Monday, February 7, 2011

Where’s our car?!

I wish I had taken a picture last night when we landed in Bangor and went to get our car that had been sitting in the parking lot since Thursday!  It was completely covered with a thick layer of ice plus the plows had gone by so there was a bank of snow that we just could not get over despite the best efforts of the Hubs who has driven through many a snowdrift!  A nice young man from the terminal came out with a shovel and helped us out and we were on our way home.  It was 24* which was delightful compared to the –10* that we had the day we left for Florida.

When I looked out the window this morning I was greeted with this beautiful sight.  It’s not real clear as I had to take it through the window and as Needled Mom can verify I am having MAJOR camera problems! That’s a story in itself!  Any who, I digress.  I looked outside and out of the woods about 15 deer came into the back yard and with them was the piebald deer that has been around the back forty this past summer.  It’s the first time I have been able to get a decent picture of him and he is gorgeous.  He shed his antlers in the fall, I would have loved to have gotten a picture when he had them.

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 182

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 181

Can you see him in the midst of these other deer?

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 184

We were very fortunate to get out of Maine in between snowstorms and missed another one on the way home.  I appreciate all of your comments and prayers for our safe trip.

It was just GORGEOUS in Key Largo!  Sunny, low 80’s, no humidity, the perfect weather.  It is such a beautiful spot and we have enjoyed our many years going there to this conference.

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 013

This handsome young man is a friend and has the same name as our son, we were headed out to do some reef fishing…………..

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 016

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 017

This is the extent of the fishing pictures as several of us got sick and we came back early.  One gal caught some kind of ocean mackerel which we brought back and had for lunch.  It was gorgeous out on the water but it was very rough so the boat was really rocking back and forth.  Our guide was a bit disappointed that we wanted to come back as he wasn’t sick a bit as he does this every day of his life so I am thinking let me get you on the back of a snowmobile and take you for a wild ride and see how you like it Buster! ha!

One of my favorite things to do while here is to go to the cat rescue place where we got Noodles and Munchkin.  I saw several that caught my eye but the Hubs was there giving me the eye so I didn’t even mention it……..Plus there are plenty of kitties that need a home here in Maine. 

It is a lovely facility and the cats have a huge outdoor space that is all fenced in up to ten feet high so that they can’t get out.  They all are clean, healthy and friendly.  I love the staff there, they know every cat by name and love to have people come in and visit and hopefully adopt one of these beauties.

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 021

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 022

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 032

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 038

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 041

Needled Mom and I had such a good time together.  I think we had more ‘us’ time this time then any other year that we have met up there ! Yay!  We were only about three rooms down from each other and even got to sit at the same table for the first time on the formal night in all the years we have been going.

We took lots of pictures, some good, some crazy and some downright scary but we decided everything was fair game! ha! She will have more on her blog to share with you all too!

This was 60’s night…….. We had a blast!  The music was fun although VERY loud but the band did a good job.

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 085

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 086

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 090

My camera was just having fits…

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 065

Ocean Reef Feb 2011

Here comes the scary part so buckle your seatbelts!!!!

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 186

The formal night was very elegant with yellow roses on all of the tables, my favorite.  The food was excellent although was too much.  I will be on crackers and water for the next month….

As you can see you can put a shine on a 60’s sneaker, I love this picture, I treasure our friendship!

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 187

While the men were hard at work in the morning sessions we got to eat breakfast together most days.  We both read the book that I took about the Hoyts and the amazing journey they took doing the marathons, biathlons,  and triathlons all over the world.  It’s a wonderful book and I am sure you would be inspired by it.

Of course I found a couple more books while there. This one is a southern cookbook with absolutely yummy, although probably not low cal, recipes.  There is a lot of southern lore along with the recipes and you know me, I love me a good cooking novel!

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 189

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 191

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 193 

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 194

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 192

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 195

The other is by Lucy Swindoll.   It’s a celebration of our lives as women and finding a balance in our lives.  Quote: Lucy brings balance and wisdom your way as she openly shares her life. She knows from experience the importance of listening, learning, laughing and loving her way through life.  I can’t wait to get into this one!

Ocean Reef Feb 2011 190

There is more to tell about this trip but I will save it for next time.  NM and I thought of you all while we were there and and wished you could have joined us.  It was hard saying goodbye, I must admit the tears flowed freely!  Thank you Mary for such a fun time!!!  xoxox


Linds said...

I LOVE the photos from Florida and you girls do the 60's thing really well! Not to mention how beautiful you all look at the formal night too. What a wonderful time you must have had!
You know, I never knew how to make biscuits so that recipe fascinted me. great books. Carrot bread. Hmmm. That sounds delicious too!
I am so glad the trip there and back was ok. I did wonder how you were getting on with the snow. It is good to know you are home safe.

Dawn said...

What a fun time! You guys looked crazy one day and gorgeous the next!

I'm so thankful you avoided the storms, and got out of the parking lot okay.

I love Lucy Swindoll - she's always at Women of Faith. Have you ever been able to attend one of those conferences?

I put the Hoyt book on hold at the library and it's in already. Am anxious to read it.

We did get on the ship - it was several years ago when we were there on Columbus Day that it was closed. Kev, Angie, and Dwight went down into the 3 levels below, but I stayed up on deck. We had a great time, but too short.

Loved your comment about the guy on the boat and what he'd do on a snowmobile!

Dawn said...

PS - I'm so glad you got the shots of the white deer - so amazing - she (he?) blends in with the snow.

Julie Harward said...

Looks like a wonderful, fun time! I sure would like to be where it is warm. I loved that white deer, I have never seen one like it! Although the one we collided with last night in our car might as well have been a little white ghost..didn't even see it! But we were going through a town very it or we were not hurt. Have fun! ;D

FunSize said...

Ha I loved the 60s costumes, it's not very often I get to see Uncle in something other than a button-up shirt! I've been waiting for a good picture of your white deer and I showed it to my co-workers... they couldn't believe it!

Needled Mom said...

Your deer is so interesting. I am really glad that you got a picture of him as I could not imagine what he looked like when you described him. He certainly blends in well with the snow.

Sorry about you guys having to dig out when you got home. It wasn't what you needed after such a nice trip.

I did enjoy the time that we got to spend together this time and I love how our DHs get along so well. All in all, it was a nearly perfect trip - other than we had to head different directions when we returned home.

We got home yesterday afternoon after a delay due to several "equipment" changes (two planes that needed to be replaced) and a small shuttle bus accident at the airport. FUN!

I'll try to get a post up today between errands. I am already missing our daily visits!!! xoxox

Kerri said...

I'm so glad you made it to FL and had such a wonderful time with NM & her hubby.
80º sounds heavenly! It looks gorgeous on the water..and fresh fish for lunch..yum!
Oh, those 60's pics..hilarious :)
Lovely one in the formal attire.
Your deer is fascinating. What fun to see him visit with the others.
And you even had time to read! Lovely. The cook book looks really interesting and Lucy Swindoll's book looks like a good read too.
Glad you had a helper to get your car out of the snow bank. What a sight to come home to!
We have at least 2 feet accumulation on the ground here. It sure has been a snowy winter!
Great post, Louise! Thanks for sharing the fun :)

Sharon said...

Oh what beautiful photos from the boat. And it sure does look warm...
I am glad that you had a fun trip and are now safe at home.
I have never seen a white deer how beautiful.
Great photos of the 4 of you in formal attire.
Have a great day.

Marcy said...

I love that photo of you all in your tie dyed shirts that is kind of "shaky" looking. I don't know if you meant to do it that way, but it's perfect for the theme! I am glad it was so warm down there! I've never been to Key Largo, but it's beautiful! I really want to go now to visit those kitties!

PEA said...

Welcome home:-) You and NM make quite the sexy hippie chicks!! LOL And the one with both of you wearing the long blonde hair...omigosh, I almost peed my pants! Oh I love it! hehe What a fun time you all had and I'm so glad you got to spend more time together this year. I just LOVE that formal picture of the 4 of you, it's beautiful.

I don't doubt that a lot of people on that boat were feeling sick, a rocky boat on rough waters is not fun! I think I would have been feeling a bit green as well.

How wonderful that you got to visit that cat shelter again. I remember seeing your pictures of it from other times and thought it was so awesome that they have this place for the kitties. I'm sure your hubby didn't let out a breath until you left there...without another cat! lol

I'd never heard of a Piebald deer but I can see his colouring is very different from the other deer. He's gorgeous and it's great that you were able to get such good pictures of him.

It's sunny here today but it's only -11F and feels even colder with the windchill. Ask me if I'm looking forward to Spring! lol

Love you dear friend. xoxoxox

Ms Martyr said...

I am not positive but I think Luci Swindoll spoke at a prayer breakfast I went to quite a few years back. She was just wonderful. Lots of laughs and thought-provoking stories.
So glad you made it safely.

Rising Rainbow said...

I have never seen a piebald deer. Didn't know they existed. That's pretty darn cool. I have a friend who's a wildlife photographer who'd love to get a shot of that one. LOL

Looks like you had another great trip to Florida. Glad the weather was good there.

Scrappy quilter said...

WOW it's beautiful there and it looks like you had a wonderful time. We have deer walking our streets at night, eating birdseed when they can find it. What a wonderful friendship you have...truly a gift from God.

Val said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I want my hubby to work there so I can join in on the fun!!!

Mikey said...

You guys look great! What fun!!!
I have never seen a piebald deer either. The things I learn on the Internet, lol.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! love the florida warm photos!
the 60's look is a hoot!!!how nice to get caught up with needled all look GREAT!!!!

look at all those deer! and look at all the cute kitties!!!!
glad your home safe and sound...and oh the snow!ugh....

Hollie said...

It does sounds like an awesome trip! I'm envious of the temps there. The weather people are predicting snow again for here tonight. Thanks for sharing your trip & pictures with us!

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Loved the photos. Enjoyed reading your blog!

Brittanie Holderness said...

You should have taken the pics of your car under the thick ice. I kinda imagined how it actually looked like. Were you able to measure how thick the ice actually was?