Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Happenings

I only got to the gym once this week. It has just been one of those crazy weeks.

Do you ever notice when you do things out of order you get mixed up for days? I can't be the only one with this dilemma. This week has been totally changed around and I have been struggling to stay with the program. Today seems like Saturday as I always ride with my friend Ann and Funsize on Saturday but we had to go today as we are going to visit Hubby's sister tomorrow. I told them I would probably get up and go to church tomorrow as it seems like it should be Sunday. They told me I would be the only one there.

It is snowing again today. Again. Yes, again. It has snowed all day but we haven't got much over an inch or two. It's that fine half sleet half snow stuff. The poor people in Northern Maine are getting tons again. I just don't know what they are going to do with all that snow. It's six feet deep in some places already!

We gave the horses a good brushing this morning. Some of them are really shedding monstrous amounts and some are hanging onto that winter coat for dear life. They were out enjoying the snow and rolling around in it. They all need a bath but not in this weather.

I've been working on a project this week in my sewing room. We still haven't heard whether our totes and kids towels will be accepted for the craft show in Camden in July. Everything has to be juried to see if it's what they are looking for to sell in this particular show. Lots of tourists will be at this one so I thought I would make up quite a few coastal themed totes. Once we get the word the fur will fly and we won't see the light of day for quite some time!
I got this in an e-mail this week. Evidently this man has been feeding the bears in his back yard for over 25 years! He just kind of hangs out with them like they were his pets or something. I think he is tempting fate on this deal! They sure do look like they are part of the family though don't they???? I guess I wouldn't be late with their supper any night!

The turkeys have been eating me out of house and home lately. A couple of them are really mean looking dudes! Can you see that horn looking thing above this guys beak? Anyone know what it's called?

This guy was really strutting his stuff. Now admit it, some of you are thinking Thanksgiving dinner aren't you????

This little guy is what keeps Noodles and Munchkin occupied for hours on end every day. They set very quietly and watch him just waiting for a chance to pounce on him and have him for lunch. They have been doing this all winter so I guess he's pretty safe.

Came across this old picture today. This was my family back in the early 1960's I would guess. I am the middle child (I know you all could tell that anyhow) with the long ringlets. My mother used to wind them around her finger after shampooing my hair. I didn't appreciate the curly hair then or in high school but do now! :o) In high school I, or one of my roommates would iron it to straighten it out as long straight hair was all the rage then.

Guess I'd better get packing as we head out to Boston tomorrow. Just a quick trip but will be nice to see SIL and all her family. Have a good weekend everyone! :o)


palmtreefanatic said...

THANK YOU For my lovely Gift! Got it today! And it Really really made my day!!!

Love the old photo!
I need to start getting in shape as well! it is so hard to be motivated but summer weather will help should it ever get here!
Have a nice safe trip in Boston!

Needled Mom said...

Love the long ringed curls. I used to tie my daughter's hair in rags to get those curls. No wonder your hair is so pretty till this day.

Those bears can't be for real....can they??? Oh dear me! I doubt that I would be encouraging them to my yard.

So, what project are we working on these days???? Going to show us a picture soon?

Everyone is always amazed at the rural area where we are. You are not alone. The ratrace of L.A. is NOT for me. The traffic would kill me as ours is busy enough.

I have no idea what those thingys on the turkeys are called. I'll be checking back to see if anyone else knows.

Have a safe (and fun) trip. Remember to leave the checkbook home. Also, have a good time alone in church tomorrow. :)

Donna said...

That's exactly how my mom fixed my curly hair, and I hated it too!

Blue and Libby are both shedding, but Blue started about two weeks ahead of Libby for some reason.

Hmmm, I wonder what the project could be? LOL.

Tonya said...

My hubby and his friend just drool over your turkeys. I don't think I would be dining in the back yard with the bears though.

Say a prayer, Lib's horse is going back to the vet tomorrow for her lameness issue. Thankfully, our friends are taking her for us with one of their horses. We are up to our necks in being pregnant and one playing in a tee-ball tournament!

Have a great trip!

Rising Rainbow said...

I can't believe it is snowing there and it is snowing here. I don't know if it's normal for there but it sure isn't for here. I'm getting sick of this stuff.

I know what you mean about doing stuff out of order. I definitely have that problem. It messes with my mind big time.

I wouldn't want to dine with the bears or for that matter with live turkeys. Our neighbor has turkeys but they are all white and look odd to me. Yours look more like what a turkey should to me.

Hope you have a nice time on your weekend visit. I'm hoping to go riding.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Have a great weekend...

Sarah said...

You are truly one with nature, girlfriend. Oh man. Hope Boston was fun. Now that's a zoo.

My girls want to get back into horse back riding. I wish we had the farm like you do. Maybe some day!

Have a great week! God bless.

Linda said...

I remember my mom dressing me up and doing my hair and HATING it. Love the turkey's.

Susie said...

I'm back and you're gone :)
Loved catching up with you and hope you're having a fun time away. Those turkeys sure look well fed!
The curls are just adorable. Do you remember rag curls? Mom would wrap my hair around rags to make ringlets. I have one of me with curls like yours..

Nap Warden said...

Hey Midlife M. The bears are crazy! I just wanted to stop by and tell you go go check out my Mom's blog. She just had a baby Mini Horse and it's so cute:) I thought you'd dig the pics...

bj said...

My DIL has curly hair and I envy her every minute of every day!! It ALWAYS looks matter the weather!

Callie said...

Geeze, the bear man, that's just crazy!

Dawn said...

That guy is out of his ever lovin' mind! Remember what happened to the tiger trainer??

Hope you had a great trip to Bean Town - I've only been there once, when Kev was in Teen Challenge in Brocton. It was a fun day, but the traffic is insane.

Your family is the same size as ours - only I was the oldest and had one sister and 3 brothers.

Up To My Ears In Mini Horses said...

I had to look twice at those photos of the bears. I could not believe that they are so tame that he could pet them.
Thanks for stopping by and comment about the mini baby.
It was quite a surprise, but just finished talking to my neighbor, Appears he knew about the foal before even I did.
Have a good day.

crackerjacksMO said...

turkeys and bears, all great things to read about. however, i am still interested in a quilt...*lol* would you consider making one and selling??? you know where to find me, let me know. thanks so much! Oh, and i love the locks in your picture. so darling and sooo cute!

KC said...

Those people have lost there minds with those bears..
I love the family shot of you all.. what a great photo..
Have a safe and fun trip.

Kerri said...

What a sweet family photo. I always wanted curls..and of course had straight hair :)
I hope you get into that show. We always did the juried ones too. It sure keeps you busy!
You do have some potential Thanksgiving dinners there! :)
Great photos!
My days were mixed up this weekend too. It sure gets confusing :)

Kris said...

Have fun on your trip! I know I have days like that! The bears, intersting, but did you see the hot shot in his lap? I am sure he has that for a reason! I am with you , I wouldn't want them anywhere near my house! The turkeys are just beautiful-there colors are so vibrant! Have a great and blessed day!

Marcy said...

Wow! I cannot believe y'all had snow on Friday! Craziness! We actually had snow last Monday (apr. 24) as well, but it was really sunny too, so none of it stuck. But, no one could believe it. I think that it's time for y'all to have some nice warm weather. I hope you have a nice, safe trip to Boston!