Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Friday Already!

Where do the weeks go? It's Friday and I haven't accomplished half what I intended to do. I am going to tackle this den today if I do nothing else. It's where we seem to congregate, the toys are in here, Morris my old cat sleeps on the sofa in here on his blanket which needs regular washing, my desk looks like a hurricane struck it, you get my drift!

The painters are still here. Still here. They must be getting pretty nearly done but this is a big house that they sanded down to the bare wood and now are repainting and staining the whole thing so I know it's a big job. The front is pretty much done with the shutters back in place and now they are working on the back.

In the midst of this my mother noticed some mold in one of her closets. I had my carpenter stop by on his way home from work and he took out a small piece of the wall and low and behold it was all wet behind there and even going into the insulation down in the basement. Evidently when the air conditioning people installed the system they neglected to place the drainage pipe outside and instead it was dripping inside the wall for almost three years. The carpenter had to tear out more of the wall, the insulation and more of the floor will need to be taken up. It's the little white pipe that you can see in the picture. All of these 2X6's will have to be replaced, the insulation, the flooring etc... Thankfully my carpenter said he can do the work tomorrow and it will only be a one day job. The contractor felt terrible about it and will pay all of the expenses.

I've finally gotten some decorating done around the house. Can't do the front porch yet as they still have to put another coat on the floor but have some things inside. I think I will try to find some pumpkin colored candles for over this fireplace.

These are the place mats I have on the kitchen table. I think they are so cute!

This is the hutch in the dining room. I still have some silk leaves to put up in the glassed in part. Mom has done her decorating too these are just a couple of pics.

I got my MRI results back and they seem to be okay. The tumor is on the left frontal lobe above my eye. It has for the most part calcified which I guess is good. The best part was that it didn't bleed when I hit my head. I hit on the other side but when you hit hard I understand that your brain does move around a bit so it could have caused a bleed which would've been not so good. They do want me to go see a neurologist for a second opinion which is already scheduled but I am comfortable that this is a harmless tumor at this point. If it grows I may have to have something done and will have regular CT scans to keep an eye on it. I have sooooooooo much to be thankful for and give God the glory in all of this! Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!!

Need to go to TJ Maxx to get the rest of the things for the Halloween Swap that my dear blogging buddy Pea hosted and get them in the mail TODAY! This has been so much fun and I strongly urge you to participate next year if she hosts it again! We all swapped names and are sending a Halloween package to the person who's name we got so we all are watching the mailbox with anticipation! :o) I will post what comes in my package when it arrives.

I have my Ipod on and Lean On Me is playing. I love that song and this is a different arrangement sung by Michael Bolton who I love. I have everything on my Ipod from country to Praise and Worship and Motown. I like all kinds of music except rap, jazz and hard rock. I have a country station on in the barn for the horses but maybe they would prefer classical who knows???

They are getting fuzzy in preparation for winter and look so cute in their hunter orange halters. I will miss them when they go back to the stable the week before we go to Florida on the 19th of this month. It's very peaceful and tranquil (is that redundant?) to sit on the back deck and watch them grazing in the pasture. Sometimes the turkeys are out there with them and they seem to get along fine. Noodles is usually stalking the turkeys but as yet has caught one! ha! I think the turkeys are safe enough.

Guess I will go get Mom Snowbird and head out to TJ Maxx the best place to get seasonal decorations. Dad Snowbird is off mowing one of his many lawns and businesses. They will go back to Florida after Thanksgiving along with Buffy their cat.

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying this lovely Fall season.



BarnGoddess said...

Im first! yay!

Your Fall decor looks wonerful. I love decorating for Fall :)

oh dear, Im so glad you caught the mold fast, that is bad stuff.

I am sorry to hear your babies will be going back to their 'winter housing'. Iknow you'll miss seeing them every time you glance out your window or walk outside. I bet they miss you just as much.

Your in my thoughts, may you get a good report from your nuero!

dcrmom said...

I just adore your fireplace. I am SO glad there seems to be nothing to worry about with the tumor. UGH. I know how disconcerting it was when I thought I had one of those. They must not be uncommon???

Happy fall!!! It's so hot and humid here, it seems strange even saying it's fall. Not that I'm complaining, though. I could do without the humidity, but I love the warm weather for as long as it lasts.

the moose buyer said...

Great blog. Very happy that you seem ok after your fall

Love the house and the decorations. You sure live in an area where Halloween is glorious.

Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I love your fall decorations! It looks so pretty.

So glad that your MRI turned out good....God is good!

Suzy said...

Glad to hear that your getting better!!You must have really taken a nasty fall,to still be so black and blue.
Your fall decorations look great...your home is very pretty!
Good to hear from you...


Kaila said...

I really like your fireplace! Isn't it great deocrating for fall?

kdwhorses said...

What great pictures, love the fall decorations. I know you will miss your babies when they go. :( I love watching our horses, I could stay with them for hours on end. It is great therapy!! Glad the results were good. Thank goodness. Hope you have a great and blessed weekend!!

Myrna said...

Whew! that mold can be bad stuff. My son and his family stayed with us for several months while their house was being worked on. It started with mold and they ended up just doing a kitchen remodel! Now they live in a different house!anyway--Not fun, that mold! Glad you caught it early.

Your decorations are great. I'm enjoying seeing all this fall decorating everyone is doing. I have done a little, but a little is all I'm doing this year!

Susie said...

That is truly wonderful news about the MRI results..
You fall decor is gorgeous, esp. your fireplace.
Glad that mold was caught early. It can really turn into a monumental job if let go.
We're enjoying fall completely, glad you are as well!

Lucy Stern said...

You have been a busy bee....I'm glad that your CT scan came out OK...Go read this webpage and see if it might be helpful to you in shrinking your tumor.

I'm glad that you found the water problem, in the wall, before it got worse... Have a good weekend.

PEA said...

First of all, thank God your MRI results turned out fine...I've had you so much in my mind lately!! When you think of how it could have turned out, you realize how very lucky you are!

I so LOVE your Autumn decorations...that fireplace of yours is gorgeous!! Everything looks wonderful and so welcoming...I want to come visit you soooo badly:-)

Good lord, that's all you needed, to find mold behind that wall but I'm glad it's being taken care of right away. Also good thing that the contractor is paying the expenses!!

I know how much you'll miss your horses when they go back to the stables for the winter...I'm sure they'll miss you just as much!

The Halloween Swap was so much fun to put I just hope everyone receives their parcel!! lol Can't wait for you to receive yours:-)

You take good care of yourself dear heart and know that I'm thinking of you!! xoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

So happy to hear the MRI results are good!

Your decorating is very beautiful! Sure looks festive at your place!
I only do major decorating for christmas which is coming SOON enough!

I feel bad to hear about the mold, that stuff can be hard to get rid of!
Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Tammy said...

I'm so glad the results are good! What a relief this must be! It's good to get a second opinion and be thorough, but what good news!

It looks like you have the same "high boy" as my mom, and the one I grew up with. Some day I'll probably inherit this- such a beautiful antique!

Beautiful fall decorations, too!

Dawn said...

Your decorations are so lovely. I'm glad they're almost finished with the painting.

I"m so glad your mom discovered that problem - what a mess! Thank the Lord the contractor is honest and will pay!