Friday, November 16, 2007

Pizza and Movie Night

Friday night again already! Time goes way too fast to suit me!! Tonight my Son, DIL and grand kids came over for pizza and a movie. We watched Shrek 3 and it was okay but not as good as the first two. Why is it that the kids think the funniest parts are when someone is making a burp or toot noise?? They thought that was just a hoot.

We got snow today! Yippee! Well I guess I shouldn't be getting the ole' snowmobile out quite yet as the snow melted as fast as it hit the ground. Further north they are predicting up to 8 inches of snow so the ski resorts must be rejoicing! With a good base they can make more snow to cover it and have some pretty decent skiing.

Speaking of skiing I guess my career is over. I gave away my skis, ski boots and poles today. They were older then dirt but still in good condition but I haven't been on them for about 10 years at least. We used to ski every weekend. The minute Hubby got out of work on Friday we would head out to the mountains, ski all day Saturday and come home Saturday night or even sometimes stay till Sunday. I was never a very good skier. I stuck pretty much to the gentler slopes and did a mean snowplow if I got going too fast. Son flew down over those hills like mad. He liked trails with names like Suicide Slide and the such, no wonder I got gray hair early! Hubby never got too wild and crazy either but we all had a lot of fun during those years.

In the process of cleaning out the attics in the house I have come across some treasures. I found the box with Son's baby clothes, shoes, some stuffed toys and the such. I am going to wash everything and store them in those humongous Zip*lock bags that they have out now. I found his high school year books, football shirts, weight lifting shirts from the different places around the country where we traveled for him to compete and an art book with drawings from the time he was probably D's age. What a trip down memory lane this has been!! All of his weight lifting trophy's are there and scrapbooks I kept before scrap booking was the 'in' thing to do. I want to organize everything and bought those see through plastic bins to store this stuff in.

My computer man was here again today for another session. My NEW scanner scanned something once for me and then died! He worked on it for awhile and then decided to take it to the shop and try it on another computer to see if it would work on that one. I'm so anxious to use it so am disappointed it's not working. Now this guy builds computers so he knows his stuff and this is giving him fits so I'm not too optimistic that it's going to work properly. Sigh.......

Guess that's it for tonight, I will finish this up tomorrow.

Now it's Sunday night and I still haven't gotten this finished. We got home from church about 7:30 tonight and I had things to do as I am going to be gone all day tomorrow SHOPPING! I'm going with my three sisters and my mother to Augusta, our state capital, to the new malls there. I really am hoping to get some Christmas shopping done and maybe.....ahem......a new pair of boots for me to wear with the gauchos. The infamous gauchos, now some of you have requested a picture (lol I'm laughing uncontrollably) so I will try to get one the next time I wear them!

This afternoon Mom and I tackled the basement under their apartment. I have been on this cleaning out binge so couldn't let that go untouched. We went through box after box of STUFF. A good amount of it is out beside the road tonight waiting for the trash man to pick it up in the morning. Some of the boxes we burned in the fire pit out back. So much for recycling. I normally am very good about that and have my three bins that I separate things in but with so many boxes I never would've fit them in so into the fire pit they went.

Doesn't seem possible that Thanksgiving is this week. I want to do a post on what I am thankful for but there is so much I don't know where to begin. That in itself is something to be thankful for isn't it? I may not get to it until after Thanksgiving but I will do it.

I am reading Jan Karon's latest book on the Mitford series. I must say I am a bit disappointed. I don't want to spoil it for the rest of you but I find it a bit depressing and dark. It's certainly isn't her normal upbeat and fun easy reading. I will finish it as I never like to give up on a book but it's not something I can't put down like the others. I would finish one of those in a day and a half. I will be interested to see if any of you have the same feelings about it or something completely different. Let me know!

Well I must get to bed and get my rest for the big shopping trip tomorrow as I want to accomplish a lot! :o)

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I just got the Karon book from the library, and will let you know what I think. I'm anxious now, to see what it's like.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! said...

I just got the Karon book from the library, and will let you know what I think. I'm anxious now, to see what it's like.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Joan said...

Wow...snow? Here the sun has been shining and it reached 80 degrees a few days last week. Since I've only been skiing twice in my life, I guess you can say I never had a skiing career but it was certainly fun those 2 times.

It seems everyone is in a de-cluttering mood these days (must be the upcoming holidays)and it sounds like you've made incredible progress. Good for you and good luck shopping tomorrow.

dcrmom said...

Pizza. YUM.

I didn't know the Mitford series was still going. I had read them all at one point. I thought they did get a bit old after a while, though.

Have fun shopping. Wish I could join ya!

Sunny Chick said...

A Great big Howdy to ya! We had Pizza and Movie Friday TOOO! (I was sewing and chowing at the same time:-) Have fun shopping, I have to find a moment to squeeze that in before the Big Guy comes down the chimney.
I'm gonna brag a tad! Stocking is done!! SOOOO cool! I plan to send on the 26th. Can't wait for you to have and tear into!! Have a good one!

PEA said...

Friday night pizza and a movie...sounds like a perfect evening to me:-) I haven't seen Shrek 3 yet but I've heard the same thing from others that it's not as good as the first two...that's what happens, though, when they try to do too many sequels!

It must have looked beautiful when it was snowing...we've had some sprinkles but like you, nothing that has stayed on the ground. I actually can't wait to have snow stay...right now with no leaves on the trees and no flowers, everything looks so dark and dreary, snow will help lighten it all up:-)

I use to cross country ski when the boys were younger...every Sunday we'd go in the trails behind here. I never tried downhill skiing, I just know I would have broken my neck! lol Shawn loves downhill skiing now but I don't think Corey has been on skis in years like me.

Isn't it wonderful to find long forgotten items and go through them all? I still love looking through some of the boys' stuff they've left behind...all the time wondering where the years have gone!!

Oh dear, I do hope your computer guy can get your scanner working! Maybe you're like me and you got a lemon...that seems to happen to me all the time! lol

As I'm typing this you're enjoying your day out shopping at that new mall...have FUN!!!! Wish I could go with you, I just know we'd have so much fun Christmas shopping together:-) Love ya! xoxox

the moose buyer said...

what a busy life you have!! You don't have time to sky anyway.

Like Joan says it's been hot and later this week, the winds will be up again and the fire threat will be back. I wonder if snow would be better???

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I'm waiting for a picture of the gauchos too!

I love running into old treasures and looking through them takes me a lot longer to clean but well worth the time reminiscing.

BarnGoddess said...

omg, snow!?! My central AC is running and is going to be in the 80's tomorrow.

I sold off my Rossignals when I moved to OK but I still keep a set of Olins at my Fathers house in the UP of MI incase I visit during the winter. My fave runs were Jumping Judas and Dead Mans Hill...

shopping, I am jealous

Tammy said...

Oh no...don't tell me that about the last book!
I'm still working my way through Our of Canaan...I've liked all of them so far, but it's just busier for me right now and harder to finish for that reason. I'll have to wait quite a while before I am on to that last one...but now I'm a little worried! ;)'s been snowing at your place! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

KC said...

I'm having the same problem.. Thanksgiving is coming quickly and I'm so busy with very little computer time and yet way to many thoughts of things I'm thankful for that I don't have a clue as to wear to begin.. I guess as along as God knows I'm thankful for all the things he has done and blessed with me then if the rest of the blogging world doesn't get a post it's still OK 8).

Pizza and a movie sounds great.. I took the kids to see that movie back when it came out and I agree #1 and #2 was better but the kids still enjoyed it.
Hope you had a good time shopping

OH and I hear we might get the 2nd snow fall of the year on Thanksgiving day.. Though like you said it all melts as soon as it hits the ground.. tomorrow they are calling for temps in the 60's then dropping on Wed and Thurs.