Monday, March 3, 2008

The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

We sure got hammered with snow this weekend with about a foot and a half on Saturday. It was one of those all day storms that just keep going and going. To my eyes it was beautiful. To the eyes of the owner of the local ski slope it was more then beautiful as it means a couple more weeks of income. With the incredible amounts of snow we've had this winter it's made for the best skiing season that we've had in a number of years.

We made good use of it by going snowmobiling this afternoon. Nine of us went including T and D and two of their friends. D was with me and was fine until he fell asleep on the way home, something about the hum of the machine and the nice fresh air that puts him right out.

It was gorgeous out there this afternoon. It was about 30* with the sun shining so it wasn't cold for us at all, in fact with all my snowmobiling regalia on I was a bit overly warm. The snow was fluffy and soft, clinging to the branches as we went through the woods. Son and T were the first in line so they were covered with snow from hitting the low branches that were heavy with the new snow.

It's almost surreal winding through the woods on the trails, going over bridges with the streams running below you. With the hum of the machine and your helmet on you don't hear anything else and it is peaceful and white. It's much warmer in the woods too as you are protected from the wind that whips across the big open fields. The air is fresh and brisk which gives your cheeks a nice flush of color, especially the youngsters. There's nothing any cuter then a tot with cheeks red from being out in the snow.

I had lots of visitors to my feeders on Saturday. When it storms it brings them in from far and wide. I put out about three times the normal amount of feed to get them through the storm. See how tightly they were packed into this open feeder!

No these aren't my choppers, this is a cake! Can you believe it, I think it is a hoot! Do I need to get a life or what???

A couple of you asked me if I painted the mural on the playroom wall. I would like to be able to say yes I did but that is not the case. A friend of mine painted it and it is one of my treasures. Sure looks like you could walk right up that road to the barn doesn't it?

I hope this cartoon doesn't offend those of you that are delicate in nature but I grew up in the country and an outhouse was a way of life until we got 'indoor plumbing'! We had a 'three holer' back then, two larger and one small one with the obligatory Sears catalog in there more for looking at then for....ahem....well you get my drift.. Our outhouse was attached to the house and barn by a long corridor so we didn't have to go outside to 'go'..... So I thought this cartoon was a howl!

I hope this finds you all well and having a good start to this first week of March.


Donna said...

You guys must be having a record snowfall winter, even for Maine! I love to see people bloom where they are planted, and it's obvious you do that by enjoying the wintertime snows.

Cute cartoon!

BarnGoddess said...

HA! I LOVE that cartoon!!

oh my, that is A LOT of snow.

I miss walking in the pines and cedars and just hearing the 'hush' of the falling snow.....

I do not miss it enough to move back to the icelands though!

great photos once again. I enjoyed them.

I'll let you know when the book arrives. I received my new Crocs for FL in the mail today, got all excited thinking my package noticein my box was the book...silly.

Needled Mom said...

I had been reading about your snows and had been thinking about you all weekend. I am so glad that you can enjoy it as you do because it would be a real bummer if you had to live in it and be cold all the time.

Our weather was nice enough to have all the kids over for a BBQ yesterday. Talk about a difference!!

Love the pictures of the birds. Even the turkey has snow on his back.

Very cute cartoon.

Marcy Bowden said...

I love that Irish Blessing that you posted. My sorority in college had an "Irish" theme and that was one of the songs we sang every week at our meetings. It just takes me back to those good 'ole days!

I cannot believe all the snow you all are having! It just doesn't seem normal to have all that snow. We had another really nice day here today, thankfully. I hope we don't have any more snowy days.

Dawn said...

What, what a lot of snow you've had. Our ski areas have had a lot, and we're happy to not havfe had so much down here. But we love it up there, not only for the economy, but for the reservoirs we need in the summertime!

LOVE the cartoon - hilarious! I have not so fond memories of the one at Grandma's. I tried to hold on until I got to the more modern Grandma's house a mile away when we visited!

Nap Warden said...

That cake is great!

Mississippi Songbird said...

That cartoon is cracking me

Thanks for the post..Bunches of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Love your pics. Who made that cake? It is too funny!

PEA said...

ROFL at that cartoon...omigosh, too funny! hehe Oh wow, you sure did get a lot more looks so beautiful, though. Your pictures brought back memories of when I'd go cross country skiing with my boys in the woods behind my place and how peaceful it was with all the fresh fallen snow and mild temps. We had rain all day but now it's turned into freezing rain and supposed to turn to snow overnight. All I know is that it will be slippery tomorrow!! Love the pictures of the birds as well...I love it that you feed them as well. That mural certainly is gorgeous, your friend is a very talented painter!! Love ya! xoxoxo

Rising Rainbow said...

We are having record snowfall here in the mountains as well. I'm only in the foothills, thank goodness, or I think I'd have moved by now. But it's still too cold for me.....

crackerjacksMO said...

OMGOSH! Look at all that snow! I would love to see that much snow just once in my lifetime. That is so great!

Jen said...

the cartoon is awesome!! thank you :-)

Whendo y'all stop getting snow?

palmtreefanatic said...

Welcome March!
The cartoon was great! Ha!

Wow! Such snow! We got snow like this on friday and it was melting away later that day and yesterday was near 60 degrees! now they are threatening freezing rain and may have snow tongiht, gosh the weather is so weird! Looks like you are all enjoying it I must say!

dcrmom said...

Snicker. Love that cartoon. And love the snow. JEALOUS!!! We still have not had a decent snow fall this winter. And now I'm just ready for spring. Of course, we'll probably get a foot right in time for Easter or some such nonsense. @@

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Love the cartoon!

We have not had very much snow this winter....looks like you got some of ours.

tonya said...

Wow - everytime I see your snow pics or wildlife pics, it just seems truly surreal. We never have anything like that and LORD help, if we did we would be shut inside for a week!

I think it's too neat y'all get to go out as a family on FOR REAL snowmobiles! Sure not a market for those here! LOL!