Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're Home! Yippee!

Going on vacation is wonderful. The weeks and months leading up to it are so much fun planning and thinking of the things you want to do. I think that is a big part of the whole experience. Then you get home and you start thinking about what you did, who said what, downloading pictures, deleting the ones that make you look fat, you know all the regular things.

We arrived home about two hours ago. It was raining cats and dogs to say the least. We got up at 3 am this morning to catch our 6 am flight out of Orlando. Now I am a detail person. I plan our trips, make the arrangements, call ahead and confirm things, I want to know that everything is going to go smoothly. Is that too much to ask??

Anywho, this morning we were up way before the crack of dawn all showered, packed, suitcases out on the curb and a single cab pulls up. Now there were 7 of us going. How do you put 7 especially with two needing booster seats in a single cab? I had ordered a VAN! I had even called the day before to make sure they brought the booster seats for T and D in this VAN. I was not happy. It was raining. Four went in this cab with the promise of another one on the way.

There we sat on the curb with our luggage getting wet, actually we were getting wet, like three little lost souls. Time was inching along as it does when you are waiting in the dark, in the rain, for a cab to come so that you make your flight out of Orlando. He arrived and we made it in plenty of time but why doesn't anyone do what they are supposed to do?????? I wanted a VAN!

We got to Philly with a three hour layover, once again because someone (U*S A*ir) changed the time of our flight, and it started to rain. It just poured so the plane we were were waiting for was late getting in so we were late getting out. We arrived at our airport and I happened to glance up at the board and I guess Philly must have really gotten hammered with rain and fog as most of their flights were either delayed or cancelled all together! Yikes! And I'm complaining about not getting my van, I should be ashamed. We could still be still sitting in the Philly airport with the kids playing UNO for the 77th time! Instead we are all home safe and sound. I can tend to be a bit crabby when my well thought out plans don't go just as they should and I think I need to work on patience. Remember last spring they (Hard Rock Hotel) put us on the dog wing, now that is something to complain about! Dogs barking at all hours of the night is a legitimate case for crabbing.

I have quite a few pictures to post and you will have to bear with me as this is my online journal of sorts and I do print each post off for my grand kids to read later on when they are older. When I try to post pictures they always go to the top of the post and then I have to move them down where I want them so then I have to move everything up to the top of the page again. Do you all have that same problem or is there something I should be doing so that the picture goes to the paragraph I am writing about????? If you have a solution PLEASE tell me!! :o)

This is Hubby taking some things into the condo. There are LOTS of palm trees there so I thought of my buddy Tina at Palm Tree Fanatic very often!!!

This is Funsize and T at The Dix*ie Stamp*ede. You could only take pics of the horses outside.

Of course we had to have a visit from Pluto at one of our meals. D and K really enjoyed that but T wasn't into it this year.

Here they are coming down the River Rapids, that is Son with his arms up in the blue shirt. They got soaked to the skin! Sure glad I didn't go on that one . I am not partial to walking around the rest of the day in wet underwear!!!
Guess that's enough for today. I will be writing more for a few days to get everything in that I want. (I can see your eyes glazing over now!) But back to this vacation thing. It's all about family. It's giving your grand kids your undivided attention for a week without your day to day distractions. It's staying with them when they are all tired out and need to crash for a day and pampering them. It's sitting around playing UNO with anyone who wants to play. It's holding those freshly bathed kiddos that smell of shampoo and soap that you wish you could just remember forever. It's time well spent. It doesn't have to be at Dis*ney Wor*ld or any fancy resort, it can be in your back yard. They will always remember. :o)


Dawn said...

I think you're doing remarkably well considering the circumstances! Too bad some of that rain can't head to California or Alabama or N. Carolina or Georgia, eh?

Now I'm really curious about the brilliance that your kitty destroyed - Hmmm. I will definitely be thinking of you as you make my rolls. I wish I could claim the recipe, but I can't. I just use it. And share it. Let me know how they turn out!

As for picture posting, I don't know what method you use, but Flickr works really well for me.

Donna said...

Welcome home! My Grandma used to have a throw on her rocking chair that said, "Travel east, travel west. After all, home is best."

I think it's just a blogger thing, putting the pictures all at the top. If you find some other way, I'd be interested in knowing!

PEA said...

Yeahhhhhhh you're home safe and sound:-) Oh dear, I know what you mean about getting a tad upset when your plans don't go like you planned them...I'm the same way, I always want everything to go perfect! lol I'm so looking forward to seeing all the pictures you'll be posting...makes me feel like I was there:-) When I download my pictures for my posts, they go on top and I have to place them where I want, just like you so it's a Blogger thing! You truly do know the meaning of a vacation with family...time to spend together:-) xoxo

Joan said...

Happy homecoming! Even with all your traveling problems, your photos show you had a wonderful time. I'm sorry about all that rain...we'd love to take some from you here in Southern California.

As for the Blogger thing, I'm afraid it happens to everyone, I think. It is annoying but what can you do? Blogger is free so I doubt things will improve.

Have a wonderful day.

Susie said...

Welcome home! You were really missed.
I would have been annoyed about the van mixup too. Customer service is not very good these days..
As for your pictures: Here's what I do. After is downloaded to the post (at the top) I right click and press "copy". I then go to where I want it in the test and "paste". (Then delete the one at the top as you will have two of the same picture.)
Repeat for each picture you want to add. It's pretty much just copy and paste for me..
Is that clear as mud? email me if you need more help!

dcrmom said...

Glad you're home safe and sound. The philly airport is the WORST. I should know. Can't wait to see more pictures!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Glad you got home safely and had a great time...can't wait to see more photos.

palmtreefanatic said...

I wanna go there~! the dixie stampede looks like so much fun!

I love love love the palm trees! thanks for thinking of me;)