Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

Well actually it's Monday evening musings by now. Just finished dinner and checking in on some of my favorite sites, (you know who you are!) and now if I can keep my eyes open I will try to jot down a few lines. I was awake reading this morning at 4 so I am kind of like a baby with their days and nights mixed up.

Speaking of reading I am still working on Jan Karon's new book. I can't honestly say I like it any better but I am determined to finish it. I just LOVED her other books and they all left me with such an uplifted feeling and this book is totally different to me. I am curious to hear what any of you others have to say. Has anyone out there read it yet? Someone new left a comment a while back that they were going to read it and I tried to link back to them but couldn't so if you are reading this and you have read it let me know. Did that sentence make sense???

Went Christmas shopping this morning armed with my list of things to get. It was very quiet at the mall so I got a lot done. I just can't imagine going on Black Friday, there wasn't a parking spot to be had in the whole place! Someone asked what Black Friday means and it is when businesses start getting into the black and out of the red as sales pick up so much the day after Thanksgiving. Today was Black Monday for Internet sales.

I picked up a take out salad at Ruby Tues*day's and headed over to my church to work on decorating for the holidays. There are six of us on the committee and we are just decorating junkies. We change the decorations around for every season and holiday and if there isn't one we change stuff any way. I will get some pictures when it is all finished.

I need to get some decorating done here at home. I have one tree up on the sun porch but the poor thing still doesn't have any decorations on it just the pre-lit lights. How sad. T and K are coming Wednesday after school so maybe I will get them to help me get started on it. I am going to clean out there tomorrow as I finally found some furniture for it and it's going to be delivered on Wednesday.

Have you all been watching the Christmas programs? I just love the Hall*mark channel this time of year. Well actually any time of year but especially during the holidays. They have so many wonderful, if somewhat predictable, Christmas stories. I like the ones with a gentle snow falling and a horse pulling a sleigh and people falling in love, you know, sappy stuff like that, but soooooo heart warming and easy to watch. I also love all the decorating shows on HG*TV, the Mar*tha Ste*wart type where you can make a miniature sleigh out of a turkey carcass or something like that.

Can I rant a few minutes? I planned on getting my granddaughter the Princess Gis*elle dress for Christmas. I was in the Dis*ney store on the weekend and they were all gone. My SIL who lives near Boston said she would check the FOUR Dis*ney stores near her home for me and they are all out. You know why??? People are buying them to sell on E*bay. Now I am all for free enterprise but it irks me that I may have to go on E*bay and pay more to get the dress. But I probably will if I have to and they know it. Sigh...... I say this is taking advantage of grandmothers! There now that I have ranted a bit I feel better!


Anne said...

Heavens! You are too far ahead on your Christmas doings. Slow down or we will all have to stop you.

Thanks for clarifying about Black Friday for me. I'd been wondering....

Hope you're able to find the Giselle dress. Who knows. Maybe there'll be another shipment. There's a long time yet before Christmas. I'm counting on it.

Tonya said...

Well I composed this big long comment on your Thanksgiving post and then I think Blogger ate it! I was so frustrated - oh well, the joys of technology.
Looked like you had a great day...glad the weather didn't keep anyone away. Your parents are so cute! We had a little drama at our house and I didn't have the "joyous" Thanksgiving day I was expecting...SIGH!!!

I don't do Black Friday shopping....the crowds just aren't worth it to me. I did it one year, the year my husband passed away and I got pulled over for speeding on the way home. I didn't have my proof of insurance either. The girls were asleep in the back seat and Lib woke up and started crying and saying "that she tells me to not speed all the time". I guess Mr Policeman took pity on my crying self with my crying daughter and only cited me for no insurance. So, then I had to go to court and show my insurance. I guess that was better than a speeding ticket though.

We, too, have this big green tree sitting in our living room with nothing on it....we'll get there - ha ha!

My boss and I were talking yesterday and he was talking about his parents timeshare....he said he could take a trip this winter on the points but he didn't really want to go to someplace like Maine in Winter. I laughed and told him about your blog and your pictures and said "I WOULD". Just had to share!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I don't usually watch much tv but I did catch 2 movies on the Hallmark channel this last week....I love the sappy ones too!

KC said...

That is the one thing I hate about ebay. LOL. A few years back I was looking for a cabbage patch doll with blond hair and blue eyes.. easy???? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone had bought up all the dolls and were selling them all on ebay.. I and just refuse to pay more for an item then it is worth in a store. I did find one ON DEC 23 at a store 2 1/2 hours away from home LOL.
I can't deal with the crowds on Black Friday I love the deals but unless there is something I really HAVE to have for like 90% off I'm not getting out in that mess.
Have fun decorating the tree with the grandkids.. I had the tree up since before thanksgiving with the lights on it.. but we all just got around to decorating it lastnight.

I can't wait to see picture of the church all decorated.

Joan said...

I'm a Black Friday shopper but I seem to have done better on Sunday this year so maybe I need to re-think my strategy next year. With all the shopping, I never seem to have the energy or time to get to the decorating part. Sigh...

Suzy said...

I've worked every "black friday" for retail,and it's no picnic!!
People shovin' and screamin'.I've being called every name in the book.The last thing you want to be is Guest Service Mgr. at Target on Black Friday!!!

Susie said...

That Giselle dress sounds like it's a hot item already. Did they have it at Disney World?
We love the hallmark chan too. We watched the one with Ernest Borgnine about the grandfather. It was very very good..
I don't do the Black Friday shopping either. I haven't hit the mall yet. I have to wait to have some "wish lists" turned in!

Dawn said...

Pardon my ignorance, but what is a Giselle dress? Is this something I need to know with all these current and future granddaughters?

I'm reading the Father Tim book and am agoint 1/4 through. It keeps me hopping figuring out whether he's speaking of the present or the past, but so far I find it fascinating to learn from whence he came and how far he's come.

It's always good for churches to have people like you who do the big time decorating projects - I'm not one, but I sure enjoy the fruits of all that labor!

palmtreefanatic said...

Your Turkey day looked SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I just had to add that;)

Well Good luck finding that dress, that is a real bummer that you have to go to extremes to get it! Was it on that good of a sale???

Sounds like your christmas shopping went smoothly! I hope to do some wrapping today, I am so close to being done as we cut WAY back this year! I do a little crazy shopping on black friday, out the door at 4:30 am, I try to stay away from the extreme busy stores, though I ventured to toys r us 1st got what I wanted BARELY and left! I was home by 9am before it got crazier everywhere!

I would love to see your decorating! You sound like you really get into it! I leave mine up to my mom who does an amazing job! Have lots of fun!

OH I have not gotten a chance to see much christmas programs YET but plan to as I am almost done with my baking cookies, etc! THEN I hope to relax a bit!

BarnGoddess said...

gah! blogger ate my comment-grr

curse those greedy Ebayers, that is just not right.

I pulled a nearly all nighter finishing a book: The Promise by Harlan Coben, EXCELLENT book.

PEA said...

Good afternoon my dear friend:-)

You know if I lived near, I would march right over and help you decorate for Christmas...I thrive on that! lol I have to go do my mom's this coming weekend:-) I think it's wonderful that you've helped decorate the church!!

We don't have such a thing like Black Friday over here...with our temps this time of year, people camping outside the stores overnight would freeze to death! lol

Oh dear, I can just imagine how frustrated you're getting, looking for a Gisele dress...I know there's a Disney store in Barrie where Steve lives but I don't plan on going there now until Spring (I won't drive long distances like that in the winter months), otherwise I would have looked in it for you!! I think it's disgusting how people take advantage of things like that to sell on eBay. Ugh!

I don't get the Hallmark channel but I sure wish I did because I love those type of sappy movies. lol This week I did rent 3 Christmas movies so have been watching those:-)

You take good care of yourself and know that I'm thinking of you!! xoxox

Tammy said...

I have two little Disney princess lovin' girls, but I am not sure I know about the Giselle dress...
But I understand how you feel about people snatching them up just to sell for more on ebay!
But hopefully, one will turn up in time!

I was able to go to a local store on Friday before 11 am and got 80% of my shopping done in just an hour and a half (it would have taken me less time but since it was the busiest day of the year...) ;)

Have a great rest of the week! said...

Yes, Kristen did her magic once again. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Myrna said...

I'm doing most of my shopping on line. I actually haven't gotten started good yeat. I've been trying to figure out exactly what I'm looking for!

I read the new Jan Karon book and LOVED it! I her writing was even better in this one.

I particularly liked getting the back story on Father Tim--there were some surprises there!I think she has set up some definite story lines she can follow in future books in the series. It will be interesting to see what is in sotre for Tim and Cynthia. I also thinkwe willhear some more aobut Dooley and Lace in future books.

OH--BTW--I haven't forgotten I promised you some directions. Real Life has been crazy, and I have gotten behind on some blogging things. Sorry! I plan to spend some time on emails tomorrow--Look for one!

Marcy Bowden said...

Which movie is princess Giselle in? I am getting old! I guess I have gotten behind on my Disney movies.

By the way, why do you put an astericks (*) in the middle of name brand words on your blog?

How cold is it up there? Down here in Loganville (suburb of Atlanta), it has been down as low as 28 degrees some nights and pretty windy. We are still not getting any precipitation at all. The other day I told my husband I would welcome snow at this point if it would break our drought...and that's pretty bad. I hate cold weather. Brrr. Snow in Atlanta is bad melts and turns to ice and no one knows how to drive on snow or ice anyway!

We are almost done Christmas shopping, but I don't think we have to do as much as you do. Also, I appreciate you for explaining WHY they call it Black Friday. I never knew why it was called that.

Well, I have just caught up on all your postings since Thanksgiving. I am enjoying your blog! Take care! Marcy