Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not So Wordless Wednesday.

It's Wednesday and I usually ride but I have a cold and it's damp and cold out so guess I will stay home. Have things to do anyway as I was gone all day Monday and most of Tuesday. Monday Husband and I joined six of my other family members and drove to western Maine to visit some of the other members of the family. On the way down we picked up my two sewing machines that had been cleaned and repaired so you can imagine I am glad to have them back. I have been using my 35 year old Singer! It still works beautifully but doesn't have the decorative stitches that I use so often. I was glad to have it in a pinch though!!! :o)

We visited my older sister first and her son and family. My sister is the master decorator and her home did not disappoint us. She had everything Halloweeny that there is on the market and more! It was all done very nicely though, wish I had taken some pictures. :o(

Next we went to my nieces new home that we hadn't seen before and it is lovely. She has quite an assortment of pets including dogs, cats AND SNAKES! My grand nephew and I were the only ones that would hold them. They aren't scaly the way I thought they would be, very smooth. She takes beautiful care of them, they have everything going including.........gag........mice to eat regularly........gag..........

Next we went to my sister E's home which we hadn't seen before as she and hubby just moved there recently. It is an absolutely gorgeous setting with fields, mountains and a pond to look at. She too has some interesting critters to watch.

I don't know if they all have names or not but they are very friendly especially if you have some grain in your hand!

My sister had a nice snack for us when we arrived including some homemade apple cider that had a little kick to it....ahem.........good thing we weren't driving.......heehee! My sister and her husband have been singing for years all over so I had to get a picture of them with some of their instruments. I took some video but Blogger wouldn't down load it onto this for some reason.

This is Dad Snowbird, younger sister J, older sister E, Mom Snowbird, oldest sister L and me on the end. Only one missing is baby brother Bill who was working that day.

It was a great day seeing everyone in person. We talk on the phone each day but there's nothing like a real visit.

Have been taking Buddy for walks on the new carriage trails. It's good for him to get out and get some exercise and see something different then just the pasture. Can't ride him yet but that's okay, I need the exercise too. I'm really not as big as these pictures look. I had on two coats! lol! And to think they say that pictures don't lie.........

Next week we head for Disney World for a week. Mom and Dad will be here to hold down the fort and the ponies and horses will be back at the stable. I may bring Buddy back here for a while longer when I get home. We lost our old kitty Morris on Saturday due to old age so there will just be the two monsters Noodles and Munchkin for Mom and Dad to take care of.
Morris was 17 or 18 years old, he came to us as a stray and we took him in. In recent years he developed a thyroid condition that caused him to lose weight continually. We tried the medication but it just wasn't meant to be. We miss him and I still think I see him coming around the corner sometimes looking for his food dish. He had a good life here on the farm though and we can't expect to have them forever. All of you that are animal lovers know how I feel right now but time eases the pain and we have lots of happy memories to think about. :o)
Guess that's it and now I need to go down to the sewing room and get to work. If you have a chance stop over to Pea's at Pea's Corner and wish her a happy birthday as she has a birthday this week. She is always so nice about wishing other bloggers happy birthday on their special day. I will warn you though that she just celebrated Canada's Thanksgiving and there are some pictures of turkey and pumpkin pie that will have you drooling on your keyboards!!!!! Please wear a bib as I won't be held responsible!! :o)


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How fun for you to see all those family members....snakes and all.

I bet you are glad to have your sewing machines back....guess we know what you will be up to.

Sorry to hear about your cat!

dcrmom said...

Disney. I'm so jealous!

the moose buyer said...

Good to see Buddy doing well. Love your critter story. I too am a reptile person but I must admit I am not too fond when they must be given baby mice to eat.

Have a great time at Disney world. I know you will love it.

KC said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family.. I loved the family picture of all your sisters and your parents. That is a keeper, too bad your brother couldn't be in it :(

All your fall/halloween decor is so pretty, your house looks wonderful

I am so very thankful that you didn't have a bleed when you feel off the horse and hit your head.. OH My Goodness how very scary. I think you are right, what you said on my blog, God isn't done using you yet :) and that I'm thankful for.

Now to answer your question about if there is a way to just move all the questions from my meme into your blog..
Yes that is, Do you know how to copy and paste things??
I'm just going to act as if you don't and let you know how to, I'll go email that to you now.

KC said...

ok forget the email LOL, I just saw I don't have your email :)
to copy and paste.
1st go to what you want to copy. in this case my blog post.
Highlight the whole post.(do this by left clicking and holding it down on the mouse. Then scroll the mouse over the whole post. When it is all highlighted let go of the left button on the mouse) Then right click on the mouse and a little pop up will pop up and on that it will give you the option to copy. click on copy. Then go to your blog get to where your making a new post and put the cursor in the body of the new post and then right click on your mouse again and that little pop up will pop up again then click on the Paste option and it should put everything you had just copied into your post.. Then you can just delete all my answers and leave the questions. and write in your own answers.

Did this just totally confused you?? I hope not, I know I'm not always the best at explaining this sort of computer stuff.

I figured this would be good information to have even if you don't do this meme, this way you aren't spending so much time typing out all the questions to future ones.

OHHHHHHHHH also forgot to tell you to have a wonderful time at Disney.

Dawn said...

Ann B. Ross wrote the Miss Julia books. Both series are easy reads and such fun. I thought I put her name in there. Hmmm.

Did you go to Disneyworld about this time last year? I think that's when we first "met."

The day trip looks like fun and full!!

PEA said...

Whaddya mean you didn't take pictures of your sister's Halloween decorations, what kind of blogger are you???? hehe! Sounds and looks like you had so much fun visiting family...I wish my brothers were close by but everyone is out of town, two of them being in another province! Love that picture of you and your sister with the apple cider! A little "kick" to it eh? Oh my, a snake...just keep it away from me!!! Ugh! Glad to see that Buddy is out and about, he's come such a long way:-) Oh wow, you're going to Disney World...give a hug to Pooh for me please:-) I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty...after having him for that many years, you certainly will miss him!! Love ya! xoxox

Joan said...

Wow...that was some family adventure...snakes included! You're one brave lady. And your photos sure show how much fun you had.

Sorry to hear about Morris although it sounds like he lived a long life. It's obvious that he found a wonderful loving and caring family to spend his life with...just ask Buddy.

BarnGoddess said...

snakes! my Wee One would love it!

Oh dear about Morris. You gave him love and a wonderful home. Your right, time does heal the pain.

Buddy is looking wonderful :)

Have a great trip!

Tonya said...

Wow what a weekend with the family...that had to be great. I am still amazed that you said y'all talk every day. But I'll have to say I am not a fan of any snakes....I have a saying about snakes and the only good snake is a....but I'll spare you that since you seemed to like them - LOL!

I'm so sad to hear about Morris. You just wrote that he sleeps in your den and his blanket is in there - how sad!!!!

That Buddy is doing really well! I am so glad for you all!

Disney - oh that makes me tired thinking about it. The girls want to go but with the baby coming I don't know when we will get to go! Did y'all go in the past year too prior to this trip?

Susie said...

Great to catchup with you. Your family get together looks like such fun. How blessed you are to have each other and your parents too...
Have a wonderful time at Disneyworld.
(or maybe you'll update before you go?)
Hope you're feeling a bit better with each passing day..
Love and ((hugs))

Lucy Stern said...

It looks like you have a wonderful family. It is fun to see them all in person, even when we talk to them on a daily basis.

Have fun at Disney....Sorry you lost your "old" kittie. We lost our "old" Andie about six months ago. She was 17 years old and was on her last leg. She just disappeared one day and we never saw her again. I know how you feel, been there, done that.

palmtreefanatic said...

Say Hi to Mickey for me!!!
My oldest WOULD LOVE to have that snake! I say no way! We got him a kitten instead;)
I think kitties are just a tad more cuddly!;)

your family sounds wonderful!