Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesdays Thoughts

Guess we are in for more rain today, another inch or so. Glad I got my walk in early before it started. Dad and I have been walking a couple miles a day, well actually he started while I was in Florida. It's about a mile to the end of the first carriage road and back and we do this twice a day. It's quite hilly at first so it gets our heart rate up a bit which is good.

Yesterday we noticed a bear paw track about half way up the road. Hummmmm suppose he was watching us from behind some tree????? We had our cameras but I guess they wouldn't provide much protection if we came face to face with one! Gotta get those blog pictures when you can though!

The police landed on my doorstep a couple days ago. I didn't think I had been speeding or anything so I wasn't too alarmed when I went to the door. He was investigating reports of a marauding bear in the neighborhood and had been told that said bear had been on our back deck! How news gets around in a small neighborhood........ He wanted to know where I kept my 'rubbish' and I felt like saying that I just throw it all over the back yard but thought better of it....ahem.... Evidently the neighborhood 'watch dog' had called the mayor and the mayor had called the police to come over to verify the sighting. Every neighborhood has a watch dog and ours is a very busy one that keeps track of all the goings on as he has nothing else to do.

When you live in Maine on the edge of the woods you are going to have critters wander into your yard on occasion to feast on the contents of all the bird feeders and such. The policeman agreed so I guess you can still send my mail here and not the Maine State Pri*son! heehee!

Now I am off to my first day back to the gym since my fall off Lil' Bud so I will finish this later.

Back again. Had a good workout at the gym with my trainer. She was pleased and surprised that I hadn't lost too much strength since being on sickbay. Now if I could stop eating so much and lose 20 lbs. I'd be all set. I just can't eat the bark and twigs type diet that she eats. Tofu and hummus just doesn't do it for me. Give me a good pepperoni/bacon pizza any day over that stuff.

Speaking of, Mom, Dad, my sister E and I just went out and had pizza for lunch. It was soooooo good. Now the Halloween candy is all gone so maybe..........maybe I can cut down.

Got to go down to church and help on the supper tonight. It is for our Alpha ministry that brings in people maybe not familiar with church but are interested in getting some information. We serve a nice meal for them and then have an informal information time. We've been having about 15 each week.

Guess I'd better get hopping. Oh, BTW, KC over at
Mindless Chatter Of A Busy Mom is celebrating a birthday on the 9th so hop on over and say hi and wish her a Happy Birthday even though it's a couple days early. Happy birthday KC!!! xoxox


the moose buyer said...

I think I remember rain. Isn't it the liquid which makes everything green? Since everything is brown and beige here, you can imagine we are very short of rain. Maybe this winter it will finally appear and stay for a few days.

Hope your bear neighbor stays out of human way and out of trouble.

PEA said...

Hellooooo dear Louise:-) I'm finally catching up with everyone...I feel like I've been away a month instead of just a few days! lol I've read all of your posts I missed...glad to hear the craft fair went well although it's a shame the weather turned nasty. The weather here the day before Halloween and the day after was gorgeous...Halloween night itself was miserable...figures! Oh dear, you have one of those neighbours too, eh? I'm glad you weren't arrested...thought for sure I'd have to go spring you! hehe Like you, we've also had problems with bears but hopefully they're all starting to hibernate by now. We've had more snow flurries today but nothing that's stayed on the ground yet thank goodness!! xoxo

BarnGoddess said...

yikes about the bear!!! when I was preggers and in N.MI for the summer, I walked to stay in shape. My Father actually bought me pepper spray incase I came upon a bear. Well, I did one morning but we both scared eachother and ran opposite directions! hahaha Ive done the same thing deer hunting up there when I was a kid....

Are you keeping the neighborhood watchdog busy? I know all about those. We have one too. He likes to walk by all 5 of the houses on our road and keep tabs on the goings on.

Glad the law wasnt after you to throw you in the pokey! I bet it's cold and damp in jail....

Susie said...

I laughed about your police story. The police here can't be bothered to come out for hardly anything short of a serious crime. Can't imagine them coming out for the report of a bear (but then I can't imagine a bear here either) LOL!
I love to walk, but am not sure I'd know what to do if a bear joined us. Do you run, hide or what???
Hope your hubby is feeling better?

Dawn said...

So, I never like to see the police come to my door. Sounds like you have a busybody neighbor!

Glad you're back at the gym. I made myself go tonight. I always think that too - now that Halloween candy is gone, now that Thanksgiving is over, now that Christmas is over . . . We're going to Hawaii a month from tomorrow and I need to lose 40 pounds. Hmmm. Well, maybe I could do 5 by then. If I mind my p's and q's!

KC said...

Oh my goodness.. Thank you.. you are just to sweet to think of me and my birthday.. I was reading your post getting all excited about a bear in your back yard and how cool it would be to get a picture of that to put on your blog..LOL and then was LOL about the cop coming to your door, I never expected to see birthday wishes at the bottom of your post.. Thank you.

Myrna said...

Bears! OH MY!

So glad you are not going to end up in prison. I got a giggle out of your line about that. When we visited Maine several years ago I went to the prison store. I have a some wooden items from there made by the inmates--a couple of boxes and a big trivet-like thing that is really nice. Interesting place--just for shopping! :-)

Rising Rainbow said...

A bear on your deck, was it there or is that just how far the rumor got? I hate those rumor mills, they can do some real damage sometimes.

As for having pictures for the blog, I think we'd all be happy if you just didn't get eaten. lol