Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, Monday.....

Just checked out a give away over at Heather's that is super! She is going to be giving away a candle each month and this month it is Cinnamon Pumpkin, now is that yummy or what???? Also my niece dcrmom at Musings of a Housewife is giving away a nearly new Vera Bradley bag!!! Be sure to check out both of these giveaways!

Things are back to normal, I'm all unpacked and things are put away from our trip. I haven't been up to see the boys yet but will go this afternoon when I go out to do some errands. I haven't done my Halloween bags yet, don't know why I didn't do them before I went away. DUH! There probably won't be much to pick from so I may end up just getting the regular size candy bars and not doing the bags.

I have a few more pictures I want to post from our trip. This first one is of cousin K as he won a coloring award at the restaurant at the resort. He was so excited and got to come up front and everyone applauded and he got a certificate plus his picture was displayed on the counter until the next day when some one else was chosen.
T was excited as she pulled a baby tooth while we were there. The permanent tooth was coming in behind this one so we were glad that she got it out. Already the permanent one is moving into place.

This was at MGM and T likes to ride on Grampies shoulders so that he can see better. We were watching a Star Wars Show.

Some of the characters were out playing Simon Says with the kids. Notice that T has her arm around D. Hummmmmm....sometimes they fight like cats and dogs! ha! T in the yellow shirt and D in the red stripe shirt.

Here are the old duffers sitting on the bench waiting for the bus.

We went to Shepler's one afternoon. Now you non-horse type people won't know or care what Shepler's is but for us horsey type people it is a gold mine of western wear that you just don't find here in Maine at least. I did a lot of Christmas shopping while there and shipped it home. I did a lot of drooling over the boots. I have boots but really wanted another pair but resisted and now wish I hadn't. Rats! They had some gorgeous red ones that I loved. Funsize and I had a great time there and did get some jewelry for ourselves.

Guess that's enough about our trip for today. I think one more post and I will have everything in that I want and then need to print off the rest of the pictures for my memory books.


Tonya said...

Oooooh you know I am so jealous you got to spend all that money in Sheplers! I, too, want some red boots but just can't justify spending the money - especially with #3 on the way!

Yay for D losing the tooth. Lib has two loose ones right now. She has been slow to lose teeth bless her heart. She has a pageant this weekend, I wish those teeth would hang in there thru this weekend.

How did the craft show go?

Love the pics from DW....maybe I'll get the girls there year after next. But, I'm not even thinking about that one for next year!

At least you had a better stay than at the Hard Rock Doghouse!

Kaila said...

Sheplers looks like it was a LOT of fun. Glad to hear everyone enjoyed themselves. It's nice to go away but nothing is as good as home.

KC said...

Oh wow.. your vacation looks wonderful. I saw the picture of the star wars and thought that Mr Man would just go nuts there, he loves star wars.
Thanks for the info on the give aways I had to go sign up for the candle I love candles.

Also thank you for the anniversary wishes.. We haven't got a chance to head out to dinner yet we are hoping this weekend.

Susie said...

Looks like there were plenty of smiles to go around for your group. The picture of T on Grandpa's shoulders is just adorable.
Can I come trick or treating at your house? Full size bars should make you the hit of the area!

palmtreefanatic said...

what a wonderful time! I am trying to get all caught up i apologize for taking so long! After this i will be doing some signing up for the fun give aways!:)

Sheplers looks like a fun stop!

T's tooth is what we call shark teeth here 1 hiding behind the other! My younger 2 both had this and I was not happy till those were out!:)

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! The characters look so much fun too!
Glad your back safe and sound!

Joan said...

I may not be "horsey" but Sheplers looks like a fun place to shop. I've wanted a pair of cowboy boots since I was little but, so far, I cant find ones that fit properly!

And your vacation photos make me so want to visit Orlando. I guess I need to put it on my list of destinations.

BarnGoddess said...

glad your home safe and had a good time :)

The boys will be happy to see you, no doubt!

omg!!!!!!!!!! The boots!!!!!!!!!

Id have to be dragged out of that store, the catalogs are never as good.

Dawn said...

I especially love the picture of the missing tooth, and the one that has already come in. My grandson's teeth have all done that.

Love the bag on your niece's site. I'm #507, but somebody has to win, eh??

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

How fun is that?!

the moose buyer said...

sounds to me like you had one fabulous trip. I am so happy you guys had a great time.

Unlike my cousin Joan, I am not tempted to get boots or a cowboy hat. I will never look like a cowgirl no matter how much weight I lose.

PEA said...

Happy Halloween, dear Louise:-) I hope your day is filled with lots of treats!! I'm finally finding some time to visit, been a busy last couple of days getting ready for Halloween. I so loved seeing all your pictures...what a fun time you all had!! So many things can happen at Disney...even losing a baby tooth! hehe I would have loved to be with you when you went shopping...look at all those gorgeous boots! Hope you have the time to come by for my Halloween Bash:-) xoxo

dcrmom said...

That looks like SUCH a fun trip!!! Love the one of you and Uncle R. :0)