Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Happenings

It's Friday morning and I just finished my three hour computer class. I have a wonderful young man that comes to the house and teaches and it is so much better then going to a regular class at the community college as it's one on one and we just work on things that I need to work on. This is our third week and I need to go call and make my appointment for next week. My head is swimming a bit but I have gone through things on my own since he left and I think I got it right.


Well I didn't get far with that and had to leave to go do some more decorating at the church. I think one more afternoon and we should have it finished. Other then a glue gun burn on one finger it was an uneventful afternoon. I think I will invest in one of the cool glue guns. Anyone out there have one? Pros and cons???? I'm wondering if they stick as well. I tried to get some good pictures of our beautiful stained glass windows but it was the wrong time of day. This one isn't too bad but when the sun is streaming in through them they are gorgeous.

Got a SUPER surprise in the mail yesterday from my stocking swap buddy Sunny Chick at Bustin' at the seams! It was a fun funky stocking FILLED with goodies including chocolate, ornaments, snowman pin to wear on my jacket, Colorado goodies, a key chain, a horse shoe shaped chocolate, chocolate covered peppermint sticks, horse fabric and did I say chocolate?!! This girl knows the way to my heart! Or should I say stomach!! :o) Thank you soooooooooooo much Sunny Chick!!! I LOVE the stocking and everything in it! You spoiled me rotten and I love it! Your stocking is going out tomorrow morning (Saturday) express mail!!! These swaps are so much fun, if you didn't participate this year plan on next year to get in on the excitement!!!

Well my new scanner is a lemon. My computer guy worked on it here at the house and tried it on different computers at the shop and it just doesn't work. Guess it will be going back to Sta*ples tomorrow despite the fact that the box accidentally got put out with the trash. I'm so anxious to have one and be using it here on the 'ole blog but I guess I have a while to wait. Munchie misses it too and is anxious for another one to sleep on while I type.

I did some more Christmas shopping yesterday. The stores were fairly quiet which I enjoy so in the hour and a half I had before an appointment I got quite a bit done. Funsize is coming over on Sunday after church to help me do some wrapping. Bobby got my other tree put up in the living room and all the bins of decorations brought down for me so now I just need to put on a good Christmas movie and have at it!

We are expecting snow on Monday! Yippee! Good thing Mom and Dad went back to Florida yesterday and will miss it all. They didn't get to their place in Florida until about 11 last night. They had a long layover in Atlanta and were late getting out of Maine. Buffy, their cat made out just fine, she is a seasoned traveler in her carrier and goes under the seat right in the main cabin. She doesn't howl all the way to Florida like Noodles did coming home from Florida last year! :o(

Well I bit the bullet and went on E*bay and bought the Giselle dress. I was afraid if I waited much longer the price would go up even more or I wouldn't be able to get it at all. Now T isn't begging and pleading for this dress, we haven't even seen the movie yet, but I being her grandmother want her to have it as I know how much she loves to play dress up with her friends. She has quite a few costumes but she is growing all the time and needs some bigger ones and I LOVE buying them if the truth be known........ahem......... Anyway it should be on it's way as Pay*Pal has notified me so I watch for the mailman every day!

Tomorrow Funsize, my friend Ann and I are going to brave the cold and go riding in the morning. It's supposed to be frigid but thankfully there is an indoor arena that we can use. I don't especially like riding when it's that cold but the horses need the exercise particularly Buddy whose legs tend to stock up (swell) a bit due to his age. After moving around for 2o minutes or so they slim right down again. Wish that worked for me too!! :o)


Suzy said...

I just love the stocking that you got in the's so unique!!!

Myrna said...

Great stocking! I missed that swap. There are so many things going on in Blogland right now it is hard to keep up. I guess we just have to learn to pick and choose--Can't do it all!

My granddaughter has discovered Barbie, so I guess I am about to make my first ever Barbie purchase! I have mixed feelings about it, but what can I say. I'm Grandmama!

Your church window is beautiful! I'm sure you have made it even more beautiful for Christmas worship experiences with all the decorating.

Be careful in that snow!

PEA said...

Good evening dear Louise:-)

As usual, I so enjoyed catching up on your news. I think it's wonderful that you're taking computer lessons...I've learned a lot from my older son Shawn who's a computer programmer but I know there's tons more I could learn yet!!

Oh wow, I love that stocking you received in the swap...I've never seen that kind before, it's just adorable. Quite a great assortment of goodies that came with it too:-)

I love the church windows...stained glass has always fascinated me and I can spend hours admiring them.

As for a cold glue gun, I've never tried them so I can't give you my opinion of it! lol All I know is that I burn myself every time when I use my hot glue gun!!!

It's 3F here right now...this morning when I got up it was -7F so that's what I call "stupid" cold!! I haven't set foot out all day, I'm staying inside where it's warm! lol

Take care my friend and stay warm! xoxox

BarnGoddess said...

what a wonderful stocking!!

Thats awful about your new scanner-I hope they give you a new one without any trouble.

gasp-Xmas shopping, my husband and I did all of ours yesterday. We only need to buy 2 more gifts and we are completely finished-yippee

I hope you had a great ride :) Sometimes I really enjoy riding in the cold....unless Scooter is feeling broncy,lol

Sunny Chick said...

I'm so GLAD you like it! I had so much fun creating it. I have many request's for that style of stocking now, so I guess I better get to work. :0)Have FUN! lol Sunny

Tammy said...

So fun getting caught up with you!
The stained glass is so beautiful...
and love the adorable stocking!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You did get lots of the stocking and all the neat things inside!

I love the stained glass in your church!

Dawn said...

I heard about your storm. I hope you're safe and warm.

I love your stained glass windows. Is your church old? Just beautiful.

I have a printer/scanner/copier combo that I love. Except that when I scan a picture, it comes out the size of a piece of paper with the picture just up in the corner with its original size. Does that make sense? Obviously, I'm doing something wrong.

Stay warm! I was supposed to be 60 today, but the beautiful sunrise didn't materialize into a sunny day. We're thankful that the mountains are getting lots of the white stuff, though, because it's pretty much our state's survival at stake!

Dawn said...

I would have no pieces left if I had it out all year. As it is, I have to look for pieces all the time - mostly under the couch or in the corner under the lamp table. I also have the Thanksgiving one and they get so excited when I bring out the bixes.

I am enjoying the Father Tim story, and have to hurry and finish it. I got it from the library and it's due Friday - the day we leave. I have 3 days left to finish it (or rather three evenings!) I need to the gym more, because that's when I do my most reading while I'm biking. I just plain need to go to the gym more!

I hope the trip to Mass goes okay.

Yes, my Kristen is really good at that stuff. Go over and see hers, too!

palmtreefanatic said...

cute stocking! love it!!!

wow, you got a personal computer trainer? I am so jealous! I need one of those... maybe you can teach me now;)

The stained glas windows are beautiful, I think it is a great shot!

How was the riding in the cold? we had a few flurries but no serious snow yet, As much as I hate being out in the stuff, It is fun if you are staying in looking at it!;D

Glad you got the Gisele dress, grandaughter will be so excited!

Cant wait to see your decorating!!Ebay is a wonderful thing:)

Janey Loree said...

Hi Midlife Mom! Thanks for dropping by Mustang 'n' Cowboys! I have so many blogs and a couple of websites to keep up with that I just don't have to time to get by my favorite blogs anymore!!! I took a break and enjoyed it while reading about your day!

I love the snow, just as long as I don't have to stay in it too long. However looking at the beautiful scene from the comfort of a warm and Christmas decorated room sounds wonderful!!!

I would like to learn more about the swapping gifts club?! Look forward to pictures on your church all decorated...