Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Gallery

Just a few shots of some of my guys. This is Skipper and Nick looking out their windows.
This is Nick the spring that he came to us.
This is my granddaughter doing Kipper's hair.
This is Buddy our Gentle Giant.


KC said...

They are all so beautiful, horses and grandkids. My kids would just love all those horses.
Your blog looks really nice. Welcome to the blogging world

Midlife Mom said...

Thanks KC! Kids and horses just seem to go together. Usually the horses mind better then the kids! lol

I'm waiting for my new 'custom' blog look, this is all very new to me so these things take a while. My niece dcrmom has been helping me through the process thankfully.

I loved all of your Disney On Ice pics, what fun!

Katie Coke said...

i can't beleave i came across your site!! i used to own kipper, ( im the little girl that needed the bigger pony but not so little anymore) hehehe... i would love to see how you guys and kipper are doing also i have some pictures of kipper that you might want to take a look email is please email me i would love to talk to you guys!

Mirella said...

Keep up the good work.