Thursday, February 24, 2011

A big horse and a little puppy!

Here is one of my favorite photos of Funsize, Ashley and Billy my nieces and nephew.  They all live right here in town along with Ana who wasn’t with them this particular day.  They have grown right up here with in a mile of my house and I love it.  They were fun little kids and have turned into hardworking, nice, caring young adults.  Their work ethic is not to be beaten as they usually are working at least two if not three jobs at once. In this photo they were at a Patriot’s game and obviously the Pat’s won by the look of jubilation on their faces! 

 Ash Betsy and Billy

If  this doesn’t make you smile nothing will!  My friend Amy sent this to me and I have watched it over and over.  I have never seen a puppy and a horse enjoy each other any more then these two.  Our Nick loves dogs as he came from a stable that had two barn dogs but even he wasn’t as enamored with them as this pup!    Enjoy!!!

I finished Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels last week.  I must say she had quite a courtship with more mishaps then I Love Lucy!  I read the installments on her blog but she fleshed it out a little more and continued on through her honeymoon which was just c.r.a.z.y!!! A nice, clean, fun read and I can’t wait for the movie to come out as I understand via the grapevine that she has sold the rights!
pioneer woman's book
I have her cookbook too because as you know I am a cookbook junkie plus she has lots of delicious although high calorie recipes that make my waistline scream bloody murder!

pioneerwomans cookbook
It’s school vacation here in Maine and probably everywhere else.  That means it’s grandchildren time here on the ‘ole hobby farm.  Miss T stayed last night and D is staying tonight.  We have played UNO, board games, cooked, watched funny YouTube videos with disgusting potty sounds that make little boys roll on the floor with laughter, read books, played Lego's, been out on the snowmobiles, painted, drawn pictures, eaten a gazillion Weight Watchers fudge bars, and visited the horses.

They have gone for their ski lesson this morning and then leave tomorrow for a long weekend trip. They are going to an indoor water park and that sure sounds like a good time!
These are fun times.  They are going by too quickly.  I love every minute. 


Ms Martyr said...

I loved that video. Such a happy little puppy.
Enjoy your grandkids. As you say, they grow up so fast. The little girl I occasionally babysit is now a toddler and starting to be understandable when she babbles. Seems like just yesterday she was an infant.

Chrissah said...

I haven't read PW's book yet. I have read the story on her blog, but will most likely get the book. Can't wait till they make the movie!!! PS-you got some good lookin' niece's and nephew!!!

Hollie said...

Aww, I loved the video! Sounds like a wonderful time around your place for you & the kiddos. I have that same cookbook!

Val said...

Love the video. So cute. Made me smiel. Love hearing about your Grands! There is nothing like them.

Dawn said...

So how in the world did I get s far behind?? I am trying to get caught up tonight while Dwight is snoring away (well, I hope not tonight).

I am about to finish Devoted - quite the book. My only regret is where Rick turned when he became more aware of God.

I've had the kids again for 10 days and I have to say I am greatly looking forward to some time alone! I hope someday I will have a chance to be a more normal grandma.

Kev will speak at church Sunday night and I'm excited about that. Then he's only here for another week - the time has flown! He did an on line interview on Blog Talk Radio last Friday with my friend Diane. I posted the link on my new post, if you're interested in listening.

Sharon said...

I loved that video and I sure do remember that song.
I also have read PW book and I loved it, she does have a way of writing. It was sad and funny. I also have the cookbook and have several of her recipes.
I hope that you enjoy the grands. I wish mine were younger and closer. I sure do miss the grandma & grands days.
Have a great day.

Alice Grace said...

What a sweet video! I loved it!
I bet the book from Pioneer Woman is great! I will watch for it! Love your new picture on your blog header!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have seen that video on someone else's blog but now I can't remember who. I think it was their puppy and horse. Now that's going to make me crazy most of the night. LOL

You're so right about Pioneer Woman's recipes. I can't even look at them without gaining weight. Boy, she can cook but Dr Oz would not like to see calorie counts on her dishes. LOL

I can imagine sounds that make little boys roll on floors laughing. You must have had a swell time. LOL

FunSize said...

I never even realized Billy, Ash, Ana and I are all usually working more than 1 job, but you're right... guess that's what we gotta do to get 'er done!

Margaret Cloud said...

I loved the video. it is so cute and you can tell they love each other. I know my kids grew fast but my grand kids are in their twenties. Very cute picture.

palmtreefanatic said...

I hope to get that cookbook someday! looks divine as is her website:)
nice video!