Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

What a lovely night we had last night for our little ghosts and goblins to do their trick or treating. It was warmer then usual so they didn't have to wear the heavy coats or rain jackets over their costumes. I LOVE the little ones in their fuzzy bear or monkey costumes, even one was a little piggy. The ones that are my height sometimes look a bit scary as I think they are a bit old to be trick or treating but if they still enjoy it why not?

I had about 40 and Mom had almost that many. Some don't realize that her house is right off the end of my house and don't go over. I think next year I will run a string of lights along the brick path to her porch. We almost ran out of candy but I had two more packages stashed away in a cupboard that we opened and used.

Hubby ended up in the emergency room so his Halloween wasn't much fun. He didn't get home till 3:30 am so we are a bit bleary eyed this morning. He has gone to work though but can come home if he needs to. We are so fortunate that our primary care doc lives right in the neighborhood and came over and gave him a check up and recommended he go to the ER. A mild case of diverticulitis was the problem so that will change a few things that we eat around here. No more strawberries, raspberries, corn on the cob etc etc.. We are thankful that it wasn't something much worse.

Our craft fair is this weekend. I'll try to get some pictures of our set up. I have to put tags on the rest of mine and get them packed in the big plastic totes to take them down in. We can start setting up at 1 tomorrow afternoon and that is what we are going to do. Don't want to wait till the last minute. Hope the days goes along fast and that we have fun.

This is Funsize getting acquainted with some of the horses at the equestrian center.

These are just a few pictures of the beautiful equestrian center that we visited while in Florida. They are rather blurry as I had my camera on the wrong setting which isn't unusual for me....... They were getting ready for a big hunter/jumper show the next day.

K likes to skateboard so when we discovered an indoor skateboarding facility in one of the malls we signed him up for a private lesson. He had a blast and learned a lot too. It was an amazing place and HUGE! Here he is with his instructor.

As it got near the end of the week poor little D got kind of worn out from all of the excitement. The first one is in the condo and the second one was in Philly while we waited for our flight. He was leaning up against his Mimi sound asleep.

Notice the monorail going by up over our heads.

T did some sleeping too. This was next to me on the way home on the plane. She sat between me and her Mom my DIL.

Well I was going to make Dawn's crescent rolls today but Hubby can only have liquids so I guess that is out. Will have to wait till next week or I will eat them all myself!!

It is VERY dark and overcast this afternoon. The security lights are coming on thinking that it is night. It hasn't rained yet but it sure looks like it's going to. I like a rainy day to read. I picked up one of Beth Moore's books in a bookstore in one of the airports on the way home that I am going to start. It's Get Out of that Pit: Straight Talk about God's Deliverance and I think it's going to be really good:

I waited patiently for the Lord

He turned to me and heard my cry

He lifted me out of the slimy pit

He set my feet on a rock

He put a new song in my mouth

I know some of you have read Beth's books and Myrna at Cherish the Word is doing a Bible study on one of them so she comes highly recommended so I will give a report after I finish it.
Someone asked me how Buddy is doing. (thank you so much for asking Miss Moose Buyer!!) He is back at the stable along with the rest of my herd for the winter. He seems to be doing really well and likes it up there as he has spent about 15 winters there. It's only about 6 minutes from here. His feet are doing well so far. The farrier is there now resetting his shoes and putting some pads under them for extra support. I have to take him to see the vet in about 4 weeks for some x-rays to see how things are inside the hoof. He is doing extremely well and we continue to be hopeful that it continues. The vet and the farrier have both told me that a serious relapse would be the end so I am hoping and praying that that doesn't happen but I also have to realize that he is almost 27 years old and things happen. We cherish each day that we have him and hope it's for a long time!! :o)

Guess that's it for today. I need to go finish tagging the rest of my totes. Not my most favorite thing to do but don't you hate it when you look at something and there isn't a price tag on it?? I know I do and usually end up putting the item back on the shelf. Do you do that too?


dcrmom said...

Diverticulitis. UGH!!! My neighbor just was diagnosed with that. She had to have an operation. I'm glad it was nothing more serious, but how depressing, no berries or nuts. :-(

Dawn said...

Sorry about hubby's trip to the ER. That is probably my very least desirable place to spend time! Our pastor has that affliction and almost died with it. So I am thankful that your husband's case was caught early. It is life changing, though. Another friend has it as well, and I know about the strawberry and raspberry thing. No seeds!

The rolls freeze REALLY well. Just so you know you don't have to eat them all - at least not in the same day!

Kerri said...

We had lovely Halloween weather too. What a beautiful October we've had, for the most part. Too bad it has to end. Sounds like next week winter will be hitting us. Our leaves are almost all gone now too. They sure were beautiful.
So sorry about the diverticulitis. Your poor hubby! I've heard that's a miserable affliction.
Your vacation sounds fabulous. You're so right about spending time with those dear them your undivided attention for a while. They'll always remember...
I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time. Enjoyed all your photos :)
What craft show are you going to?
It has been a while since I've been by, but I've thought of you :) Don't seem to get around much lately. Working full time for a while. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Susie said...

Good to catch up! So sorry to hear about the Diverticulitis. I can only imagine how uncomfortable he must have been.
Loved seeing all your pictures!
Hope the craft show goes well. I always like to know the price of things when I pick them up too!

Rising Rainbow said...

I wouldn't like no berries or nuts, but am glad that he's ok with just a diet change. I guess you do what you have to do.

The lights sound like a great idea if you want to make sure the kids find her. But will you remember that by next Halloween, I know I wouldn't. The brain is mush. lol

That equestrian center looks pretty darn cool! Only in my dreams LOL but dreams are good.