Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow!!



I hate to admit it but for the first time in three years I have the nasty cold that is going around here.  DIL had it, Son had it, T had it, D had it, The Hubs had it and I thought I was going to escape it with my cleaning diligence around the house.  I guess I must have missed a door knob or maybe even the banister or something that had those mean little germs on them.  So as I sneeze and cough with abandon I will try to write a post.  :o)

A few years ago when I was in the local drugstore I found these cute little things that you can change out whenever you want.  I use it in the powder room in the foyer and it gives just enough light to find your way in there in the dark.

bathroom lights 011

You put these cute little things on the hanger and can change them to go with the appropriate season or put something that’s just cute.


bathroom lights 005

Another winter as you know we have a long winter…..

bathroom lights 007


bathroom lights 008


bathroom lights 009 

Just for fun.

bathroom lights 010

bathroom lights 012

I wish I could find some more but the drugstore is no longer there.  I’m wondering if I could find some online but I don’t really know what they are called.  Any ideas?

We got hit with another huge snow storm yesterday.  I think we got about a foot of snow and more on my back deck where the wind whips it around.  I went out to feed the turkeys and the snow was WAY over my boots.  I should be out there shoveling but just don’t have the energy.  It’s much easier sitting here in front of my computer nice and warm.  :o)

My kids are in the New Hampshire mountains this weekend.  I wonder if they will be able to get out with all the snow they got there.  They aren’t skiing this time they have gone to an indoor water park.  They sent a few pictures and it looks like a lot of fun other then the fact that you have to put on a bathing suit.  Ahem……the dreaded bathing suit……

I was making yeast rolls the other day and noticed their reflection in the mixer bowl.  Yeast rolls/bathing suits just don’t mix well……

bathroom lights 004

I went to the airport the other day and made reservations for the Snowbirds plus Buffy the cat to come home for the summer.  I went up to the Grasshopper Shop to get a couple of cards and accidently ran into one of the soldiers that was in there browsing.  I apologized and he was very gracious about it and we chatted a few minutes.  I asked him if he was coming or going and he said his troop was going to Afghanistan. The troops usually go through Bangor airport as it was once Dow Air Force Base and has an extremely long runway which can accommodate the big army transport planes.

I asked him where he was from and he smiled and said Mississippi.  He said I suppose you could tell from my accent that I wasn’t from here!  :o)   He thought the snow was rather daunting, he should see it now! I asked him his first name and it is Reginald and I told him I would pray for him while he was there and if you all think of it could you do the same?  We need to uphold these brave men and women that go into harms way to help protect our freedoms.

There were two little dogs there that greet the troops. They had on their fatigues with patches that must have been given to them by different soldiers.  They go around and greet each one, wagging their tails and are picked up and loved for a minute or so by some of the soldiers.  I wish I had had my camera with me.  What a nice thing for this owner to do to take of his time and go with his dogs to see the troops and give them some fun and some words of encouragement.  


Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear you are sick with a cold. If your chest is affected you shouldn't be shoveling snow or doing anything strenuous. I got put in my place by my respiratory therapist friend when I was sick. She told me I could be doing permanent damage to my lungs pushing myself when compromised by illness. Take care of yourself.

I have no idea what those little gadgets for your night lights are called but they are very cute. Good luck in your search for more. Ebay is probably where I would start.

I hope that Reginald will be safe in Afghanistan. Scary place for anyone to be. I'll bet he remembers your visit when he's over there. I doubt they get nearly enough recognition as they deserve for their service from the public.

Mikey said...

I will pray for Reginald and all the other troops over there.
I hope you get to feeling better too!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those colds have been going on and on here too. Hope you are feeling better soon. Seems they do take their time leaving. What a sweet thing that must have been to see the dogs welcoming the soldiers. I've never heard of anything like that but I bet it did give good cause for a lot of smiles and that is always a good thing. Take care !

PEA said...

I found this on ebay:

Now you know what they're called! lol They have quite a few styles available and I just love the Halloween one! They are sooo darling and I'm really tempted to get some for myself except that at our drug store gift shop they have night lights with victorian style glass shades that would be perfect for my bathroom:-)

Oh dear, sorry to hear that you now have that miserable flu, I had it over Christmas and it's no fun at all. I do hope you can shake it off sooner than later!!

Ugh, more snow? Thankfully that storm didn't reach here, glad you kept it your way! lol We had plenty of sunshine but cold temps. Wonder what March has in store for us!!

My prayers are certainly with Reginald and all of the other troops. Corey has a friend who is doing his third tour of duty in Afghanistan and I always worry so much about him. Known him for years and was forever over here when Corey lived at home:-) Having those dogs greet them must certainly put a smile on the soldiers' faces, what a great idea!!

Well, my dear, I must "put my face on" meaning put my makeup on, lol, before going over to Tim Horton's to have lunch with June. Love you to bits. xoxoxox

Margaret Cloud said...

Don't you just hate colds, they seem to stuff everything up. Loved all your night lights, so pretty. I also hope Reginald will be safe and the rest of our troops that are in harms way. You might try ebay to see if anyone is selling them. The biscuits reflection in the mixer looks like eggs. Have a nice week and hope your cold is better.

Dawn said...

I hope your feeling better by now. I sure hope it's not storming when Kev comes back there Saturday - it'll be hard on him after the spring like weather we've had for a few days!

Angie's appt. with Mark is the 25th. Please be praying. Kev spoke at church Sunday night and it was so good. We had a missionary in the morning service and a large offering came in for them. In the evening, our pastor asked for an offering for K&A and it was really good for the size of crowd. It's for their moving expenses. Our church is so generous.

That was neat you got to talk to the soldier. My nephew is in ranger training right now - he'll be out of contact for 61 days. He will probably go to Afghanistan one of these days. Scary.

Needled Mom said...

Am not sure how this comment will come out as I have a very strange looking screen here.

So sorry to hear that you finally caught that bug. Boy, I can sympathize with you as it knocked me for a loop. Hope you are feeling better by now.

Those little night lights are so cute. I love that you can change them out for the season.

God bless Reginald and all of our troops. They deserve all of the support and prayers that we can offer them.

We, too, have been having such winter weather. We had a hard freeze on Saturday and lost a lot of our more tender crops. My IA cousins were scraping ice off the windshield to go to church Sunday morning!!!!! Today it is rain which is suppose to go through next Tuesday.

We had to make an emergency trip to the snow resort on Monday to pick up our son who broke both bones in his lower leg on Sunday. They did surgery Monday night and discharged him yesterday. Not fun!!!!

When will the snowbirds come home? I know it is usually in April. They will probably be back in time for Easter this year.

Take care of yourself and get lots of rest my dear friend. Hugs!