Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More vacation fun

Another day in fantasy land. Today we chose to go to Animal Kingdom. We arrived when they were opening the doors so got on some of the rides before the crowds got too thick. It was VERY hot so those in my group that are adventurous didn't mind getting all wet on the Water Rapids. I chose to stay dry. If you are wet it's fine if you are outside in the heat but when you go inside with the cold air conditioning you really feel chilled. We took along dry clothes for the little ones to change into for that reason.

We had lunch at The Rain For*est Cafe and it was so dark in there I couldn't read the menu! I should have taken it outside to read in the sun!! The food was very good and way too much of it! Came back to the condo and had a nap, should have walked off the meal instead!

Everyone is out again tonight except me and D. He was a bit tired still so we stayed in tonight and had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. After that huge lunch we really didn't want anything more. Some of the crowd has gone back to Mag*ic Kingdom and some to Ep*cot to see the fireworks. Son and DIL have gone to Down Town Dis*ney for dinner and a show.

Called home tonight and Mom and Dad were having some excitement! As we were talking a Maine black bear came up on the back deck looking for bird seed!!!!! They were a bit startled to say the least and I was yelling to get the camera! (always looking for good blogging material you know!) Guess the bird feeders will have to come in at night from now on. Glad the boys are at the stable and not out back in the barn or they would be in a snit!

Someone mentioned that I hadn't posted any pictures of the horses at Dix*ie Stampede. I did take a few before the show of the horses in their stalls but they won't let you take any during the show at all. Bummer! Also I'm on Hubby's laptop and I can't download any pictures on this thing. it's hard enough just to try to type! ha! I'm used to a big keyboard not this little one. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Tomorrow we head for the water park. Just my favorite day, getting into a bathing suit...........NOT! I think I will threaten everyone within an inch of their life if they get near me with a camera! Today was bad enough trying to run to catch a bus with someones video camera going........not a pretty sight! But you know what, I am thankful for two legs that work, I saw a young man today with just one leg and one prosthesis and realized how blessed I am to have two! :o)

Well D has had his bath and has his jammies on and is laying down on the sofa watching Dis*ney channel. Guess I should be getting him off to bed in a few minutes. Maybe he will be in a snugly mood and let me rock him. Love the smell of a little one all clean from their bath and shampoo. Should bottle it and make a million!


PEA said...

I want to be there tooooo!! Sounds like another fun day full of adventure:-) When I go to Canada's Wonderland near Toronto, I love going on the waterpark rides but then I look like a drowned rat the rest of the day! lol Oh dear, imagine your parents seeing a bear on your deck while they were on the phone with you...you'll have to train them to always have a camera at the ready! hehe Have fun tomorrow...it's turned very cold here so I think I'll hibernate tomorrow! lol Love ya! xoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! sounds like you are all having SOOO much fun! SUPERB!
I love the rain forest Cafe! What a neat place that is! Sounds like everyone is enjoying themselves all spread out in the attractions! enjoy it as it goes so quick!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

So glad that you are having a good time...it sounds like so much fun!

I love the bear story...telling her to get the camera....anything for the blog!

BarnGoddess said...

awww, I hope you rocked D. I still rock my Wee One when he lets me!

It sounds like you are having a blast in FL!

How neat a Black Bear! Did your folks get a photo?

Dawn said...

Sounds like a great time. I"m with you on every level - getting wet on the water rides, sitting around in a bathing suit (I will not even be taking one to Hawaii with us in December), the smell of freshly bathed grandchildren!