Friday, October 26, 2007

The Last Day Of Vacation

Amazing how fast 8 days goes when you're having fun! Doesn't seem possible it's time to pack up and head out tomorrow morning at 3:45!!! Yes, you heard me 3:45 am! Thank you US Air for changing my reservations by two hours..........grrrrrrrr....... Now two hours later wouldn't have riled me up much, but earlier and not getting home any sooner is another story. Just a longer layover in Philly. Any way it is what it is so not one bit of sense getting upset over it.

I am all packed except for the essentials for the morning. I doubt I will sleep much, just wake up every hour and look at the clock. Yawn....... Actually it will be good, I will sleep on the plane. D has slept all day practically. He just plain ran out of steam from our busy schedule and said enough is enough and has been taking in the z's all day.

Funsize, Hubby and I just got back from checking out a gorgeous equestrian center a few miles down the road. It is something made in the dreams of horse lovers! I have seen quite a few centers in my travels but nothing that compares to this one. The board starts at $800.00 a month for a year contract and $900.00 a month when paid monthly. Rather expensive for my pocketbook especially with 5 horses! Anyhow it was fun looking around and seeing everything and checking out all the horses, taking a few pictures here and there. Don't see anything like it going up in my neck of the woods in the near future though!

When you go on vacation shouldn't you BE on vacation? How come then is there something charging in practically every outlet in this place? Of course cameras don't count but what about cell phones, two Blackberries, handheld play stations etc etc? Really, every where I look there is something plugged in. Guess it's the age we live in and the cell phones sure do come in handy don't they?

I guess we've seen everything there is to be seen, ridden on everything that goes forward, backwards, upside down and fast. We've eaten more then our share of junk food but have had some lovely meals here too. If you check it out you can find things other then mickey burgers and fries. It's time to go home and have some good home cooking. Funny how restaurant food gets old after awhile. Don't know how people eat out every meal. I have a friend at home that doesn't cook and eats out all the time. That may sound good in theory but in reality for me....yuck!

I'm anxious to see my horses and cats and of course Mom and Dad who have been holding down the fort. They will have some tall tales to tell of the bear on the back deck and such. I'm tempted to hang a cooked chicken out there to lure him back so that I can get some pictures but then my common sense jumps in and and says NOT! We had one a few years ago that came around a few times and I did get some pictures and when I get a scanner I'll have to post them. I'm just not ready to try to learn a new technology right now. Haven't mastered this one yet by a long shot.

Next time I write it will be from home. Yippee! I love it here but there's no place like home!!!


Peggy said...

have a safe trip home. thanks for stopping by my blog and will be adding you to the stocking swap.

PEA said...

You know, it's so true what you's nice to get away on vacation but then it's also nice to come back home:-) What a shame you have to get up sooo early for the flight home but hopefully you'll be able to sleep on the plane. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all...can't wait to see pictures:-) Gosh, over $800 a month to board a least you got to LOOK! lol Safe trip back and "see" you tomorrow when you're back home!! Love you!! xoxo

Tonya said...

It sounds like you have had a great trip. We have had a crazy week because hubby has been out of town. Although he did pay someone to come feed the horses for me so I wouldn't have to get out and do it.

You'll have to post pics of the Horse Stables / Mansion! While we are on the subject - this place is for sale near me for the low, low price of $14.1 million - heck, I'd take the Ranch Managers house -

Well, try to get some sleep before your flight! Have a safe trip!

Susie said...

I'm so glad you had the chance to get away, and have stayed in touch while you were gone. I truly appreciate (more than I can tell you) the comments and prayers about Grandpa.
It's friends like you that make blogging so meaningful.
Praying for a safe flight home for you and yours..

Rising Rainbow said...

Have a safe trip home!

$800 a month for board, holy something or other, that's staggering. For that kind of money it would have to be pretty darn fancy.

Sorry about the delay. That would make me crazy.

Dawn said...

Hope by the time you read this you'll have had an uneventful trip home and eaten something home cooked. I agree with you totally - I love eating out, but on vacation I actually finally get to the point where I don't really like it. What would be ideal is if someone was at my house grocery shopping (and paying for the grocieries), cooking, cleaning up, and then disappearing. Well, we can dream!

I wouldn't advise the chicken lure!