Saturday, December 1, 2007

I started this on Saturday!

Now let's play good boys! Stop that fighting or you will have to go in a time out!!!!

Now what do you suppose he is hollering about????? Should have a name that picture contest!!

One of my sisters E and her husband lives right beside a farm and the animals can come right up to her back yard as you can see in the pictures. They even sneak under the fence occasionally and eat her flowers. The lama's name is Corky and he isn't particularly friendly unless you have a bucket of feed and then he will eat out of your hand. The two rams just don't seem to get along and they bother Corky to the point that he spits on them and they are all green from the regurgitated grass that he lets fly! Needless to say it's quite a bit of entertainment right from ones back porch!

E's birthday was yesterday and she turned....ahem....cough....throat clearing.........60......... She doesn't look it or act it, especially act it! :o) She finds humor in the craziest things in life and I love it. Happy Birthday E!!!!! xoxoxox Love you!

Funsize and I went to the stable this morning to see the guys and get them out for some exercise. It's way too cold and windy for them to go out in the pasture today so we let them out in the inside arena to run around a bit. It is bitterly cold today with a biting wind. We had on many layers of clothes to keep warm. The boys are fine and Buddy was doing a bit of showing off and bucking as he ran around the arena. Some different then this summer when he was hobbling around on his pads. Did my heart good to see him having some fun! :o)

They are predicting a snow storm on Monday. My snowmobile is in the shop for a general check up so I guess I'd better go get it except my snowmobile trailer isn't how did I forget to do that??????? Guess it will have to wait till Monday when I can get to the town office. If we get a foot of snow you will hear me crying all the way to the west coast if I don't have my snowmobile!!!!!!

Well here it is Monday and I haven't finished this yet. We are getting hit with a big snowstorm and it has been beautiful all day. I haven't left the house but my two grand kids came over first thing as there wasn't any school today. We played in the snow a bit, with D eating it as fast as he could.

Hubby just came in and told me it's supposed to keep snowing tomorrow too so we may get a good amount. I didn't see the turkeys all day today, they must be holed up in some big pine tree out back. Saturday they were everywhere here, eating up a storm, probably knew there was snow coming in.

Hubby got home a bit early tonight as he closed his office early so that the staff could get home and out of the storm. I told him to go sit with Noodles until I finished getting dinner ready. They looked so comfy out in the sun room by the fire.

Guess that's it for another day in the life of a Maine gal. Never know what a day is going to bring so we try to enjoy each one as they come. Don't know why lately my Midlife Mom has been waaaaayyyyyy down so that you have to scroll down to get to the comments??? Hummmmmmm.... a good question for my computer guy on Friday!! In the meantime, 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!! :o)


dcrmom said...

What a fun post! It looks like a winter wonderland up there. And Uncle looks pretty content there by the fire.

Sunny Chick said...

Howdy! Love the new look of your blogg! Thank You, Thank You! for the really Cool stocking and bags! I love them! I have had a blast!:0)
Have a good one!!

Susie said...

Brrr! It looks very chilly there.
We're still not very cold at all, but have had a bit of rain.
Sounds like you have been super busy. It's that time of year, isn't it
Your hubby sounds like a very considerate boss to let his staff leave early in such nasty weather.

Be Inspired Always said...

Great post!

I'm new to your blog, please feel welcomed to come and visit mine.


Dawn said...

What a cozy look there in the no-sun room! We got up to 67 today - raging storms on both coasts, and we get spring. Go figure!

KC said...

The kids look like they were having fun out in the snow. How much snow did you get? Hubby looks really comfy by that fire.. Love that picture, it is moments like those that make me love winter so much.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Love the pictures, especially the ones of the snow and hubby in front of the fire!

Tonya - said...

I always love your pics! The farm animals are too cute and I am so glad to hear Buddy is doing so much better!

We never get snow like that and if we did no one would be out traveling in it, as you said the grandkids came over. When we get ANY snow, the whole place shuts down like a city under siege!

Have a great day and stay warm. It's cold here this morning...for us that is in the 40's! brrrr!

Dawn said...

I just this second finished Home to Holly Springs - it's due tomorrow and I have to turn it in on my way home from work - just in time to leave on our trip. I LOVED IT! I actually guessed some of it, which I won't reveal since there are others who haven't read it. E-mail me and I'll tell you what part

Have a great day in the snow!

BarnGoddess said...

great post MM!

I especially appreciate the snow photos :)

lol, your hubby looks quite comfy!

I am so happy to hear about Buddy bucking, running, and playing in the arena. I am sure all the horses enjoyed their stretch of legs