Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

This is going to be a kind of random catch up post. I have been cleaning my garages and attics that are over them all day so my mind is rather like mush so I don't think I will have any witty and comical tidbits to keep you on your edge of your seats. I took some pictures off my camera so I think I will start with those.

Last Saturday was hay delivery day. I love hay day. I love the smell of the new hay in the barn. I love the fact that we have lots of hay in case of emergency at the other barn and I need to bring the boys home prematurely. I love the memories it brings back of haying on my grandparents farm when I was a kid. Of jumping in the loose hay which was a big no-no, of driving the truck while the men threw the hay on back from the field. It didn't matter that I was only going about 5 mph in first gear, I was DRIVING and only 12 years old! What a rush! Anywho, I digress.......

This first picture is when I ran outside to catch them driving the first load in. No, as I look at this picture it is the second load but who's counting?? :o)

This is Hubby and Son loading the bales of shavings and hay onto the conveyor.

This is Bobby our number one, right hand man around here. He helps me with the heavy part of the yard work, prunes the trees and shrubs, puts up my Christmas decorations on the outside of the house, pulls the boards out of the stalls in the fall and washes them so that we start out clean in the spring, he does all the plowing and shovelling in the wintertime and even today has been helping me clean the garages, just about anything we need. We would be lost without him.

Hay is all in! Yippee!

Dad and I usually take a camera on our morning walks and quite often see some turkeys. This group had been eating under one of my bird feeders and in the second picture if you look really hard you can see two of them flying. Don't let anyone tell you that turkeys can't fly!

These two imps quite often go with us on our walks too.

My friend Ann and I rode yesterday and I wanted her to get a picture of me on Buddy with my NEW HELMET on. We tried and tried to get him to put his ears up which is a cardinal rule in horse photography but he wasn't paying any attention to us or else he was thinking 'why is this crazy woman with three jackets on waving her arms???'

These are some of the other guys at the stable. The one on the far left is 33 years old! He's got a little swayback thing going but other then that is in great health. Funsize's Morgan, Lil' Bud is in the middle.

Kipper had to get in the act. I was trying to take a picture of him and he kept coming towards me. Notice he has on his hunter orange halter for safety purposes.

On Sunday after church we most always go to one of our favorite restaurants The Muddy Rudder for lunch. It sits right on the banks of the Penobscot River. This is one of the three bridges that take us over to all the shopping, husband's office etc... In the summertime there are always people sitting on the deck but now that it's cold we all eat inside.

Guess that catches me up on my pictures.

Hundreds of you were asking the big question (well five of you) did I wear the gauchos to the fundraiser or play it safe with the dress pants? Now I could use this as a cliffhanger but I don't think anyone would lose any sleep over it so I guess I won't. I did wear the gauchos and tights. I did not wear Mary Janes even though the young sales girls said that was the IN thing to do. Mary Janes and midriff bulge just don't seem to go together!!! :o)


Susie said...

One of the wonderful things about blogging is seeing so many beautiful areas where people live and peeking into their lives just a bit :)
What a great spot to have lunch beside that beautiful river.
I knew turkeys could fly: I posted a picture that i took at our sons.
BTW, the dog in the picture is our daughters. We call him our grandpup.

Dawn said...

What a nice catch-up. I'd love to come to church with you and have Sunday dinner on the river. Maybe someday!

It's also nice to now know your first name!

PEA said...

I remember hearing my mom telling us kids stories about the hay being delivered at the farm and the work involved...of course I had to ask her if she ever "rolled in the hay"! hehe

I didn't know wild turkeys could fly...they aren't something you see very much around here so I don't know much about them.

And look at you on Buddy:-) Love it!! Also loved the pictures of the other horses...they look like such gentle creatures.

Such wonderful scenery you see from the restaurant, it's no wonder you love going there:-)

Hmmm, if you did wear the gauchos, then...there's a picture missing on your post!!! Don't you know we want PROOF that you wore them??? lol Aren't I the little trouble instigator? hehe Love ya! xoxox

Suzy said...

Midlife Mom has a first name?...of course, It's midlife!

Donna said...

We raise our own hay, so it's been in the barn for some time now. We do mostly the big round bales. We do square-bale the alfalfa, though.

It's the hardest thing to get Blue's ears up for a picture; he's just so laid-back and relaxed. Libby's ears are always up!

Myrna said...

You know I love your neck of the woods so much! I really enjoy seeing pictures of the bay, etc. I also enjoy your storeis aobut "the boys." thank you for sharing.

I think you really should give us a peek at the gaucho outfit!

Thank you for your comment on my blog a couple of days ago. I'm going to send you an emai, just as soon as I figure out how to tell you how I get the print next to the pictures--In a way that, you know, makes sense!

Myrna said...

Well, I said email. then I realized yours is not one of the emails I have. Sorry about that. I'll be back later. I know you really want three comments from me today!

the moose buyer said...

I too used to love the smell of the feed when it was delivered. We used the cubes because a couple of our horses had colic and if we used the bales, they would drop them on the ground and suck up the sand at the same time.

Pictures are beautiful and I really do envy you having WATER!!!

dcrmom said...

I love your pictures. Muddy Rudder, YUM. The gauchos and tights sound cute. Mary Janes, notsomuch. What did you wear on your feet??

Kerri said...

I enjoyed seeing a little more of your lovely farm. Yes, the hay smells good! We still do the haying, but we sell it now that we don't have a dairy herd anymore.
Our cats often walk toward me when I'm trying to photograph them :)
I think you're right about us being past the Mary Jane stage :)
I vote for a picture of the gauchos too :)
The Muddy Rudder looks like a fabulous place to eat!
Thanks for the smiles tonight :)
We had snow that stuck today. Brrr...I didn't like it!

BarnGoddess said...

lol,I found your post witty. It gave me agood chuckle.

I am glad to see Buddy looking so good!

Tonya said...

You are too funny about the Mary Jane's. I don't really wear flats so I couldn't go with that choice personally but I do see them everywhere.

CONVEYOR??? Is that yours for the hay or did the hay people bring it? Oh Lord, don't let my husband see it.

The view from the restaurant is beautiful. We don't go anywhere that scenic after church - ha ha! And today we had Mexican after church - but we are all for chips and salsa on most any day!

The horses are beautiful and too funny! I need to take more candid pics of mine but I don't seem to get that kind of down time when I am around mine. But we do enjoy them as you well know!!

Have a great week! My girls are out of school all week and we are gearing up for the Thanksgiving feast at our home!