Friday, January 19, 2007

A New Adventure

As I have been fumbling my way through the blogging set up I wonder if I will have anything terribly exciting to write about. I faithfully read numerous other bloggers writings and marvel at how they take a simple daily activity and make it sound so interesting and comical. I have an active life and laugh a lot so maybe along the way I can bring a smile to someones face. I'm a midlife Mom with grown children and two grandchildren. They live close by and I see them often which is nice as I always wanted to be a hands on Grammie. I also have aging parents that live with me and that is a chapter unto itself! Hummmmmm, three generations in one house on many occasions, now that is a bit of a challenge at times! Thankfully the older generation is in Florida for a few months soaking up some sun, hopefully not wearing a thong or Speedos!

1 comment:

dcrmom said...

Your mom in a thong. Hahahaha!!