Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shower Time

The phone rang last night and when I answered it a sweet little voice said "Hi Grammie, can we come over and take a shower?" Of course I said of course but wondered what was wrong with their showers. I should have known the reason, we had a complete makeover done on one of our bathrooms right back to the studs and I had one of those big showers put in that could hold up to four people if need be. (Let me tell you there will never be that big of a need around here!) Anyway with all the extra jets, hand held sprayer and big sunflower size shower head the grand kids think it is a water park made just for them. They arrived with clean jammies in hand and up they went and hopped into the 'water park'. I have lots of toys, fun Avon roll on soaps and squirt bottles for them to play with in there. I left the room for one minute and when I came back the ceiling was dripping wet and the walls and mirror were somewhat soaked........ Someone, who shall remain nameless but her hair is like corkscrews, had turned the hand held sprayer upside down and 'washed' the ceiling...... I really don't think it needed washing, it was freshly painted a couple months ago, but oh well this probably won't be the last time and as long as my two sweet munchkins are having fun, who cares!

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