Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Where do I begin writing about my grand kids? You know the old saying 'if I had known it was going to be so much fun I would have had my grand kids first' ? Well, in a sense that is true. You have all of the fun without any of the responsibilities that you had when you were raising your own kids. If they are cranky and tired they go home and you can hit the sofa and rest up. It is different, I have enjoyed every moment of my son's life (well almost, there was the Halloween party night but that is another whole story) but I agonized over different decisions concerning his well being as all parents do especially when you only have one child I think you tend to obsess a bit. With your grand kids it is just Fun with a capital F. I was there when my granddaughter was born. My daughter in laws mother and I were invited to the birth. Now let me tell you that was an experience I will never forget. When that baby came out it was instant awe and love. I will always thank my son and daughter in law for that precious experience! My granddaughter is a mix of tomboy and girly girl with a mop of beautiful curls. She loves helping me in the barn, shoveling horse poop with the best of them but then in the next breath is polishing her toe nails and experimenting with her hair. She is only 4, well soon to be 5 but has a wonderful sense of humor and an infectious belly laugh that never ceases to delight me. She is my clone when it comes to the horses. She loves them dearly, talking to them calling them baby and sweetie while she braids their manes and putting in different colored elastics and kissing them on the nose.

My grandson. He is the sweetest little munchkin there is anywhere. I remember the day my son came in the kitchen when my granddaughter was only a few months old and told me that she was going to have a little brother or sister. YIPPEE! Another grandchild, even sooner then I ever expected! Sooner then anyone expected..... ahem...... Those nine months went a little faster then the first and before we knew it he was here. He is the most beautiful child with big expressive eyes and a smile that will melt your heart. He loves his Power Ranger outfits and I really think that he thinks he is one when he puts the outfit on. He also loves Buzz Light Year and when he watches the Toy Story movie he has to go put that costume on. On one of our trips to Disney World when some of the others were on Space Mountain, Grampie and I went on the Buzz Light Year Ride with him 7 times in a row! He loves to swing and would stay in a swing for hours if someone is pushing him. I had a swing put in the basement playroom and pushed him for an hour and a half one day without stopping! I am so blessed to have my two grand kids and they only live a 5 minute walk away. I love it when I am outside and hear their voices as they walk down the path to my house through the woods. Some days when the air is just right I can hear their laughter as they play in their back yard on their swing set. Music to a Grammies ears!

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