, back to the pictures. I have everything on my kitchen table and on the island. I like it better then working down in the basement in my sewing room but my kitchen looks like a hurricane hit it. Good thing my husband doesn't mind my creative messes as it's going to be that way for awhile as I still have many pictures to go. At least I'm almost done with two trips to Disney World, I'm ready for something else to work on!

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