Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I guess I'd better get a post out this week as we leave on Friday for Florida. I have been watching the weather channel and it looks like the rain is heading out of there so should be good by the time we arrive.

I called my travel agent to check on some seating issues and boy did she have a surprise for me! On the way down there is only a ten minute difference in our flight schedule but on the way back instead of leaving Orlando at 8 AM we leave at 6:15 which means we will have to be at the airport at 5ish, which means we leave the resort at 4:30 which means we get up at 3:30!!!!! Yikes and double yikes!! Now this wouldn't be so bad but we don't get home any earlier just a longer layover at our one stop........

I am not a happy camper. With three young ones it will be a long three hours in that airport. AND when were they going to tell us about these changes? Now I know we live on the edge of nowhere but we still do like to know what's going on. My travel agent tells me this happens all the time so I guess we have just been lucky that it hasn't happened before to this extent. Also our flights are all overbooked so we run the risk of getting bumped. Do you think they would let us sleep at the airport the night before????????

Tomorrow my boys go back to the stable for the winter. Once again I am not a happy camper. I miss them when they are not here, especially sitting on the sun porch and watching them graze in the pasture or taking treats like carrots and cucumbers out to them. It has to be this way due to zoning issues even though we have 400 acres, plus we travel more in the winter and it's hard to get someone to come in and take care of them. They have a nice place at the stable and two of them have been going there for 15 years. There are 6 others there including Lil' Bud, Funsize's Morgan.

I have been packing up their things today and putting them in the trailer and tomorrow morning Dad will help me hook up to the Tahoe and my friend Ann is coming to help me load them and unload at the stable. It's always a hard day but I can go up as often as I want and I sure won't miss feeding and all when it's -20* this winter!

I need to get packed but will probably do that on Thursday night. This is an easy trip to pack for as it's all casual, no dress clothes like on the conventions that we go to. With the washer and dryer in the condo we don't have to take as much and can also come home with clean clothes and not a suitcase full of dirty ones! You gotta love that!

Funsize is excited as she hasn't been to Dis*ney for about 15 years and a lot has changed since then. We will hit Universal again too as T and D loved it when we were there in May. We are staying at Old Key West this time. No more chances at a Universal resort of being put on the dog wing!! Being a member of the kennel club once was enough for me.

I have to go in and see my doctor tomorrow. My elbow where I took the fall off Lil'Bud is all swelled up again and seems to be full of fluid. I am envisioning a huge needle coming towards me tomorrow to drain it off...........aaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk!

DIL, Mimi and I have all our things ready for the craft fair that's going to be held while we are gone. My sister J is going to man the table for us. Nothing like doing a craft fair and not even being there. When we get back we will have one week to finish up anything that we want done for the big fair. Funsize and I went to a big one at the University of Maine on Sunday afternoon after church. It was held in the field house and I couldn't tell you how many vendors were there, it was full! We did mostly looking and comparing prices of other peoples totes but did buy a couple of things. The new smokeless soy candles seem to be the thing now and we each got one and we always buy new catnip toys from our favorite organic catnip vendor.

We got home in time to get the barn cleaned again and spiffed up as we had about 30 children from our church Awana program coming for a hay ride, hike, story time, bonfire, food and song time. They all got to go in the barn and see the horses and then the hayride was pulled by Hubby on the John Deere. I loved watching them sing the Praise and Worship songs by the bonfire, wish I had gotten some pictures. What's wrong with me, I missed a blogging opportunity!!! :o( I think I must be slipping!

Guess that's it for tonight. Halloween will be here before you know it so watch out for all those friendly spooks!


Susie said...

That early flight with the little ones sounds "fun" Maybe they'll all be so tired from visiting Mickey that they'll sleep ;)
I know you'll miss having your horses nearby but knowing you, you'll be visiting as often as you can!
I just loved the tote you made for Pea. Your work is gorgeous!!
Have a restful vacation and I'll be praying for safe, uneventful travel for all of you..
Love and ((hugs))

Rising Rainbow said...

I can't believe you have that much land and you can't keep your horses on it year round. There's something really wrong with that.

Hope you have a fun trip. The layover sounds like a drag. And sleeping in the airport.....sounds worse than a long layover.

Doing a show without having to be there, what a bonus, that is if she's into it. I hate setting up and tearing down. How did your show go for you?

Have a safe trip!!

kdwhorses said...

Have a great and safe vacation. I would defintely have fun things for the kiddos to do and snacks!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How great of you to host a hayride for the youth. I used to love hayrides when I was a kid and our FCA tries to do one a year for the kids now.

PEA said...

Let's see if Blogger will behave this morning and not eat my comments!! Oh dear, I can see why you were not a happy camper when you found out about the EARLY flight...geesh!

By now your horses are at the stable...I can well imagine how much you'll miss them but at least they're not too far away and you can still go visit them whenever you want:-)

Yikes on that elbow...what did the doctor do when you went to see him??? I turned green at the thought of a big needle! lol

Glad to hear you're all set for that craft fair that you won't be there for! lol I've no doubt your totes will sell like hotcakes, they really are sooooo gorgeous!!

I wish I lived near you...I think we'd get along so well:-) I love hayrides and I think it's great that you host them for the youth...I'd sneak in there to join them! hehe

Have a simply MARVELOUS time in Disney and I'll miss you terribly while you're gone. Take TONS of pictures and have FUN!! There, I've given you your orders! lol Love you dear friend! xoxo

KC said...

Have a wonderful trip

Janey Loree said...

Oh, Midlife Mom, this shows I haven't been around your blog enough! I hope that you are feeling better after your fall!!

In answer to your question about the equine webring...no, your blog does not have to be exclusively about horses. You post on a regular basis about your horses and their part in your every day life. Also, you belong as a member of the webring because it is evident how you feel about our equine family members!!!

In answer to your question about TnT putting a tarp on Oakley...the guys are just working on calming her nerves. She has settled down a lot since the move back to Texas, but they want to "sack" her out more so that she is as laid back as the mustangs!!!

Have a great trip!

Dawn said...

I"m sure you won't read this till you get back, but have a wonderful time. HOpe your elbow is okay while you're gone! You really did it to yourself, didn't you??

I know you'll miss the horses, but you're so right about those early morning frigid feedings, I'm sure!

Hey, love love love the bag you sent Pea. Being the bag lady that I am, I need to get one of those from you someday! I can't believe you went so far as to find fairy material. So sweet.

Thanks for the comment about being the Energizer Bunny - I feel more like the rechargeable batteries in my camera - they have to be charged up way too often!

BarnGoddess said...

awwww, sorry your horses went back to their winter quarters already. at least you KNOW for a fact they are being well looked after when your away from home-that is a HUGE peace of mind.

I'm with risingrainbow, owning and PAYING taxes on 400 acres and not being allowed to keep your horses there is insane.

People who live in town on mere acres in Oklahoma are allowed to keep livestock/horses/animals.

Have a GREAT time in FL!!!!!!!

Kaila said...

I'm sorry about your horses. I'm sure they'll miss you as well.

Have a safe and fun time on your trip!

palmtreefanatic said...

I hope you are having a fabulous time! Will be anxious to hear all about it! and see lots of pics!