Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Happenings

It's KC's birthday today! Happy Birthday KC!!!! :o)
It's Friday night again already. Where do the weeks go? This has been a busy one but they usually are. Don't let anyone tell you that retirement is boring, I think I am busier now then when I was working.

T wanted to come here after school again today so I went and picked her up. She is going to the school where my son went when he was in kindergarten and his teacher is still there! She is one of the sweetest ladies you could meet and was so good to my son when he was in her class. Being an only child he was around adults probably more then kids so he didn't speak to anyone other then Mrs. T for the first six weeks of school! He's made up for it since, he has a good gift of gab like his mother........ahem.....

T and I went to the grocery store on the way home. She wanted a frosty when we got home and I didn't have any ice cream in the freezer ( someone who will remain nameless ate it all. I need a 12 step program for sure!) We picked up some groceries as you never can go in and get just the one item you went in for right?!

Dad and I went for our second mile walk when we got home. T chose to stay with Old Mimi (my mother) while we went. She took her crafts in and worked on them while we were gone for about 20 minutes. I think it is such a blessing for my grand kids to have their great-grandparents here to see often. They love running in there and visiting and then coming back in here with us. Usually they come back with some treasure that Mom has picked up for them.

I have been getting out Thanksgiving decorations this week. All Halloween is put away for another year. I still have some more to go but have a good start. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year so there are some things I want to get done before. I have mostly hardwood floors but the living room is carpeted and under the kitchen table is a rug and they both need cleaning. Badly. Grandchildren you know. Cats. Shoes that have been out in the barn. You get my drift. Now don't get me wrong no one wears muck boots in the house. Those stay in the garage where all manure covered boots should live.

Our hay is coming tomorrow. Now I know it doesn't take much to excite me but new hay always does. There is something comforting when the loft is full of nice fresh hay and shavings. As you know my horses are at the riding stable in the winter but if something unforeseen should happen there I can always bring them home if I have to so I want a loft full of hay! Of course I would need the blessings of the city fathers to bring them home in the winter. City Hall.........grrrrrrrr.........

Yesterday when I was at the barn I had to go see all five guys. I called to the ponies and they came running over to see me (actually to see if I had a carrot for them......) Kipper put his head right on my shoulder and his nose right on my check and just kept sniffing. It was like is it really you Mom! I loved it! I go again in the morning and will ride Buddy again, maybe a few more minutes then yesterday. What a thrill to be back on him again, I just can't describe it to you. It seems like the hours and hours of nursing him back to health has paid off and makes it all worth it even though I got very discouraged at times this summer. It was like a roller coaster with some good days and some very bleak looking days. I wish I had kept a daily journal of all the things that we did to get him through this bout of laminitis.

Son, D and T were here for dinner tonight. DIl is doing fine now and had a jewelry party to go to. T helped make the rolls so we all bragged her up. They were the Pills*bury Cres*cent rolls that you just roll up but she thought it was the best. I made an apple pie and had that warm with ice cream for dessert. T had her frosty.

I should be sewing tonight as I got a big order from one of the tack shops in town for totes with horses and horse related stuff on them. I have some made up but not enough. They think they will sell really well for the Christmas season and they only charge 10% consignment fee. That is almost unheard of, most stores want 50% which isn't worth our time but 10% is great so back to the sweat shop!!

I finally got some pictures of the craft fair downloaded but only had three! Guess we were too busy wheeling and dealing to take a lot of pictures. These are DIL, me and her mom Mimi. We found the best looking man in the place and grabbed him! heehee!


PEA said...

Don't ask me where the weeks are going...I just blink and it's another day!! lol Isn't it crazy how fast time does seem to be going by? Yikes! Sounds like you and T had a fun time together...hmmm, your ice cream disappears too eh? *Whistles innocently*...hehe! I love it that you and your dad go for those walks, what a wonderful time to spend together. Make sure you take pictures of your Thanksgiving decorations:-) I'm so thrilled for you that you're able to ride Buddy again...all due to your TLC!! I agree with you about City Hall...ppffftttt! lol Well, dear heart, I've loved visiting with you but must go finish my job of folding the laundry...ugh! Take good care and have a wonderful weekend. Love ya! xoxo

Susie said...

Friday did roll around very quickly this week. We just got home from football and my voice is so scratchy from yelling.
What fun taking walks with your Dad. You deserve a nice dish of ice cream for that. In fact that sounds awfully good (for my throat of course) ;)
Loved the pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!!

BarnGoddess said...

I know exactly what you mean about how thrilling it was to bee riding Buddy again!!!!

I am so happy for you,I cannot begin to tell you.

Busy,tell me about it....sometimes there arent enough hours in the day.

Happy b-day KC!

Today Wee One turned 4yo :)

Janey Loree said...

Hi Midlife Mom! I stopped by to see how you are doing and had to grab a tissue! I miss our horses...when I read how Kippur put his head on your shoulder...and kept sniffing...Oakley used to do that by putting her nose right over my heart and do the same thing. It was always the left side, too!

It is so wonderful that you are getting to ride Buddy!!! I've been through major satellite problems and will hopefully be able to get new posts up on all my blogs.

CONGRATS! on the orders for the horse totes! That's awesome!! Have a peaceful week ahead...and love those horses for me too!!!

Tonya said...

Awwww, I'm so glad you are riding Buddy. That is soooo great!

It's great that you get to spend so much time with all your family. My kids love being with all their grandparents and vice versa. It is just great to have those relationships! We spent all day together yesterday with my Mom and Dad and my family at a barrel race and had a blast!

We have all our hay stacked up and it was definitely a good feeling to have it all bought and put up for the winter. The prices get out of control in the winter!

Well, we have to make a trip to W@l M@rt....ugh, I so dread going! Have a great day!

Dawn said...

My granddaughter, Care Bear, is in the same kindergarten room that her mom, Kristen was. Different teacher, though. Mrs. Polanski retired a couple of years ago. But it's amazing - she remembers being afraid of the loud flush in the same bathroom that Care Bear is having the same problem. Hilarious!

So - the Pillsbury Doughboy comes to the rescue - no homemade crescent rolls yet, eh?? I have to admit I've used him lately, too, but have to make the real ones for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm hosting also, and will do the turkey, gravy, and rolls.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow...retirement does sound busy!

I love that you are excited about your arrival of doesn't take much to excite us farm women does it??!!

So glad that Buddy is doing well and that you are able to ride him some.

Tammy said...

These days are going by at lightening speed, I agree!
I loved catching up with you...and the pictures at the end are priceless! :)

KC said...

I bet you really miss those horses in the the winter.. Sounds like they miss you too. sniff.

Thank you so much for all the birthday love you have been sending my way.. You are just the sweetest.. Thank you.

palmtreefanatic said...

what a busy week!
Love those photos!;)
I know I am rushing things a bit but i am sorta itching to get christmas out!;)

the moose buyer said...

great newsey blog. You are working on Thanksgiving and I have already assembled my Christmas Village because moving the stuff around and playing with it calms me so.

Happy you have been riding Buddy. Actually you did keep a diary of sorts through your blog. I am sure if you go back through that time, you will realize just how much you wrote about Buddy's condition.