Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

Don't 'cha just love the slippers?!

It's a sunny but blustery day here in Maine today (Saturday). The winds last night took several sections of roof off the indoor arena at the stable where my 5 guys live in the winter. The owner had been to Home De*pot and picked up replacement sections but I hope she waits till the wind dies down before she climbs up on the roof as she could get blown right off.

The boys all wanted to go out in the pasture despite the wind and with their long winter coats they will be warm and stay behind the barn out of the wind. We turned the three little boys out in the inside arena and they jumped and leaped and ran and kicked and snorted and anything else they could think of until we decided whether to put them outside or not.

Kipper, my little Welsh pony hit some ice with his back feet and they went right out from under him and he landed right on his fat little behind! It didn't hurt him at all thankfully and he jumped right back up and then went to roll in the snow with the others.

These are a couple of pictures of T grooming him two summers ago. She is my little barn rat and just loves doing anything out there including mucking stalls. I hope she still enjoys it when she is old enough to really clean them out and take the Gator and dump it!

I'm anxious for the boys to come home but it will be another month before they can. We've had so much snow and rain it will take longer for things to dry out enough in the pasture so that they can be out there.

This picture was taken last summer, it's one of my favorites.

I have met a few new bloggers that are into quilt making so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of some quilts that I have made. This one is Texas Star and was really fun to make with a grid. Very easy!

This is a fun appliqued one that I made for D to hang on his wall in his bedroom. Again it was really fun and easy and a good way to use up a lot of leftover scraps.

This is just a little wall hanging that I made for DIL one Christmas. Hummmm...I like it I think I will make myself one...

Well I can't find my quilt file so I guess it's so much for that idea of showing you a lot of quilts. I'll have to take some pictures although I don't have too many quilts around here as I give most of them away. I must have several thousand pictures in files on my computer, well actually I have them on a back up Maxtor thingy so that if my computer crashes I won't lose all my pictures. BE SURE YOU ALL DO THAT! YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOUR COMPUTER MIGHT DECIDE TO UP AND DIE ON YOU!


We had a lovely Easter. The church was full to the brim, the message was thought provoking and meaningful, and the music was good as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord. It was such a blessing to set there with my family and take it all in. We came home to a ham dinner and yeast rolls that had risen right out of the pan and over the edges! I baked them off anyway, we ate a few and the rest went out back for the deer to munch on tonight. I can just hear them talking amongst themselves about what an awful cook the lady is that lives in this house!! :o)



Needled Mom said...

Spellcheck is on spring break!!! He has a mind of his own as to when he will provide us with his help.

Love seeing the pictures of the quilts. Like you, I have so few in my possession which is a shame. They are fun to give though.

Those winds must have been something to tear the stables up like that. I'll bet that you are really getting excited now about having the guys back home. What about Mom and Dad? April sometime?? Darling pictures of T too.

We just got back from the kid's place for our Easter get together. It was 91* here today and positively beautiful for the party. The kids were all getting rides on Rudy and he was enjoying them so much - good as gold.

Have a good week.

Donna said...

OK, the wall hanging with the tractors. Do you ever sell any of your work? I'd be interested in buying something like that.

Kerri said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing day. We enjoyed the Easter service at our church today too.
Those photos of T brushing the pony are so sweet. How lucky you are to have such a cute helper :)
Our weather has been very similar to yours this week, but perhaps our winds weren't quite as strong. We did lose power yesterday for about 2 hours though.

Donna said...

Do you ever sell any wall hangings?

palmtreefanatic said...

such lovely wall hangings! Some people have all the talent!!!;)
T is really growing up those are nice photos!

Dawn said...

The quilts are wonderful! That is something I've never even though of trying.

Yeast rolls - did you ever try my crescent roll recipe?

Speaking of quilts again, do you read Earlene Fowler's books? You'd love them - they all have quilt pattern names. EArlene's a Christian and her books are well written and clean. Can't wait for the next one to come out. Usually in April.

Rising Rainbow said...

OK, I can see from the comments the quilters arrived before the horse folk. LOL

I think the pics of the barn rat are just too cute. I think you'll have her so emersed in horses she'll be around for many years of mucking and dumping! LOL

I think if I could have gotten Rachel started at that age I wouldn't have the problems I'm having with her today.

Linds said...

Your quilts are beautiful! GO AND FIND THAT FILE! I can't wait to see the others.
Our snow vanished by lunch time yesterday, but it was fun while it lasted.

Donna said...

email me at about the wall hanging, please?

crackerjacksMO said...

I love the quilts!! I wish I had one! I like the star one or something similar. How much?? *smiles*

BarnGoddess said...

that is my favorite photo of T too!!!!! can she be any cuter??

wow-those winds must have been really bad. I am sending you some warm sunshine asap.

Kaila said...

I love all the quilts and the pictures of your horses. Happy Easter!

Kris said...

The little barn rat is a cutie! Savannah is the same way loves to be around, riding, grooming whatever needs to be done to the horses! Nice looking guilts, that is something I have never done. Our church was packed as well and we came home and ate before hubby went to work. Have a great day!

KC said...

so glad Kipper is ok after the fall..
Love the quilts.. they are all really nice.
Sounds like you had a great Easter.. I missed being home for easter, last year and this year we have been traveling.. last year visited a church down the road from out hotel.. I was a baptist one filled to the brim but nothing NOTHING like i was use to at all.. This year we went to my sisters church and talk about HUGE... they go to one of those mega churches which have about 5000 members.. JUST CRAZY!!!! I like my little small town church :)

Alice Grace said...

Beautiful quilts! I enjoy your pictures of your horses also! I don't know which of the quilts I like the best, love them all! The Texas Star looks awesome!

Sarah said...

Love the quilts! I can see piecing things together creatively runs in the family (ie. J.'s new design business!)

Glad you had a nice Easter.