Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

Are you all still humming Monday, Monday???? NOW you will be! Aren't I bad, just like stirring up a bit of trouble! I couldn't get that song out of my head even into Tuesday! I wonder if they have a song for Thursday?

It's sewing day today along with a hair appointment and a massage and adjustment on the back and neck from my fall. (That sentence had too many ands in it didn't it? My grammar isn't what it used to be.) Mimi is coming over and we are going to sew up a storm in preparation for the craft fairs. She's going to be teaching me a new bag design so that will be fun. This one is smaller and has one over the shoulder strap.


Well the sewing machines were humming as we worked today. It is a really cute design and I think I am going to like having something different to work on.

I am just so out of anything exciting to write about. The painters had to leave today as it started raining so it was pretty quiet. I'll tell you though it's pretty unnerving to be going.........ahem.........potty and to all of a sudden hear someone on the roof right outside the window in the bathroom!!!! I bet the painter wasn't any more then three feet from me as the.....ahem.....potty is on the outside wall! Visions went through my head of the shade all of a sudden falling down and there I would be sitting on the throne! Let me tell you I finished things up fast and was out of there!

Seeings as I am on potty issues the horses were naughty today. It was overcast which makes it a little buggy in the pasture so they hung out in the barn where they have the freedom of coming and going. When I went out to feed tonight there had been a lot of 'going' on the main barn floor instead of going outside where they are supposed to 'go' if you get my drift! Also they had opened the tack room door and dragged a whole bale of hay out and had been feasting on that all afternoon. I think it was Nick as he seems to be the Houdini in the bunch but they all were accomplices as they had hay on their breath!

Tomorrow I have to go over to the Open MRI place to check out the metal mask that they put over your face when you have a head MRI. I am a very claustrophobic person. The thought of even being locked in a closet freaks me out so I can't do the regular MRI machine. Thankfully they have an open one that I have used on occasion and seeings as I landed on my head recently the doc wants to take a look inside and see if my brain is still there.

I wasn't nervous about this at all until they called to confirm my appointment and I asked to confirm that it was indeed the OPEN one and they said yes it was but I would have to wear a mask..........Wasn't there a movie out a few years ago about a man in a metal mask starring Leonardo DiCaprio??? Anyway that's all I could think of was that totally metal mask and I started to sweat! And it clips to the machine and you can't move. I assured her that I could lay very still but she said sorry I have to wear the mask, the metal mask that is clipped to the machine that you can't move in. Aaaaacccccckkkkkkk!

I want to say a big thank you to KC over at Mindless Chatter Of A Busy Mom for the You Make Me Smile Award that she bestowed on me recently. I hope I make people smile with my sometimes foolish chatter and with the things in my life that make me smile like my family, my horses, my beautiful state and my God. I would have to say Back At You KC as you have a wonderful blog about your beautiful family and all the things that you do as a family, it really makes me smile!!! Also love the music on your site!!! :o) If you like good Praise and Worship music hop on over to KC's and have a listen!

Tomorrow I am going to give Mom Snowbird a perm. I'm going to try to talk her into before and after pictures but the odds aren't too good that she will let me! Maybe I will bribe her with a trip to Dairy Queen and I wouldn't want her to eat alone so I would have to have one too........


Susie said...

That metal mask idea has me squirming too! Do they put music in your ears at least?
My Mom always had to have the open MRI and they practically put her to sleep, even for that.
I know what you mean about the "potty" issues. I felt exactly the same way when our roof was done (and our windows)
Congrats on your award!

Dawn said...

I have always thought I would have a very hard time if I had to have an MRI. So far so good! I hope yours goes well.

The "potty" stories gave me a good chuckle - glad you had the shade down - and what naughty horsies!

Tonya said...

Oh my word on the MRI...with my back issues, I have had my share. I get worked up just thinking about them. In one of them I had, they had to tell me to be still. I really thought I was being still but I think I may have been concentrating so hard on being still....that I wasn't. I was probably breathing hard too!

And it goes without saying that you always make me smile!!!

I love the part that all the horses had hay on their breath....I would have loved to seen you sniffing their mouths for the smell of hay!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I am claustrophobic too and had a hard time with the MRI machine that was not "open". If they would just show us how to unhook the thing if we "needed" too, I think that would help alot.

kdwhorses said...

I love horses who are houdnis!! I have one of those!! I think there always has to be one!
The potty story had me chuckling, I thought thoses things only happened to me! Have a great and blessed day!!

Myrna said...

I'm a day late reading this, so it's too late to wish you well before the fact. I hope all went well today with your MRI.

Those are not fun tests. I close my eyes and think of something specific that requires thinking --like trying to "see" in my mind everything I can think of that is pink--or blue--or orange. Or listing all the different kinds of trees I can think of. Anything to keep my mind off of the being closed in or whatever. Works for me!

KC said...

I'm late reading this, so I hope all went well.
UGH metal mask, I think that might freak me out more then the closed MRI. I hope it all went well for you. Let us know.
Your very welcome, your blog does make me smile.. and a big Thank you for all the kind things you said about me and my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend

palmtreefanatic said...

The Metal mask sounds disturbing! Hope that all went well! I think there is ALOT of closterphobic people out there!

I enjoyed the "potty" stories, I think horses are as sneaky as other animals and humans too for that fact!

as to reply to your comment on my post I have very thick hair! I buy Nioxin for my DH he has been developing scalp issues!;)

You deserve that award! Your blog always makes me smile! I also appreciate all your visiting on my blog and the nice comments!
Hope you had a fun sewing day, and a Great weekend ahead!

Rising Rainbow said...

Hope the MRI went well. I've never had to have one but have sat at the darn machine holding onto Lindsay's foot to reassure her way more times that I'd like to admit. I think after all the times I've seen her through, I'd be embarrassed not to be as brave.

As for Houdini horses, they are my favorite! There's just something special about the little imps! lol Hay on their breath..........good one.

So where are the pictures of the new bag? Huh?? just wanting to keep us guessing.

And the sewing thing is hard on your back and neck too, you know. AFter all my years at the machine, I've had more than my share of chiropractors and phyical therapists telling me long hours at the sewing machine were very bad news. It never did stop me though. lol

BarnGoddess said...

I wish we had a DQ out here in OK!!! I LOVE them.....

mucking out the barn is not one of my favorite chores BUT if I had to choose between that and vacuuming or mopping my house floors, mucking out would win by a long shot!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

You are bad- Monday, Monday!

Enjoy that Dairy Queen for me!


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