Monday, October 22, 2007

The dixie Stampede!

Another nice day in the sunny south. A bit warm but lots better then the rain they were predicting. Yesterday we went back to the ma*gic Kingdom to hit a few of the rides that we'd missed the day before. It was a special day for kids under 9 years old over in fan*tasy land with all the characters around for those photo opportunities. It was fun for the kids to have that interaction with their favorite character and of course our cameras were clicking from all directions.

That evening we had reservations to go to one of our new favorite shows, The Dix*ie Stampede put on by the Doll*y Parton organization. This is a first class show if you are into horses, comedy, excitement, interaction and fairly good food. We got there early to look at all the horses and they were just gorgeous. Spit polished and ready to go. They are so well trained they make my guys look like stick horses with splinters!

One guy comes out standing on two horses that aren't hooked together and gallops them around the huge arena and then jumps them through a hoop of fire. Now horses are deathly afraid of fire so this is a major accomplishment. The costumes are gorgeous especially during the finale when the room is darkened and they light up and sparkle red, white and blue. The kids and adults alike loved the baby pig races and the other comic routines.

There is an hour preshow that was kind of cute but not earth shattering but it got the crowd in a good mood or maybe it was the drinks that a few of them were consuming with abandon! Actually this was a very clean show that was appropriate for all ages, not a cuss word to be heard.

I would certainly go again next time we are in the area. It amazes me the training these horses have and the things that they can do. I wonder if they burn out doing several shows per day though. They certainly have wonderful care, they looked fabulous.

Today we hit Ep*cot. There are several fairly new rides that we wanted to go on so went right to those and skipped the stuff we've been on a gazillion times. We love the new Soaring ride which makes you feel like you are soaring up over many parts of the country, it's just gorgeous. We had lunch at The Land in the revolving restaurant that has characters, Mickey, Chip and Dale and Pluto. The food is good there too, they grow their own vegetables and fish.

I am getting caught up on every one's laundry. DIL and I DO LOVE OUR WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER! There's an actual laundry room here in the condo not the tiny stackables that are in the newer resorts tucked in a tiny closet! Seriously even though this is an older resort there are a lot of perks. Now if you like nightlife and clubs on site don't come here. You have to go to Down*town Dis*ney for that which is just a couple miles away.

Have tried to call the stable a couple of times to check on the boys but haven't caught the owner at home yet. Makes me homesick for them when I don't know what's going on. I know they must be fine or she would have called me but I still like to know every detail of what they are doing.

Took some pictures of palm trees today for my friend Tina over at Palm Tree Fanatic. Tina, you would go nuts here over the different types of palm trees!!!

Guess I'll go check T again. Went up to her room a few minutes ago and she was grinding her teeth like mad! Hope she is feeling better tomorrow.


Dawn said...

It's great that you're keeping us up to date. Sounds like great fun! I'm sure the boys are fine. Hopefully they're not doing stuff they shouldn't! Hee hee

Donna said...

Cliff and I have done Dixie Stampede at Branson, Mo, twice. The food is SO good! They wouldn't let me take pictures in there, even just of the waiters and waitresses. But it truly is worth the $50 apiece to see it.

PEA said...

Hello my dear friend:-) I'm finally catching up with your news...the last couple of days I've hardly been in the house and I'm afraid my blog visits have suffered! Sounds like you are all having a simply marvelous time, sure wish I was there with you. I love anything Disney, may we never outgrow it:-) Remember to say hi to Pooh for me!!! Love ya! xoxo

kdwhorses said...

Glad to hear you all are having. I was alittle disappointed no pictures of the horse show!?!? It is truly amazing the things they can do. That would be a great thing to be able to see. Thanks for sharing! Hope you all continue to have family fun!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Sounds like LOTS of fun!

Susie said...

I'm woefully behind on visiting due to all going on here. Glad you're having such a wonderful time. Give Micky and Minnie a big hug from me.
Thanks for your prayers for Grandpa.
love and ((hugs))

palmtreefanatic said...

oh oh oh!!! Send me some palm trees;) I know I so live in the wrong area! Theres nothing like waking up to a beautiful sunny palm tree outside the door! sigh...
you are really teasing me;) Cannot WAIT to see some pics!
Did you say Hi to mickey for me?
I am sure the boys are fine! enjoy your time away it goes fast enough! amazing how you get so much laundry on the trip it just seems to follow you everywhere;)
Well good to keep in touch on your trip!