Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is this Tuesday?

Today has been a whirlwind.  I know you all have days like that when you go right from one thing to another.  Actually it’s been that kind of week with lots of appointments here at the house and elsewhere.  The plumber was here this morning and $420. later a leak has been fixed.  I think a piece of chewing gum may have worked for less but I didn’t dare try.

The cable tv man is coming tomorrow morning anywhere from 7 A.M. till 12 noon.  I hope it’s not 7 but I have another appointment at 1:30 so I hope he’s here before noon.  My 1:30 appointment is with my audiologist and my new hearing aids are in.  Does that make me sound old?  This should be quite the learning curve trying to get used to one in each earSigh….the ravages of old age on the body.  It may make for some good bloggy fodder and if that is the case it will be well worth it! :o) As bloggers we do have our priorities!

I found some fun projects on the Internet while browsing around last week.  I like some handwork that I can take in the car and on the plane to make the time go faster so this looked like it would fit the bill.  They are kits that are all cut out for you and have the things you will need to complete the project.  They are little 11 inch square table toppers so I thought I’d make up a few for next Christmas.

Peach Bread 005

They even put in the little scissors!  Suppose I can get those on the plane without them being confiscated??!!!

Peach Bread 007

I took the pieces out and laid them on the top just to see how they would look.  You can change them around if you want or put them the way the picture is.  I love doing blanket stitch so this will be fun.

Peach Bread 006

Here’s a bumblebee one for summer.

Peach Bread 012

And a couple more Christmas ones.  They look like they will work up pretty fast and then you put the back on and blanket stitch around the whole thing.

 Peach Bread 010

Peach Bread 014

(No this isn’t a review, just something I found and thought would be fun but if anyone is interested I can send you the address.)

I have been perusing my new cookbook and decided to try the peach bread.  This could be used for a dessert with some whipped cream on it.  I had to try a piece warm right out of the over with some butter and it was delicious.

Peach Bread

Peach Bread 001

What’s the sense of having some of it if you can’t slather some real butter on it?

Peach Bread 004

I didn’t have any real peaches as they don’t grow too well in the snow so I opened a large can of peaches, drained the juice out of them and pureed them in my Cuisinart.  I think another time I would leave a little of the juice in, not because it wasn’t moist but because I would like a little more peachy flavor then I got. I think the real peaches would work much better for those of you that can get them this time of year.

This was out of the Southern to the Core cookbook by Karlen Evins that I bought at Cracker Barrel while in Florida.

I think everyone and their uncle must be on roadrunner right now as the computer can’t keep up with my typing.  Grrrr……

Some of the turkeys were showing off their plumage yesterday.

Valentines Dance 2011 038

Valentines Dance 2011 036

Valentines Dance 2011 037

On my sidebar you will see a new box to click on.  It’s my niece Jo-Lynne’s new updated Chic Critique blog and is now All Things Chic.  She has tons of interesting product reviews, fashion (oh man, can I use that one!) and lots of nice give aways.   There was a camera bag on there last week that I still am drooling over, it is gorgeous, could be used as a purse when not in camera use!  Check it out,  it amazes me all of the companies that are looking to the Bloggers to get the word out on their products!

all things chic

All Things Chic


Rising Rainbow said...

I hate getting old too. It sucks and I'd rather skip the extra fodder for blogging. LOL

Peach bread sounds nummy and you are so so naughty with the real butter.....but then so am I. LOL

Your neice does pretty well making her blog work for her. I need to get better about that. I am really slow responding to offers. Guess I better get myself up to speed. LOL I still have not gotten back to Stetson since I told then I was sick and not ready yet. Shoot me!!

Needled Mom said...

I love all the projects that you have planned for the year ahead. It would be tough to decide which to tackle first.

That peach bread sounds good. Our peach tree has just finished blooming so it won't be long before we are enjoying those fresh bites.

I've got the door man coming tomorrow to fix a couple of hinges on the french doors and the fridge guy has to still come out to do the repairs once the part arrives. It's always something, isn't it?

Good luck tomorrow with the hearing aids. I wonder how much you will find that you have been missing. xox

PEA said...

Isn't it ridiculous how expensive it can be to have a plumber even step through your door?! Hopefully he didn't have the "butt crack" they all seem to love to show! lol

They sure have come a long way with hearing aids, haven't they! My brother in law Barney has some and you don't even notice them. I keep teasing him that he must turn them off when he doesn't want to listen to us talking. lol

Such darling little project kits you found. I heard on the radio that small manicure scissors will now be allowed in your purse or carry on bag when you board a plane. If those are the same size then you'd be ok!

Yummm, that peach bread looks so delicious. That's one thing I've never made, peach bread. I'll have to copy the recipe down and give it a try. Of course you have to taste it while it's still hot, that's the best time:-)

Great pictures of the wild turkeys, it does look like they were doing a dance! Hopefully it was a Spring dance! lol

I'm now off to go check out your neice's blog. Love you dearly. xoxoxox

Dawn said...

I didn't know you needed hearing aids! I hope you do well with them.

The table toppers look so cute - I doubt you'll get the scissors through security - though they look harmless! I've lost several things that were hidden in my purse, forgotten to me.

My SIL had so many peaches on her little tree this last summer that she was making peach bread and peach muffins every week. Sounded so good! Does butter on peach bread work well with WW? Angie joined WW the other day and the new plan sounds interesting. She was counting points all week-end when we were out there.

I didn't get one thing done today - Kristen and all the girls but Livi have been sick this week - Livi started it last week and has gotten better. Hayley is a cranky patient, but I feel so bad for her. Kristen has been very sick again, and missed two days of work already. Scary - she can't afford to lose this job!

sue said...

I made a couple of those little "candle placemats" for Christmas gifts, they were fun and easy to do.. I have the "bee" one, but haven't gotten to it yet....

Sharon said...

I agree with you about the old age thing going on.
Your peach bread smothered in butter sure does sound good.
I love hot breads with lots of butter,shame shame on me LOL
Good luck with the new hearing aids.
have a good day.

palmtreefanatic said...

im drooling over that bread!!!!!

Julie Harward said...

Cool about the turkeys...love the bread, YUM! Such cute projects and good luck with the sissors, hope they don't take them away from you! ;D

Val said...

You sound like a busy bee. I have to this week Actually this whole month is busy. I can't wait until March. I am not planning anything. That peach bread looks heavenly and I will have to try that for sure. Thanks for sharing about your neice. I am headed over there now. And I love those projects you have lined up!!!!

Dawn said...

Kev is going to be doing an interview with Diane (Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals) through Facebook tomorrow. I'll send you the link, if you're interested. I am excited.

Dawn said...

Kev is going to be doing an interview with Diane (Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals) through Facebook tomorrow. I'll send you the link, if you're interested. I am excited.

bj said...

Well, dear heart, you are FAR from old. OLD is....Mr. Sweet and myself. :))
Peach bread sounds like what I need with my first cup of coffee this morning. And, REAL butter is worth dying for!!

Gotta run over and meet your neice.
xo bj