Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Evening

Well the big craft show is over. Despite the dire predictions of rain and wind we managed to do a good business. Veterans of this particular show said there was probably about half the crowd there as usual which made for some slow time in the afternoon. The storm started about 3:30 and by the time we left at 5 it was coming down in sheets with heavy winds. Some of the vendors had very poor business so we were delighted with our good fortune.

The hooded towels were the real hit of our booth. DIL'S mom Mimi makes adorable ones, bunnies, monkeys, puppies, turtles, cats, ducks, etc She practically sold out before the day was over. One gal bought six for Christmas presents and I think most of the others were for gifts.

DIL and I sold more of the $40.00 totes then the less expensive ones that are $18.00 and $24.00 which surprised me. There again though most of them were for Christmas gifts.

We did some trading with some of the other vendors too which is always fun. I got some much needed Christmas shopping done. That is what I need to concentrate on now. We aren't planning to do as much this year as Son and DIL have asked us to cut down. Sigh.......With only two grandchildren it's hard not to go over board a bit but there are plenty of needs elsewhere that we feel we can address so we appreciate their lack of greediness. :o)

We didn't get any damage from the storm which was the last of Noel. My bench with my pumpkins on it blew over but I can stand that back up again tomorrow. One BIG HUGE thing that happened was that I lost Internet connection to my computer. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh as Charlie Brown would say! I'm on Hubby's computer now and I don't have any addresses on it so if I'm not around for a few days that is why. Now if you leave me a comment I can link back so please leave a comment if you have time. According to my sitemeter only about 75% are leaving comments. Hey! That's no fun!!!!!

That extra hour of sleep was welcome this morning before church. Being in all that commotion yesterday was tiring or maybe it was my running down the isles after customers to buy more that did it! lol!

I have put in a call to my computer man so I hope he calls me back soon. I like my own computer to work on with my big keyboard and big screen. Everyone else hates my old wide keyboard which came with one of my first computers but I love it and even when I update my computer I keep my old keyboard.

Guess that's it for tonight. Hope you all had a good weekend. :o)


Dawn said...

Too bad about your computer! I'm learning on my new one. I'm glad you had such a successful week-end, and that the storm wasn't so bad. I didn't get an extra hour, because I got up the same time I do for work, and that's a lot earlier than normal Sunday time.

I always wonder who all those people are who are reading and not commenting!

Susie said...

Glad the craft show was a success. Sorry to hear about the computer. I know all about computer issues these days LOL!
Hopefully your computer guy will get back to you real soon!
I don't have a site meter, so never worry about who comments and who doesn't. The only ones that really matter to me are friends who take the time to leave comments!!

Sunny Chick said...

Howdy! Just wanted to do a stop by to introduce myself. We are Stocking Partners! I was able to sneak a peak while at work at your blog, very cool! Glad to meet ya!
I'll e-mail my info to Viv.
Have a Blessed Day!

palmtreefanatic said...

sorry to hear about your computer!

Glad the craft shows went well...

Yeah I do not have a site meter...wondered how many people visit with out leaving a comment though...

Sunny Chick said...

Sorry I mean Peggy! I will e-mail info to Peggy. See now you have witnessed that I am also a dork. ;0)LONG weekend! While you were hit with storms we had record breaking heat... In Colorado! I thought it was FALL!

Peggy said...

Hi, I have your swap partners info if you will email yours to me please and I will send hers to you. Glad you had a great day at the craft show! email is

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you had a great show. That is wonderful. But I hate it when it storms just in time for tear down. Just for a moment you make me miss those days. lol

The towels sound very cute.

Sorry about the puter. I hate computer problems and I dont have a back up, if mine goes down you all will be getting the silent treatment. lol

As for 75% of your readers not commenting, I think you are doing great with a number like that. I'm pretty sure I'm at something like maybe only 5% leaving comments. You must be doing something right!!

BarnGoddess said...

dang about the computer! I hope you get it fixed.

That is awesome about the craft show! I am glad you did well.

75% is a GOOD number! wow-I get a lot of hits and reads but I would guess only about 10% comment. But I am okay w/ that.

Joan said...

I'm glad to read that the craft show was a success despite the terrible weather. I thought of you when I heard the news about the storm and I'm glad to read there was no real damage...except for your Internet problems, of course! Take care.