Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things From the Past

Got a cute forward the other day that I really could relate to. Now I know I am dating myself with these pictures but I think I have a lot of company out there in Bloggityville! This isn't the whole list but a few of my favorites!

How many of you had a Brownie camera?

I loved going to Micky D's on the way home from boarding school on the weekends. I actually could eat two cheeseburgers, a strawberry shake and fries and didn't suffer from it after!

Green stamps. The more books filled that you had the bigger and better the prize you could select. They would start burning a hole in my pocket and I would give in and go to the redemption store and cash them in before I got very many books filled.

We used to make these chains out of folding gum wrappers. I preferred Juicy Fruit wrappers as they were yellow and prettier. Wish I could still remember how to do it.

Couldn't go by a week without watching Timmy and Lassie!

We had one of these old wringer washers that Mom would use every week or several times a week actually. No dryer then, the 'ole clothes line did the drying.
Last but not least is the Jiffy Pop popcorn. We thought that was really high tech in those days but boy did it stink if you burnt it on!!! P.U.

It's getting to be that time again. We have several craft fairs that we are considering so we have to get our noses back to the grindstone and get some things made. My inventory is very low so I can see I am going to have to cut down on my blogging time a bit when I get back from vacation. Sigh....

T's birthday is this week so we are celebrating the night before we leave on our trip. It just doesn't seem possible that she is going to be 6 years old. I remember the day she was born just like it was yesterday. Mimi and I had the privilege of being present at the birth. It was one of the most exciting and memorable times in my life to see that new little girl being born. I will never forget it and will always be in debt to Son and DIL for inviting us to be a part of that day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY T! WE LOVE YOU!

I'm trying to get things done before I leave. Why does one have to clean the whole house before one goes away? Is this OCD or what??? Also all my horses have to be clipped, brushed, washed (if even only a spit bath as it's so cold) before I go. It is shedding season so there is a lot of work to be done. Yesterday Buddy got a partial bath as he is a slob in his stall even with all the extra shavings that I buy so that he can have a plush bed. He manages to poop right in the middle of it and then lay in it. Gross I know but I try to keep it real on this blog! lol! It's still not warm enough to body clip them but I at least can do the whiskers and bridle paths. Makes me feel better and they could care less. Funsize is going to keep an eye on them while I'm gone.

At lunch today we were talking about trail riding and gearing up for the summer. T was with us and she is excited about doing some trail riding. Of course I will keep her on a long line until we see how the pony is going to act, especially on the way home towards the barn. As you horsey people know they always go faster on the way home!

My Hubby sent me a nice e-mail yesterday that touched my heart and I am going to share it with you. I don't think he will mind. It is a song that he found in one of his songbooks.

The Autumn's Coming On

Thru changing seasons we've shared life's little days
Still in Love
Though Autumn's Coming on
It seems unreal, our souvenirs still look so new
We reminisce and must confess that this is true
We sang lullabies to babies cries of spring time
O how the time seemed to fly
We had scarcely put the crib away when like magic
We looked up the aisle and beheld a lovely bride
We waved goodbye, as one by one they joined life's parade
When at bugle call, he stood proud and tall - there went our baby:
Those seasons change. hand in hand we travel on
Still in Love though Autumn's coming on

It does seem like life goes awfully fast. Enjoy your little ones because all to soon they are grown and on their own. I'm sure at times with dirty diapers, sleepless nights, scattered toys and all the rest the days seem long but believe me it goes way to fast! Take time for the little things, it doesn't matter if the house is spotless, have a canned whipped cream fight with your kids out on the lawn, they won't remember whether the bed is made or not but they will remember the fun they had doing that. Trust me on this. :o)

See you all when I get back from Florida in a week! Tina I will be thinking of you while I sit under the palm trees!!


dcrmom said...

I love that poem. Did you know your title reads "draft"?? :-)

Sarah said...

Great post. Life is going too fast! So much to try and do and see! Not nearly enough time or money to do it all. Oh well.

Have a great Sunday!

Rising Rainbow said...

I still remember how to do those gum wrapper chains. Some people had really really long ones. lol

Are you planning some new projects for your craft fairs? Sometimes I miss them, but only briefly....

Sorry to hear that Buddy is a slob in his stall. I have a bunch of those too. lol But I also have some tidy ones, and that is nice. I can't stand dirty horse blankets so mine get a lot of washing this time of year.

Needled Mom said... many memories here. I must tell you that I still have my Brownie camera that I got to go to camp with the Camp Fire G*irls one summer. The pictures were dreadful but we still have the memories. I can also still make the gum chains. I liked the Black J*ack colors best! Remember how when the chains got really long that we would roll them up? Boy, am I dating myself!

What an awesome poem that was. I am sure it touched hubby's heart as well as yours for him to send it to you. Time does go by in a flash. Guess we need to grab life by the tail and hold on for dear life.

KC said...

Love the poem..
Happy 6th birthday to T, ~sigh~ they grow so fast.
Have a wonderful and safe trip.

crackerjacksMO said...

Okay, so you aren't sure what a Haiku is and I have never seen any of these products in my lifetime. I think we are even. hahahaha

A Haiku is a short Japanese Poem. It's 3 lines long. The first and third line must contain 5 syllables and the second line must contain 7 syllables. They are quite fun, you should try it.

Callie said...

Still love JiffyPop! I remember going with my Mom, with what seemed like a forever trip to redeem her greenstamps!

PEA said...

Yikes, I just noticed the first comment you have....delete it pronto!! Apparently someone is posting such links and when you click on them, it's a virus. They had posted on my comments too and I deleted it right away so that none of my readers got caught clicking on it.

Oh yes, I do remember a lot of that stuff you posted mom had a wringer washer like that and I remember being on the other side of the roller and giggling hysterically when the clothes would come out flat as a pancake! lol Believe it or not, though, I don't ever recall seeing a bracelet made with chewing gum papers! We can still buy the Jiffy Pop popcorn in those containers and I buy it often. Popcorn is my favourite snack!!

I do hope you have a greatttt week, sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Aren't you gonna miss all your snow, though? I didn't think so! lol Will miss you while you're gone so hurry back!!! Love you! xoxox

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy Birthday to T and I remember the S & H greenstamps and going to the store too. I used to collect them. I think I got a cassette player with some onetime. I know that momma got some cookware with some.
Have a wonderful afternoon...

Nap Warden said...

Hi Midlife Mom...I just realized, I never gave you the link to my Mom's blog. I think you would love it, lots of ponies!

BarnGoddess said...

gum wrapper chains! my sisters and I used to make really, really long ones....

JiffyPop! we can still buy those 'pans' at Wal-Mart, we take them camping..when we ever get to camp out that is!

I cannot go to the post office or to the grocery store with out my bed made, my house presentable. THAT is OCD....oh well. I think it is nice to come home to a clean house...

spring hair shedding-ick. makes me itchy. Scooters is coming out already with these warm days. Sicne he's older, I help him a long with the shedder/slicker. He needs all the help he can get. I bet your guys were glad for their grooming. You KNOW it has to feel good, like a massage/barber shop trip all wrapped into one :)

palmtreefanatic said...

great post and so much fun!
Thanks for the memories!
I can remember eating 2 cheeseburgers, a chocolate shake and an apple pie! I loved LOVED the old apple pies MD's Used to have! How I miss those!
I remember the gum wrappers those links were so much fun to make!
I never had a brownie camera,
Happy 6th Birthday to T! wow!
growing, growing,
Nice poem!
Hope you have a nice trip!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Jiffy Pop....loved it and believe it or not, Target just sold it before Christmas and we bought some.

Susie said...

This was a fun trip down memory lane!
I remember those chewing gum wrapper chains, but can't for the life of me remember the folding technique.
Have a fabulous, fun filled getaway.
love you,

Dawn said...

We are definitely from the same "era"! I remember how to do the gum chains - something brought them to my mind the other day and I googled a picture. I was going to do a post on them - great story, which I think I'll save for then.

Hope you're having a great time in the sun! A bunch of my faculty came back from Destin Monday and they froze down there last week. Too bad!!

Kris said...

Have a great trip and look forward to hearing all about it!

Marcy Bowden said...

That was sweet of your hubby to send you that poem. I have never had Jiffy Pop. When I saw it in a movie one time, I thought it was a new thing, honestly. I always wished that I knew how to make a gum wrapper chain, but no one I knew knew how to either. I lived in the days of slap bracelets, jellies, and those friendship bracelets that you make with macramae (I know I butchered the spelling). Oh, and New Kids on the Block, embarrassingly enough! :o) I hope that you have so much fun in FL and that you get lots of use out of your camera with those tiny little horses! I can't wait until you get back and post pictures!

Oh, and what are greenstamps?

Kerri said...

I remember my mom and dad having a brownie camera and I used it a little. Mom had a washing machine like that too. Wash day every Monday :)
Lassie was a great show for kids (and adults too).
Have a wonderful time in FL and soak up some gorgeous sunshine for all of us in the still frozen North!

Jen said...

The fact that your husband THOUGHT to send that to you brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful husband!

Oh and I loved Timmy & Lassie too :0)

And plain flat out shedding season sucks...I caught my puppy muching on some chestnut hair yesterday..blah!

The Edwards said...

I just love the poem. We also have one of the old wringer washers in our basement! My grandmother gave me her grade cards from 50 years ago! JUST love them. THANK you for a great post.