Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Happenings

It's Friday afternoon and T just got off the bus from school. She spent the night here with us as Son and DIL went to see Elton John in concert last night in Portland about two hours away. D was with his other grandparents at the lake getting spoiled I'm sure! :o)

We're supposed to get another big snowstorm tonight and into tomorrow. They were saying a foot of snow but now it's up to possibly 16 inches. I really don't know where we are going to put it all especially on the main streets and sidewalks. I gave the turkeys a much bigger feeding today to tide them over as they won't come out in the storm, they will be hunkered down in one of the big pine trees out back. Also will put out more for the deer too as they won't come around if it is really bad out there. Read in the newspaper today that one man feeds about 200 deer!!!!!! That's a lot of grain to be putting out!!!

I like bluejays. Now I know some people think they are hogs and drive off the smaller birds but I have enough feeders out for everyone so I like them. They are the most beautiful shade of blue. Notice the second one has a seed in his beak.

I have been filling my feeders at night when I go out to put deer grain out but come morning sometimes they are empty and I know the birds aren't coming out after dark. Early one morning I caught this gal helping herself! She would hit it with her face and knock seeds onto the ground and then eat them.

This is Rocky the black and white lamb. He weighs a little over a pound. He is named that as he kind of got off to a rocky start in life. He was born premature and his mom rejected him. He lives next door to my sister so she gets to check in on him regularly. His owner is bottle feeding him and he is doing really well! (Now strains of Eye Of The Tiger should be playing..) More pictures of Rocky in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

Haven't we all had a day when you just have to scratch where it itches?

It's very quiet here tonight. Son, DIL and D came to pick up T and stayed for dinner but now they have gone home. The Elton John concert was amazing with just a piano, no back up singers, bands or orchestra. He sang for two and a half hours. Anyhow what I was leading to is how much energy little ones have. We have a playroom downstairs and one of the kids most favorite things is just this big thick lead rope that is hooked to the ceiling that they can swing on.

They do this by the hour when they are here. So much for the fancy schmancy toys.

Now Noodles on the other hand likes his fancy schmancy cat condo. He has claimed it for his own and spends a good part of the day right on the top in the sun. This guy likes his comforts. Munchie, not so much, she would rather be upstairs under one of the beds out of sight of the grandchildren!

Hope you are having a good weekend. Just think of us up here in Maine digging out from another storm!


Kris said...

Smart little deer! Bluejays are just beautiful! Noodles is cracking me up! He is looking at you like what do you mind??

Rising Rainbow said...

That's pretty dang smart of that doe.

That's quite a play room you have there. Did you paint the mural?

I have a big pile of horse blankets that need to be mended. One of my cats has decided that's her place to sleep. They are such funny creaturs.

Donna said...

OK, all winter I've been envying you your snow. Not now. It's March, dang it. Time to go for a horseback ride. Keep your darned old snow.

Needled Mom said...

Oh yes, I heard about the big storm heading your way. I heard that it is also going to be quite cold there.

The Bluejay is such a pretty color. Ours do not have the white that yours do and, YES, ours are rather cruel to the animals. They will dive at the cat and dogs even if they are minding their own business.

T looks like she is having a blast on the swing. What a great idea. The little ones have a much better imagination without all the fancy toys out there.

Glad the kids enjoyed the concert. I'm sure he is quite the performer.

Glad, too, that the cats are enjoying their new structure.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm. Are you still filling in for the stable care?

Valerie said...

I love this post.You are really good at this blogging thing. I enjoy everytime I have stopped by.

Linda said...

I love Blue Jays but we only get them every once in a while and they don't stick around very long.

Kerri said...

Your little granddaughter looks so happy to see you :) They love those simple passtimes, don't they? That rope looks like great fun.
Lucky you getting a 500 zoom lens. Something new to learn about :)
You certainly have a fine menagerie of critters there. Entertaining, aren't they? The blue jays are bossy, but I love their perky personalities and gorgeous color.
You've had way too much snow!!! We're getting more right now, but have had nothing like your accumulations. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing green again :)

Mississippi Songbird said...

These are great pictures!I love the Bluejays..
I don't think we will get any snow this year.. But I don't know how to drive in it anyway.. so that is probably good.. You can link to the giveaway if you like.. I have been getting a wonderful response. Thanks for entering.Have a wonderful weekend!

palmtreefanatic said...

I just love your posts! I really am loving this new look to your blog!
Your pictures are so good! Your Grand daughter is having a blast on that, looks like fun!

the moose buyer said...

My friends in Montreal tell me they have heard the snow might not melt until July. I figure you are having the same news. Sure hope it isn't true. You have all suffered the worst winter in ages. Spring had GOT to show up one of these days.

Tammy said...

So much good stuff in this post I don't know what to comment on! ;) Love, love the photos! The animal shots are SO great...and my girls would love to come over and play in that playroom for awhile! :)

Marcy Bowden said...

That is so funny to watch the deer do that to your bird feeder. Sneaky little thing!

I love Noodles' and Munckin's new cat condo! Scott and I are going to get one once we sell our house and move. We think that Sampson and Maxwell will love it as much as Noodles and Munckin!

I can't believe how much snow y'all have. It is gearing up for spring around here! We did have some flurries last Wed. though...which is very unusual.

Callie said...

My husband has named the Bluejays here at our house......Mr. and Mrs.Angry.....LOL

palmtreefanatic said...

Cookbook has not arrived yet, hoping maybe tomorrow! Cant wait! I will let you know though, thank you!

Yup! I will be working at 2 salons,
1 on Mondays at least till kids are out of school
and the other on thursdays and saturdays! I am so busy besides really not sure why but i am and taking on monday my big cleaning day is feeling huge but needed for now!

I just love your photos!

KC said...

Stop by my blog you have been tagged, Look under the Meme Monday #5 post.

Sarah said...

Great photos and I totally love the green grass background. Works great with the horse photo! Good choice.

Kristi said...

I'm a first time visitor to your blog. I love all the wildlife pictures. The blue bird is beautiful.

Dawn said...

Wow, what a neat playroom for your grands! They must love coming there.

The pictures are wonderful - blue jays are truly pretty, if sometimes annoying. Love the scratching!

We had 74 degrees yesterday and yucky, cold, windy, snowy today. What a crazy place - no accumulation of snow, though.

BarnGoddess said...

great photos! that Blue Jay looks wicked.....I have one that hangs around and the little chickadees chase him around.

Duma Key is GREAT! so far nothing about the occ*lt but I am now only half way thru it. it is VERY good!!!!

I love the swinging rope. It looks like T is having a time :)

my book hasnt arrived yet, but OKLA mail is forever SLOW. Ill holler at ya when I get it :) maybe today!

PEA said...

I don't blog or visit for two days and feel like I've been gone a month! lol YES, we can certainly do what we talked about for Susie...will await your email!!

Elton John is coming here on Sunday...I didn't get any tickets, they sold out within 45 minutes and I couldn't even get through online. I've heard he gives a fabulous concert!!

We also have Blue Jays that hang around here and I agree with you, they are such gorgeous birds. Love the pictures you took of them...and that doe helping herself to the seeds:-) We feed the birds all year round also, they're such a joy to watch.

Omigosh, how cute is Rocky...makes you wish they would stay small like that:-) So adorable.

LOL love that picture of the squirrel...sometimes it's hard to reach that one certain itchy spot! lol

Seeing your playroom, now I want to go play in there! lol It's no wonder the grands love to come over to play at your house:-) What a great idea to have that rope they can swing from!! Noodles sure is looking very comfortable in his new condo! hehe

Take care my friend. Love ya! xoxoxo