Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunshine and snowmobiles!



We had a great time out in the sunshine snowmobiling on Monday.  It was almost the perfect day for it, could have used a bit more snow as we lost some due to rain a few days back.  But all in all it was great other then one minor mishap………..

Snowmobiling 2011A 008

I cannot be forced to say who tipped over on their machine…….

Snowmobiling 2011A 009

I really can’t, that’s my story and I am sticking to it……

Snowmobiling 2011A 007

Thankfully Son got me I mean got that person out of the ditch……

We stopped for a little rest just to enjoy the sunshine.

Snowmobiling 2011A 013

Had to get a picture with my two favorite pals.

Snowmobiling 2011A 017

This is on D’s machine, it was on there when they bought it from a redneck guy.  I think I should take it off before D actually knows what it means!

Snowmobiling 2011A 019

I always like to get a picture of these birds nests that are up on the power line.  They are HUGE!

Snowmobiling 2011A 024

This is the snowmobile clubhouse.

Snowmobiling 2011A 033

I love this shot.

Snowmobiling 2011A 031

Checking out the hill we were going to go down.  It was a pretty steep hill so Son drove D’s sled down and then came back up the hill with me and drove his own down.  Miss T was riding with her Dad on this trip. 

Snowmobiling 2011A 030

Snowmobiling 2011A 011

It was so nice to get outside!

I have been rearranging my kitchen cupboards this week and have some things that I rarely, if ever use.  They were given to me by a friend years ago and it’s a shame that I don’t put them to good use.

Snowmobiling 2011A 002


Snowmobiling 2011A 004

Snowmobiling 2011A 005

Snowmobiling 2011A 006

I decided to move them to the basement but not packed away but on some shelves that I have down there.  It cleared up space that I need for things that I do use all the time.  I am going to try to make a point of using some of them though if only for my enjoyment.  I have always liked pretty dishes, especially old ones.

I feel a rant coming on and you know I just can’t keep these things in no matter how hard I try.  I watched a new show on the television last night about birthday parties for young children.  It was so over the top I could have barfed! This little girl was 5 years old and the mother spent $38,000 for the birthday party!  Yes, you read right, $38,000!!!!!!  The invitations alone were over $3,000.  The little gals dress was $750.00.  I can’t remember how much the cake was or the costumes or ice sculpture or the horse drawn carriage but at the end of the show it gave that total. Is that obscene or what?

Now maybe I am all wet and if the parents can afford to spend that kind of money it’s none of my business, they didn’t ask me, but in this economy when we all know so many people being out of work and down on their luck with no real prospects in sight I just find this a bit much.  There, I feel much better now.  BUT really do you find this to be a bit crazy?  What do people think that are wondering how they are going to pay the rent at the end of the month and see this overindulgence?  Good grief.

The Hubs just handed me a newspaper article about portly pooches.  ‘Man’s best friend is obese. Pets are getting fatter and owners are finding it tricky to count kitty calories and to cut kibble.’  When I was a kid you never saw a fat dog, they were too busy out running their legs off with us kids, playing games and chasing whatever.  There weren’t any leash laws so dogs made the rounds visiting people in the neighborhood hoping for a homemade donut or cookie.   We had a dog named Ginger for many years and she did this regularly.  Everyone in town knew her and she knew the ones that would give her a tidbit or two. She always came back home after her rounds and slept on the porch on the steps or in the cold months behind the wood stove in the kitchen.  Now that I think of it she did get a little round in her later years……….


Julie Harward said...

I love your header! And I love snowmobiling too...looks like you had a great time! The best trip I ever did was through Yellowstone national park..70 mph..and super slow past buffalo close enough I could reach out and touch them..what a thrill ;D

Julie Harward said...
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Julie Harward said...

Sorry..I clicked post twice!

Needled Mom said...

Your new header is awesome!!!!! I can't imagine who would go in the ditch with their snowmobile. ;( The pictures look great, but I am freezing just looking at them. Guess what....we have the (very small) possibility of snow showers here on Friday. It would be the first time in 35 years. Of course it is just in time for my relatives arriving from Iowa. SIGH!!!

I'll bet you enjoy the pretty dishes even more when you can see them. My grandmother gave me a dish very simmilar to the second picture. It was a wedding gift to her. The cut glass design is the same as that one.

I am with you on those parties. I say that it comes from parents with a lack of imagination to come up with a birthday party idea. Give me a break.

Wish we were back at the OR for a little warmth and sunshine. I hope R is feeling better and that you did not catch it. Hugs.

sue said...

Oh my goodness, I watched that show too about the little girls birthday, and all I could think was... how many food pantries could use that money... shelters!! for both animal and human...my list went on and on.. if they "have this sort of money" why not teach chilren to share... I could hardly stand it.. and then overweight pets.. did you see that Sciene diet has a "weight loss kit".. it has pre measured food and tips on how to help your pet loose weight... really??? cut back portions and exercise, what a novel idea...

oh dear, you got me started, maybe I need to quit while I'm ahead..

but your snowmobile outing looked wonderful.....

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad that person didn't get hurt when the snowmobile tipped over.

I love old dishes too. My little brain was computing as I saw them. You have some lovely pieces there. I hope you get the opportunity to use them sometime.

I must agree with your rant. It's no wonder some kids have no sense of value to anything or understanding of what's really important in life with excesses like that. Very sad

Hollie said...

What a great outing!

I agree with the ridiculous party! If those people have that kind of money to blow.....why not HELP someone in need? Lord knows there are people all over that needs help!

Your dishes are beautiful!

Sharon said...

What memories you gave me with the photos of snowmobiling. Like that person who shall remain anonymous,I have tipped one a couple of times.
I agree with you on that birthday party,makes me wonder what they are going to do for the next one to top that.Shameless for sure.

PEA said...

LOL you tipped your snowmobile again? They're going to have to start tying you to it! lol It certainly did look like the perfect day for snowmobiling and looking at the pictures, they could have been taken over here, the landscape is so similar. I can't believe our snowmachine is sitting in our shed and has been for the last few years. Between the price of gas, insurance, trail pass costs, etc, we just can't afford it. Do you have to pay for trail passes over there? We can't use our snowmobiles wherever we want, we have to be on the trails and of course you have to pay for that!!

Who in their right mind, I don't care how rich they are, would pay $38,000 for a birthday party for a 5 year old!!!! That's just plain wrong. I used to cringe if a birthday party cost me $100! lol

Such beautiful dishes you have there and yes, you must use them!! You know how I have a lot of vintage dishes bought at the auction...well, I use them whenever I can:-) I figure I bought them to be enjoyed and not put away!

As for pets being fat these days, it's no wonder as they're forever laying down next to the kids who are playing video games! lol The other day I saw a couple of kids with their dog out in the field behind our place and they were running and laughing, the dog running after them, just having a great old time...sad thing is it's not a scene you see too often anymore.

Well, I must continue to visit other blogs, I'm so behind once again...the story of my life! lol Love you dearly!! xoxoxox