Monday, November 12, 2007

Mondays Musings

It's been a beautiful Monday holiday. The weather has been mild for all the festivities and parade. My Dad walked in the parade with the WW 2 vets along with veterans from other wars. Each year there are fewer and fewer WW2 vets in the parade. All the walking we have been doing each day sure got Dad in shape for the long parade walk. Our walk out back has hills to go up and down so is harder then the flat streets. My FIL usually walks too but our office was open today so he missed this one unfortunately.
My yard man Bobby has been here all day helping me with Christmas lights. I don't turn them on until after Thanksgiving but it's nice to get them on the house when the weather is mild and not freezing cold which I have done way too many times. We also tackled the attic over the garage and have a big pile of stuff to go to Good Will and some to go to the dump. Why do we hang onto things that we don't need or use any more???? Do we all do it or am I the only pack rat in Bloggityville??

My computer man was here today to help me with some stuff. He makes it look so easy! I had a list of things and I wanted my new scanner hooked up but then we got so busy with other issues I forgot to have him show me how to use it. Guess I can figure it out soon so you will be seeing some different things around here. I'm not as organized as some of you so I may have to do some digging to find what I want. I'm going to set up some regular computer classes with him for a few weeks as there are a lot more things that I want to learn.
Another day has passed and I still haven't finished this and today is looking bleak. Have to start getting ready to go to a civic duty type dinner fund raiser for the Boy Sc*outs. Our office goes each year in support of them as it is a great organization.
I went out today to see if I could find something new to wear as most things in my closet are a bit snug these days. (Halloween candy, Blizzards from Dairy Queen, etc etc) One of my favorite stores is Talbot's so I thought I would hop in there and possibly get a few Christmas gifts for DIL also.
You know, I didn't see one label that said my two favorite words, COMFORT STRETCH in the place! What is it with this company??? I did find a few things for DIL and then started looking for some thing for myself for this dinner tonight. I ended up with a pair of gauchos, black of course, slimming. Black tights and a red sweater set. Thought that would look festive but then they said I had to have some Mary-Janes to wear with it. Now didn't I wear Mary-Janes when I was seven???? Flats would do they told me so off to the mall to find some and I actually found two pair that I liked plus something for Hubby for Christmas. Can't say what it is as he sometimes reads my blog. :0)
Now I got all this stuff home and I think I am chickening out on the gauchos and will wear the black dress pants that I got also. The red sweater set is a bit....ahem.....snug so really need a larger size (depression sets in) so will haul something out of my closet to wear instead. Talk about being a desperate housewife!!!!
Do any of you read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman? I stumbled onto this blog a few months ago and it is an absolute riot! This is a city gal that was going to go to law school but instead fell in love with a rancher, married him, has three children and LOVES it. Ree is a terrific writer and has had us all in suspense as she has been writing about falling in love with Marlboro Man, her hubby, and now life on the ranch. She also has terrific recipes that AREN'T low cal at all which makes them even better. She puts, are you ready for this.......CREAM CHEESE in her mashed potatoes! (I'm drooling again....) She takes a lot of pictures of ranch life and they are so good she sells them. Right now I am coveting her printer. That thing will print off 44 inch wide photos!
Anyhow it's worth checking out and now I must try to lose 30 pounds in the next hour and go to the dinner! :o)


tonya said...

I love Ree...and am totally addicted to Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!

I think you should give the gaucho's a shot! But I can't wear flats at all! I feel like I have to have something with a heel since I am so short!

Of course, I can't wear anything this year that I could wear last year but it's for good reason.....but it's really hard spending that money on all these maternity clothes!

Susie said...

I think blogging is bad for the waistline! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

(too many good recipes and too much time spent in the sitting position!!)
I'm sure your dinner will be fun. Our son reached the rank of Eagle Scout so we did our fair share of scouting events back in the day!
I don't think I could pull off the mary jane look though. I bet it looks cute on you though..

PEA said...

Hello my very dear friend:-) I'm finally here to read your Monday post..a couple of days late! lol Geesh! How wonderful that your dad was able to walk with the other vets in the the fact that you go for walks with him everyday as well:-)

Great job on having your Christmas lights put up! I'm hoping to get mine up this week, just waiting for a milder day when it isn't raining!!

I use to be a pack rat but I'm slowly learning to get rid of things that have been just sitting there and put away for years. I figure now if it hasn't been used in 2 years, out it goes. Then that's when you need it again! lol

I've never been able to wear gauchos, I'm too short for that kind of style...I look absolutely ridiculous in them! lol I hope you had a fun night at the fundraiser dinner...looking forward to hearing all about it.

I haven't been to Ree's blog but I will go visit her after I finish with this comment. That's all I need, another blog to fall in love with, I have a hard enough time visiting all the blogs I love now! hehe

You take good care and know that I think of you often...always wishing we lived close to each other:-) xoxox

KC said...

I have a pair of black gauchos.. and I love them.. What did you end up wearing??
Hey can you pass that secret of losing 30 pounds in an hour my way.. I really need to lose about that much and to do it in an hour would be ideal. 8P

Hope you had fun at your dinner.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

So...did you wear the gauchos?

I can't leave those darn DQ blizzards alone either!

the moose buyer said...

I don't know how you will lose weight. It's the toughest thing I ever had to do and I ended up having the stomach bypass last year to do it.

Good luck. Maybe it's time to chase Buddy and the other horses around a corral.