Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Milkman

Now I know I am dating myself with this but how many of you had a milkman? Back home on the farm we didn't always as we had fresh milk straight from the cow every day. It wasn't pasteurized or homogenized and in the spring when the cows first went out to eat the new grass we always said that it tasted 'green'. I didn't like it those few weeks before it went back to tasting normal.

My grandmother used to 'separate' the cream from the milk in the milk room and make what we called 'cows' butter or 'real' butter. It sure had a lot more flavor then margarine and probably is one reason I have a tendency to spread it on thick on my toast like we did 'back then'.

When hubby and I were first married we had a milkman. He came twice a week and left the milk in a box on the front steps that was sort of like a cooler only it wasn't made out of Styrofoam. It was so handy to have the milk delivered and I missed it when they stopped that service. It seemed like such an inconvenience to have to go to the store to pick up milk. I guess I don't know where I was going with all this, I guess I just liked the graphic. :o)

We were watching the deer out back tonight while we sat in the sun room. I had the floodlights on and the lights inside off so we really had a good view of them. They don't all look alike you know. Some are prettier then others. Tonight there was one that was really outstanding, the Faith Hill of the crowd. Not that she was singing mind you, but I think Faith along with being a wonderful singer is very beautiful.

Also there are some that are rather bland looking. Can't you hear the bucks along the edge of the woods saying, "oh, look at that one, what a dog! I wouldn't date her if she was the last deer in the woods!"

We really enjoy our deer. Our land is posted so that they have a safe place to live. I don't enjoy them when they eat my shrubs and flowers though. I buy this terribly putrid smelling stuff to spray on things so that they won't eat them. I looked out the front window a couple nights ago and one was almost looking me straight in the eye as she was munching on a shrub! Stick to the grain I put out my pretties or I may un-post my land! (I can here my family saying, yah right, as if that is ever going to happen!)

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?? We had hamsters and guinea pigs when we were kids and I loved how they filled their pouches with their food.

Made the appointment with our vet this morning for spring shots and check ups for all the horses. He can't get here till April 25th so I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to call! We are so shorthanded for large animal vets here in Maine. It's really hard to get anyone to come here to practise on large animals when they can stay in the comfort of their warm offices and take care of small animals.

While in Florida we went by a vet clinic that has 22 vets on the road for large animals and 10 small animal vets! We struggle here with maybe 5 large animal vets for a tri county area and it's a good thing I have a trailer as some people don't so they have no way to haul in and have to wait a long time to get things done.

Got to get T signed up for her riding lessons that start in May. D doesn't have any interest at this point but I am hoping he will eventually want to ride. You can't push it with kids, they either like it or they don't.

Some of you have asked me where I get my graphics. If you go into my credits at the bottom of my post you'll see Hug Bug in there. If you click on that it should take you to the site where I get them. They have HUNDREDS of different themes of graphics to chose from. You have to buy them and get permission from the company to use them in a blog but it's worth it especially if you do a lot of scrap booking and crafts.

We are expecting some snow tomorrow. Sigh........ Northern Maine has set a record this year of 189 inches of snow so far, we are still at about 100 and it has dropped a lot but still has a long way to go. I guess it's time to put the snowmobile away for the season though. The trails are rough as there is no soft powder to cushion your ride. You just hate to pound your machine to death on rough trails let alone your body.

I can't decide whether to watch American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. Oh such decisions to make!


Donna said...

We never had a milkman, but my brother and his family in Des Moines, Iowa, had one.

Mississippi Songbird said...

I never had a milkman, but we had the icecream man that came around after school every day, and I would run and get a dime from Momma, so I could get a popcicle or an ice cream..
That hamster is so cute..lol My kids love the picture. Have a great week..

Kris said...

I remember the ice cream truck when I was little! I have to take ours in first of April for there annual shots and Coggins. The hamster is very cute! Have a great and blessed week!

Tammy said...

I think we actually did have a milk man when I was very little for awhile. I kinda' wish we still did these days...and now you have me craving a big glass of it! :)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter...

I'm trying to stop by and say hello to my bloggy friends in between my previous bloggy break and my road trip in just 4 day! (Oh, and find time to pack and organize!)

Needled Mom said...

Ahhh....milkman memories. As a child on the farm, the big milk truck would come to collect our milk. Guy always brought us candy when he pulled into the yard. In the city our milkboxes were made of wood. They were big enough to sit in when we got too cold while playing in the snow. When we lived in England our milkman came with a horse and cart to deliver the darling pint bottles of milk. Of course you always poured the golden cream off of the top and saved that. All nice memories, but I do recall NOT liking the taste and requesting "store bought milk" like my friends had. Didn't get it!!! Rememder how the cats in the barn would always hang around for the side bowl of warm milk?

Good thing that you did call for the vet appointment if you have to wait that long. That is as bad a a doctor's appointment for a yearly physical.

Hope that you guys get some spring weather soon. Too much snow!!!


dcrmom said...

You need a DVR! :-)

Rising Rainbow said...

I am watching both. Will record one and then watch when the first is over. lol Sick........

Linds said...

The milkmen still do their rounds here in the UK. The milk comes in glass pint bottles and you leave out the empties for them to collect when they bring the fresh milk the next morning. Before dawn. It is very eco-friendly, but more expensive than just popping to the supermarket and buying 2 litre plastic bottles!

Linds said...

And the icecream truck still comes around every day in the summer!

Jessie said...

Thanks for stopping in to see Remington! Your blog is great, those graphics are the best.

My friend is going to vet school in August for large animal, I don't think I could convince her to move to Maine though :-)

Callie said...

As a kid I remember the milk man. Our container that the milk was left in was something aluminum and the milk came in brown glass squared jugs with a sealed peal off aluminum cap.

Mary said...

Like you, we got our milk straight from the cow and I still remember that "green" taste that the milk was tainted with in the spring when the cows were let out to pasture.

When I got married the milkman came to the door and he drove a horse pulled milk wagon. Here in our city we were a bit behind the times and they didn't get rid of the horse drawn milk wagons until the early 1970s. I remember the clop-clop of the horse's feet and the tinkle of the glass milk bottles as the wagon was pulled down the street.

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories. I do hope that more large animal vets come to your area. It is difficult to get one here as well.

I LOVE all of your graphics but couldn't find Hug Bug anywhere. LOL Take care and have a wonderful week.


bj said...

OH....THE MILKMAN.....I haven't thought of him in YEARS.....
I so remember them. We had milk delivered to our house when I was at home and then, after I married, our milkman would come right inside our house and leave our milk in the fridge. Just wonderful...BAAAA WAAAAAAA, BOOOOOO, HOOOOOOO, I WANT A MILKMAN AGAIN!!!!
hugs, bj

Dawn said...

I love your graphics - but I'm too cheap to pay!!

We had a milkman for a short while, but it didn't seem to be financially feasible for us. It does seem really handy, though!

I remember going with grandpa to the creamery with his milk - and throwing the little white strainer thing to the cats. Do you know what I'm talking about??

Suzy said...

Yes, I do remember the milkman quite well...your deer story was great... and I just love the hamster pic (or guinea pig)whichever it is!!

Marcy Bowden said...

I never had a milkman, but we did have an icecream truck. Sometimes the icecream truck will drive through our neighborhood with his little song planying. As for TV shows, I vote for American Idol!

The People History said...

Going back some many many years ago when I was very young , I was a milkman in good old England , I had a battery powered milk float and would start at 4:30 AM and finish about lunchtime and we delivered 7 days a week ( I would have one day off a week ) And people would COMPLAIN because of no delivery on XMAS DAY ( The only day of the year we did not work ).

In those days I would say 9 out of ten houses had milk delivered by the 4 or 5 companies that operated .

We also sold as much GOLD STAR milk as anything else which was very creamy , I tried some a few years ago and hated it how our tastes have changed.

The thing about it was I think we also did a valuable service including keeping an eye on our older customers to see if they were alright and often providing the only company they got to share a cup of tea with

We have come so far in life but is it better or just different


palmtreefanatic said...

oh the snow, we are supposed to get up to 3 inches tonight we shall see!

Yup you need a DVR! It is the greatest thing since well TV!:)

Nap Warden said...

I have a DVR, but I just hopped back and forth!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

My grandma still milks cows so we taste that fresh milk from time to time. I do remember them making butter a long time ago too when I was very little.

Kerri said...

We used to make our own butter back in the 8o's. We had a couple of Jersey cows mixed in with our Holstein herd, and it was their milk we used for the butter. Yes, it's good stuff, but it sure got tedious making it so often.