Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Happenings

Here in Maine we're a pretty laid back bunch for the most part. We don't get to riled up and take things as they come. This winter has been a bit challenging for even the most seasoned Mainers as we have had over 100 inches of snow in some parts. Now as you all know I love the snow but not everyone shares my sentiments but that's not where I am headed with this.

In Bethel Maine they REALLY know how to enjoy the snow. Bethel is in western Maine near the New Hampshire border and in the snow belt. The skiing is amazing there and draws crowds from all over Maine, NH, Mass, NY and beyond. Again I digress..

What I really want to show you is what they do there to celebrate the snow, they build the world's largest snowman or in this case snow woman! Her name is Olympia after our Senior Senator Olympia Snow. Note how her last name fits right in with the occasion, I'm sure that was planned at birth......ahem...

This is a small part of what was said about this massive undertaking:

With the temperature in single digits, several hundred people including busloads of schoolchildren turned out for Friday's dedication of the 122-foot-tall mountain of snow.
Mark Bancroft, who donated the 150-foot crane used during the project, noted that it has been a tough winter with high fuel costs and nasty weather.
'What does Bethel, Maine, do when it gets tough? We build a snowman!' he said to the muffled applause of mittens and gloves clapping together. It took more than a month, dozens of volunteers and tons of snow to create Olympia. Jim Sysko, a civil engineer, oversaw design and construction.

The final product is the talk of the town. People especially liked the lashes created from old skis donated from the Sunday River ski resort. Olympia's eyelashes are made from skis and her bright red lips are painted tires.

Yesterday Hubby and I attended a funeral of a friend was was almost 102 when she passed away several days ago. We had been neighbors for years and her granddaughter and Son grew up together almost seeming like brother and sister at times. This was a woman that quit school in the 5th grade to go to work to help support her large family. She married her husband and together they ran a department store here in our small town for many years until their retirement. She was a lovely Christian woman that lived her faith and not just talked about it. We were told yesterday that she spent two hours in prayer each morning praying for family, friends, missionaries, public officials, her church leadership, people with needs etc and etc It puts me to shame to say the least as I have never had one day in my life spent in two whole hours of prayer. My prayer list is fairly long but certainly nothing compared to this fine lady. What a legacy she left and what a prayer warrior we have lost.

I'm getting ready to go down and visit the snowbirds in Florida with one of my sisters. I want to be all packed and ready to roll the day before as T's birthday is going to be while I am away so I want to have a celebration here the night before we leave. T's favorite it turkey dinner with all the fixings so that will be the menu. Yesterday I picked her up from school and we went to the mall to do some birthday shopping. I have most if it done but needed a couple more things and she wanted Crocs so I needed her to try them on.

We needed a snack so she wanted a Slushy. Those things should be outlawed! Blue frozen sugar. To say she was bouncing off the walls after that would be an understatement. I wonder if it would help me when I need a burst of energy to say, clean the house?

This photo was in our newspaper recently. This horse has a tail that is 12 feet 6 inches long! How does one take care of a tail that long? Do they bind it up in one of those little tail thingys? Fill me in horse people!!!

We're getting ready for another craft fair so had to take some pictures last night to put in with our registration. We asked T and D to model our hooded towels for us but D wasn't having anything to do with that so T did it. This is our puppy and frog.

Have good weekend everyone! :o)


Rising Rainbow said...

That snow lady is incredible.
Yupe, the tail is probably washed regularly, brainded and kept up in some kind of bundle whether it be a tail bag or wrapped up with Guardtex or Vetwrap.

BarnGoddess said...

Im going to FL on the 26th I cannot wait!!!!!

Have a safe trip :)

I agree w/ Mikael, I would BET the tail is washed often, detangled, and bundled in a tail bag.

THAT is one HUGE snowman oops I mean snow-lady

Kris said...

The snow lady rocks! That is so cool!
The tail I would agree with RR and BG that it is groomed very regularly and kept up.
Hope you have a great trip! What fun!
Loved the hooded towels! Very cute model as well!

Linda said...

That snow lady has hips like mine!
I can't even imagine keeping the tail on a horse that long.

PEA said...

Omigosh, I so LOVE that snowlady!!! lol How awesome she is and when you realize that skis are her eyelashes and tires are her lips, that's when you realize just how big she is. We've had quite a lot of snow over here too but not as much as you...where Steve is, they're bracing themselves for another blast, they're supposed to get tons of snow tomorrow. Fortunately, it's supposed to miss us! Yeahhhhhh! lol We have enough of it already, don't want more!!

How sad that you lost such a wonderful neighbour but at 102, she certainly did live a very long and full life. I'm sure she's continuing praying with the other angels now:-)

I've only ever had one slushy in my life and that was last year when Steve bought me one on a very hot day while we were in Niagara Falls...frozen sugar is right! lol

How adorable are those hooded towels!! Tell T she did a great job modeling them:-) I so wish I could go to one of your craft fairs...I'd want to buy everything you make! lol

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Love you! xoxox

crackerjacksMO said...

i hate when blogger messes up and deletes my comment...

I love love the towels! My girls love hooded towels, they think they are so fun! Great craft idea!

Have a great time in Florida!

Needled Mom said...

We had seen the snow lady on the news the other day and I was wondering how close it was to you folks.

Your winter has been something to write home about this year. That is an incredible amount of snow.

I love the pictures of the towel wraps. You guys are doing a nice job on them and I am sure that the kids must love them.

You neighbor sounds as though she had a very productive and well lived 102 years. I must admit that I do not think that I have ever spent two full hours in prayer at the same time either. She was certainly one of those prayer warriors that we hear about.

I hope that T has a wonderful birthday and that you have a safe trip. Remember to post all those pictures when you get back as we will all be waiting to see them. This was a good year for the snowbirds to flee Maine!

Mary said...

My grandsons would love those hooded towels. I'm sure you will sell lots of those.

I have seen many horse tails in my lifetime, but never one like that. I wouldn't want to have to take care of it though. They may braid it when she isn't being shown or in competitions.

Wow! That snowlady sure is big. What a fun thing to do. Thanks so much for sharing.

My sympathies in the passing of your neighbor. 102 is quite a record, but sounds like she dedicated many hours to pray. We need more prayer warriors like her. Now she is home and I'm sure the angels are celebrating. Thank you for recognizing her and just in time for International Women's Day.

Take care and enjoy the weekend. We have LOTS of snow here and its' still coming down, so I'm planning on staying in where it's cozy and warm.


the moose buyer said...

don't give up lady. Sooner or later the snow is bound to disappear (I heard that Montreal could we waiting until July and I assume you are hearing that too). Sooner or later my beloved lilacs will bloom. Think of me when you see them and take a great big sniff in my name.

Dawn said...

The snow lady is fabulous! It puts it in perspective when you realize the eyelashes are made from skis!

I LOVE the hooded towels - I can just see Feisty and Care Bear with those. Feisty particularly loves towels.

Have a great trip - will you be keeping in touch?

Dawn said...

One more thing - when a prayer warrior like that goes to heaven, we are diminished here below -

Nap Warden said...

Wow, I have never seen anything like the snow lady!

palmtreefanatic said...

I was looking at that snow lady and All I can say is WOW!!!!!!
THAT is so amazing!!!!! loved it! Think of us under 16 inches of snow while you are enjoying the warmth in Florida under those palm trees....sigh....

Mississippi Songbird said...

I saw the Snowlady on MSN the other day. Amazing!
The kids look so cute. Have a great weekend!

Myrna said...

Those towels are adorable--and so is the model! I wish you would come here for a craft fair!

Love Olympia! She is simply gorgeous! What an undertaking for that community!

dcrmom said...

That is one GINORMOUS snowman.