Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday Talk

It's about time I got another post going. It's been a bit crazy here so my poor computer has been neglected so I will try to get caught up on things.

Thank you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers for my MRI that I had yesterday. The mask issue was a bit daunting but with Husband sitting in a chair at my side holding my hand ( doesn't it make you just want to swoon?! ) it went well and the claustrophobic issues were over within 5 minutes and the rest was fine. Hopefully I will get the results today or tomorrow. The young gal that gave the test was just so nice and didn't rush me into the machine, took her time and even let me take the mask off while she injected the dye so that I could have a little break from it. It wasn't bad really.
I took my two main sewing machines and my 35 year old Singer in to be fixed in the afternoon. The Singer was fixed in 5 minutes but I had to leave my Bernina's to be worked on. Got a call later in the day and my repair man couldn't fix either one of them after working at it all afternoon. He normally doesn't work on Bernina's anyway but after much pleading and begging by me he said he would give it a try. Now I have to go get them and take them to Auburn which is two hours away to the Bernina dealership. UGG! I NEED these machines especially right now as they have all the fancy stitches, bells and whistles that my old Singer doesn't have. Out of desperation I opened up the box with the machine that I bought T for Christmas, a Baby Loc, and it has some of the things I need but it is very slow which is why I bought it for her so that she wouldn't stick her little fingers. I think I will use the old Singer for the main stitching and the Baby Loc for the fancy stitches I need on some of my totes.

Gave Mom her perm a couple days ago. I talked her into letting me post the before and after pictures against her better judgement. heehee! Hang on, the first picture is a bit scary but the results are worth it! She is such a good sport!!! xoxox How did I do on my rolling, Tina? Love you Mom!!!

A couple people asked about our new small tote design that we are doing for the craft fair. I have one picture, it shows the button and there is a little loop that goes over it to keep the bag shut. It's small with just one pocket and one shoulder strap. Good for shopping. We're trying to pick some colors that the teens would like. This lady bug one I think I am going to keep for myself as I love lady bugs. These are fun and work up faster then the 4 hour ones. These are $18.00 plus shipping.

I have been going up to see Lil' Bud since my fall but can't ride even though the doc said I could. One of the big bruises is on the inside of my calf and that rubs right on the saddle and hurts so I'm waiting till that is gone. This picture he looks kinda chunky but I guess he is kind of the old typy Morgan and is chunky. He is such a good boy and a really honest horse, always is really willing and never acts bad with inexperienced riders. Some horses the minute they know you don't know what you are doing they act really bad. My fall was not his fault in any way.
One night when the moon was full I went out and got a couple of pictures. They came out kind of funny looking but interesting. Some people would probably think they were UFO's but it's just the moon. I think I must have moved a bit when I took the picture.

Went swimming this morning then off to drop something off at Husband's office, the pet store for cat food, my massage and then my adjustment on my neck. Bought all the horses the florescent orange halters even though there is not supposed to be any hunting on my property. Buddy needs to gain some weight before winter so I put him in his stall with a couple big flakes of hay. If I put it outside the others would take it away from him. I gave them a snack but they are fat so don't need the extra. We think that his weight loss (which he needed to lose some) was caused by depression at being in the ring by himself so much and dealing with the pain in his feet. Now he is doing great and even has his second pair of backwards shoes on.

The painters are still here and probably will be for another week. Sigh.........

Pea over at Pea's Corner sent all of us that are participating in her Halloween Swap the names of who we are swapping with. I have been picking up stuff for my fellow swapper and will get the package into the mail tomorrow! This is so much fun, I can't wait to see what comes in my goodie package!! Thanks Pea for hosting this!!! xoxox She also is hosting a Birthday Give Away with some adorable prizes so stop on over and take a looksy!

Guess that's about it. I think I'd better get down in the ole' sweat shop and work on some totes. Thanks again for your kind thoughts about my MRI and I will update on the results when I get them. I hope they found a brain in there!!!!!


tonya said...

Glad to hear the MRI went as well as can be expected considering the circumstances.

Hate to hear about the sewing machines! I know you really need them in full swing right now! Lib wants to learn to sew...ha ha, I don't know who could possibly teach her in our family. Guess we could look in to some classroom instruction??? I have been wanting to get an embroidery machine so can embroider all kinds of baby things with our impending arrival!!!!

The perm looks great - how long will the snowbirds be with you?

I know you will be glad to get back in the saddle but I know you just enjoy spending time with the horses too. I love watching mine and watching Lib and Lu ride but there is nothing like being on them. June won't get here soon enough!

I am going to have to check out more of your links and find some new bloggy material. I hate I missed out on the halloween swap!! I did that at Valentine's with some girls and it was so much fun!

Have a great day!

kdwhorses said...

Glad all went well with the MRI. Your husband is a sweetie!! They can be when they want! Just kidding. I am blessed with a great husband.
The perm looks great, great roll job. I remember my mom giving me perms when I was younger.

Donna said...

Thanks for catching us up; I was missing you!

Susie said...

Glad the MRI went well and that your hubby was with you!
You did a great job with the perm..
Love the ladybug bag..

palmtreefanatic said...

Glad the MRI went well! Glad it is over for you and hope the results are Great!!!
You did a fantastic job on the perm rolling! Bless your mom for being a good sport about it;)
The after results are nice!
The lady bug bag is so cute!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow...busy, busy, busy!

So gald to hear that your MRI turned out to be not so bad. I asked when I had mine done if my hubby could come in the room with me and they told me no...I would have felt a lot more at ease if he could have been there with me.

Your mom looks great....good job on the perm and thanks to your mom for being such a good sport for all of us.

BarnGoddess said...

your mom's perm turned out great!

she looks marvelous :)

the photos are good as usual. Lil bud looks mighty healthy.

Fall is my favorite season, Halloween is my favorite Holiday.

PEA said...

Hello dear friend:-) I'm a bit behind visiting AGAIN...blame it on life getting in the way! lol I'm sure you're glad to have that MRI done and over with...I'm claustrophobic as well so know what you go through! Hopefully the results will come in fine.

You did an excellent job on your mom's hair! Give her a big hug for me, she seems to be such a good sport to let us see her in her before and after pictures! hehe Hope she had a hot date afterwards, she looks gorgeous:-)

I don't blame you for waiting a bit longer before you ride again, give that bruise a chance to heal more.

Thank you so much for advertising my Halloween Swap and Birthday Giveaway:-) As you know, I got your name to send a Halloween parcel to and it was mailed yesterday so watch your mailbox!! They said it would take from 9 to 14 business days to reach you...the mail is sooo slow between Canada and the States!! I just hope you'll like everything I sent you:-)

Hope your sewing machines get all repaired...you're burning out the poor things with all the sewing you've been doing lately! lol Such gorgeous tote bags.

You take care of yourself!! Love ya! xoxox

Myrna said...

So glad you are through the MRI!

Your mom's perm looks great--You are one talented gal!

I'm excited about the Halloween swap at PEA's also. I have been collecting some little goodies. Hope my swap friend will like them! I'm doing a little shopping tomorrow and then I will be ready to ship it off! FUN!

Dawn said...

You have been VERY busy. Just love the lady bug tote. Glad you're doing better. Love the moon pix!

Good job on the perm - never gave one, but get expensive ones every 4 months - more expensive every time!! Wish I could do it myself, but no way.

Tammy said...

Oh, so glad the MRI went well, and I'll say a prayer for you today.

Your mom looks wonderful! Even in the before shot...but the perm turned out very nice!

That was an interesting photo of the moon at the end- at first I thought it was lightening.

Blessings to you!

Lucy Stern said...

There is nothing like a good singer...I would love a Bernina but I don't do much sewing now -a-days so I can't justify a Bernina. Good luck getting it fixed.

I hope everything works out with the MRI. I know that they can be scary...Keeping my fingers crossed for good results.