Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday afternoon musings.

I did something this afternoon that I have never done before.     Got your attention on that one didn’t I?!    I actually watched Animal Hoarders on the television and I almost wish I hadn’t. I say 'almost' because it makes me want to work all the harder at my volunteer job with the Bangor Humane Society.  I know we have problems with animal hoarding here in Maine.  We are notoriously lacking in state animal inspectors so many complaints go unchecked.  With budgets being cut everywhere I fear that animal welfare will feel the ax too.

Last week the big thing on Maine Capital Hill was voting on whether the whoopee-pie should be the Maine state dessert.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional whoopee-pie especially the chocolate with peanut butter filling but good grief aren’t there more important things to vote on? (Oh, BTW it was voted that the whoopee-pie was not the state dessert.)

Right now there is a trial going on concerning an individual that had her horses taken away from her because of neglect.  I have been watching this with great interest as it happened in a small town very close to us.  The owners went away last fall leaving the horses unattended, no water and no food other then what they left the day they went away.  Now you know horses will eat everything in sight so everything was gone that first day. Thanks to the watchful eye of some neighbors they kept things going and repeatedly called to report this mess.  This is not the first time that this has happened.  If you hear a big CLUNK on the floor you will know it’s me if they give those horses back to that individual!!!

I wish I had a magic wand that would correct all of these wrongs but I don’t so I keep plugging away at what we do at BHS. The biggest thing is to spay and neuter your pets.  If people would be responsible and do that and leave the breeding to those that know what they are doing the animal neglect would decrease sharply.  There, enough said, I can really get myself all worked up over this stuff.

Okay, deep breath, now on to other things.  Yesterday I helped my sister put together a baby quilt that she is making for a co-worker.  It was fun and the quilt is going to be so soft and comfy for the new baby when she arrives as the backing is a soft flannel.
baby quilt 004
This is my sister trimming the edges.  She threatened me within an inch of my life if I showed her face and hair as she had just been to Curves!
baby quilt 002
baby quilt 001
Working on the binding.

 baby quilt 003
The darker pink squares have little hearts on them and she is going to hand tie the quilt with brown floss as the babies room is pink and brown.

Speaking of quilting, have you all seen this video of the blind lady that quilts?  My Dad sent this to me and I have watched it half a dozen times.  If you haven’t already seen it get ready to be inspired and if you have you will get inspired again!!!    Isn't she amazing?!!  I would love to meet her in person!!

PS  I sent a letter out about a week ago to most of my Maine friends about the contest for the money that is going to be given out to three non profits .  If you haven't had a chance to vote for Bangor Humane Society would you please take two minutes and go to  and vote for us!  The top prize is $5000 and it would go a long way in helping out many animals get a second chance at a better life!!  THANK YOU!!!!
            (You must be a resident of Maine to vote.)


Val said...

That is so sad about those animals. That baby quilt is darling. I hope we get to see it finished. I am about to start one. I hope I can do it.

sue said...

first off, I love the new photo on your heading... did you figure it out??? and sadly I watch that animal hoarders show all the time, don't know why because it upsets me so... but I just have to see it... love the quilt, I actually just finished a baby quilt tonite, good thing because the baby is coming on Friday (scheduled).. and I was worried I might not finish in time.... cold here today, wheres that spring we had last week.... I'm ready... want to play with horses, but too much of a wimp in the cold... hope you had a happy day....

Hollie said...

It makes me mad when people mistreat their animals also!!!! I pray they don't get the horses back!

The quilt is going to be so pretty! That's so sweet of you two making it!

Chrissah said...

I love the picture on the top!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Animal abuse is everywhere. It breaks your heart to see what happens. I could never watch shows like that. Glad you had that darling quilt to work on to uplift your spirits. How nice too that you have a sister to quilt with. That is a blessing. So are babies!

Mrs Mom said...

Hey! our neighbor is blind and makes some AMAZING quilts!! Have to get her on video too ;)

That is an awesome new header photo too. Truly beautiful.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome for the horses you mentioned too.

Gotta gallop. Need.More.Coffee. I'll email you the latest news. Big BIG BIG Love to you MM.

FunSize said...

I watch that animal hoarding show too, and even though I know it's the right thing, I cry every time they take the animals away! Animal Planet is my favorite channel, probably Pit Boss is my favorite show on there.
I was trying to figure out which sister you were helping with the quilt, then I recognized one of her rings, hehe.
Love the new blog layout, by the way. That same picture is my computer background at work.

Margaret Cloud said...

I am with you on not liking to hear about abused animals. I really liked the video and she is right too many people sit and moan about what they can do. Those quilts were so pretty and what a perfect job she does. I like your header it is so nice. Thank you for coming by. Have a nice week.

PEA said...

I've always said that if anyone can't take care of an animal then they shouldn't be allowed to have any! What's heartbreaking is when there is someone who really loves animals and keeps taking more and more in because they don't want to see them homeless...but then they can't afford to take care of them all and the house is usually a pigsty. Their heart is in the right place but the humane thing to do would be to bring them to the animal shelter. I have a hard time with shows like that because I want to go over there and slap some people silly! lol

They really need a Spay/Neuter clinic over here like they do where Steve lives. They only charge $50/$70 while going to a vet it costs $300 to $700!! No one can afford that so if they made it available for much cheaper I think it would make a big difference to the overpopulation of cats especially.

Love the quilt your sister is making, it's gorgeous. You and your sisters are so talented:-) That video of the blind woman who quilts is simply amazing...I think I'd forever be jabbing myself with the needle! lol

It's sunny here today but only 0F with a strong wind. I need to go out to run some errands but I'm procrastinating! lol Love you my dear friend. xoxoxoxo

Sharon said...

So sad to hear about all those horses. We are having about the same problem here.
Your baby quilt is so darling.

Rising Rainbow said...

Unfortunately in our state those people would not loose their animals. If they weren't in deplorable condition nothing would be done. Since the neighbors stepped in to help, the law wouldn't kick in. Really sucks! Hope your state has better laws.

The quilt is very sweet. I miss making baby things. It's been quite a while and I can't seem to get motivated anymore. Last think I worked on was a snowsuit of pink leopard fleece. IT turned out so cute but I had problem doing buttonholes on the solid pink fleece jumper and that was it. Still haven't finished that thing. LOL

Sorry I can't vote but I would if I could. Hope you guys get the money.

KC said...

how awful about those horses.. very pretty baby quilt.
I just thought I would stop by and say hello... I never have time to visit blogs or keep up with mine anymore.. but maybe I'll get around to an update one day..
Hope all is well your way..
take care.

Scrappy quilter said...

That quilt is so very pretty. Love the soft colors. Hugs