Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Do you ever have days that you are just on screech mode?

This has been one of those days. It has been right straight ahead at full tilt all day. Some of it has been productive and some of it hasn't. The productive part is my sister E has my computer all up and running and even my bass on my music is working! I'm talking bass versus tenor not bass the fish. Now Husband and I have been having a discussion if I have spelled that correctly. At this point in the day my brain is mush so I really don't care as long as you all get what I'm talking about.

We had this computer torn apart from head to toe. I had a mass of tangled cords in the back that I tried to keep out of sight but it wasn't easy. Now in the midst of this mess we decided to change the room around. Hummmmmmm......... I say 'we' but then one of US went out shopping with Mom and I was here moving furniture by myself.....

When you start a project like tearing a room apart you know it always turns into more then what you bargained for. You have to go through everything and then wonder why you kept half the stuff so you start slinging into the trash the unneeded 'stuff'.
I had my kitchen table covered, dining room table, most of the floor, you name it. I wish I had taken a picture, it looked like a hurricane had struck or that my grand kids had been let loose for 20 minutes....ahem.....

I got most of the furniture moved and then E got home and we finish moving the rest and guess what???? WE DIDN'T LIKE IT! It looked 'funny', not in the haha sense but in the 'I don't like the flow' sense. They say 'flow' a lot on those decorating shows on HGTV you know.

So guess what? Everything is back the way it was in the first place but it's a lot cleaner. Fall cleaning without even knowing you're doing it. Dust. Do you all have dust? Now I am allergic to dust so I have a legitimate reason for not dusting only when company is coming and then it's just a 'swish and a promise' like my mother used to say. Well today we got serious about dusting and I challenge you to find a speck of it in this room. Don't look at the rest of the rooms but this one is dustless for the moment.
My new blogging friend Debe went on Goo*gle and found some gorgeous horse pictures for me. You will be seeing them in upcoming posts. This is one just to whet your appetite or is it wet your appetite? (Like I said my brain is mush tonight.) Thanks Debe!!! She is my Christmas Stocking exchange person that we are participating in. I'm trying to think up something really nice for her. I think I will put two pictures, I love them. Anyone know how to make them bigger without distorting them???? BTW thank you Susie and KC for giving me some instructions that I needed to use on my blog!!!! KC's birthday is Friday so if you haven't wished her a happy birthday yet hop over to Mindless Chatter of a Busy Mom! and give her a howdy!

I had to pick up T at school today and D at preschool. When we got back they went for a mile walk with Dad and me. They did great and had on their bright hunter orange. I told Dad I wished we had a fraction of their energy!

Hubby got home for dinner thinking the kids were going to be here but T had gymnastics tonight and D went home to keep DIL company as she had some surgery yesterday. She came through it fine other then nausea from the stuff they put you out with. (See I can't think of anything, all I can think of is ether and that went out with seamed stockings.) Oh, anaesthesia, that's it! She's doing fine and will be on the go again in 2 or 3 days.

Dinner is done and I should be putting some more things back in place like pictures and such but I thought I would sit for a few minutes. I think I will put another horse picture in. Now is that a shot or what??? That little one is sooooo cute!

Speaking of horses the vet told me today that I could start riding Buddy a bit tomorrow. I have to keep him on soft ground or in the inside arena and just take it easy but it will be nice just to walk around a bit with him. He was feeling his oats today and running and kicking the air out in the pasture for a few minutes. He's feeling good and nipping at the other horses as they go by his stall which is a good sign that he is on the mend and bored.

I guess I can't put off working some more on this room any longer. I really wish I had taken some pictures, you wouldn't have believed the mess I made but now it's almost back in order. Why do these jobs always turn into more of a project then you think?????? :o)


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

This post cracked me up....I have days like that too but it was fun hearing you tell about yours!

Susie said...

Well at least you have a nice tidy room to account for your exhaustion. Some days I feel like that and don't have a thing to show for it. Enjoyed seeing all your pictures. Are they going where you want them now?
I know you'll look forward to the ride with Buddy! You'll take pictures won't you?

Tonya said...

Hope DIL is on the mend soon. But I know she has good family to help out.

I love projects, UNTIL I'm about mid-ways thru them and then I seem to poop out. BUT at least then you HAVE to finish - LOL!

Sounds like y'all are having great weather to take walks in....we have hit some cold days. Lib had to ride last night in the cold and it was her first time to ride Betty since the steroid injection. Things looked great....even though everyone was freezing in the 32 degree temperatures. Hope things go great when you resume riding Buddy. I know that will be nice to have some time back with him!

Have a great day!

BarnGoddess said...

riding Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!

that is GREAT news :)

the moose buyer said...

After all that, the best news was about Buddy. I am so thrilled that he is doing so well and I really hope you enjoy riding him. REMEMBER TO WEAR A HELMET!!! He may be a little touchy about having a rider after all this time.

dcrmom said...

Oh wow, tell DIL I hope she's on the mend soon. It was nothing serious, I hope???

Good luck on your project. We have so many closets I want to tackle. But Hubs is still finishing up the basement. Sigh. It's never ending.

Got some good outlet shopping done today!! :-)

palmtreefanatic said...

great news about Buddy! I m so glad he is doing so well! That is just fabulous!

Suzy said...

Glad to hear that someone is getting their fall cleaning done!...I've taken the next two days off to clean Mom's house and get it ready for winter....don't know when I'll get the time to do mine!
Glad that buddy is doing so be careful,going out riding again.

Joan said...

Whew...I'm exhausted just reading your blog. I guess after all the moving of furniture etc, a clean room is at least a decent outcome.

Enjoy your ride on Buddy...I know you've been looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

KC said...

LOL.. you sound like me I go and change the whole room around and then don't like it LOL
You did have one busy day though.
How is your DIL feeling? Hopefully she is doing well?
Once again thanks for the birthday shout out. :)

Dawn said...

My dear hubby mentioned the horrible words "clean the basement" for tomorrow. I can't bear the thought! I want to wait till some yucky, slushy wintery day! But it is WAY past due for a good cleaning.